If you're currently using a Samsung Galaxy S II on T-Mobile's network, keep an eye out for a software update KL1 with Android 2.3.5 that will be heading your way starting today, December 14th.

The update brings caller ID, battery, and Wi-Fi calling enhancements and will arrive over-the-air, although you Kies Mini may also be used for installation (starting December 15th). T-Mobile says that it is being rolled out over the coming weeks, so you may have to be patient or wait for it to be available via Kies Mini.

Beginning December 14, a software update will be available for  the Samsung Galaxy S II. The update will upgrade the device to Android 2.3.5./Software version T989VUVKL1. 

Devices  upgrading to Android 2.3.5./Software version T989VUVKL1  will benefit from various improvements based on customer feedback.

Devices upgrading to T989VUVKL1 will benefit from:

  • Caller ID enhancements
  • Battery enhancements
  • Wi-Fi calling enhancements

Note:  The upgrade to KL1 is NOT required.  You may opt out of the upgrade and continue using the previous software version. 


  • This upgrade will be sent to devices Over the Air (OTA / FOTA) and be available via Kies mini.

Update: TMONews has a few more details:


Source: T-Mobile

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  • Paul

    Kies mini? What is it?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Kies is Samsung's software that can update your phone via PC. Mini is one of its variants, I am guessing that's what Samsung is using for this phone.

    • http://theoriginalstandard.com Cordero

      It's an internet based application that allows you to manage a lot of properties on your phone through a desktop login.

  • foofighter

    you can thank me for this update ;) we tested it and it worked pretty good on the GSII now just waiting for it to roll out on my personal phone