We've all certainly been waiting quite a while for PvZ and Peggle to shed their Amazon Appstore exclusivity and land in the Android Market. That day has finally arrived, but it's not all good in the hood - in typical EA fashion, many users are getting the old "your device is not supported" crap when trying to install either game.

In case you don't recall, the original creator of both games, PopCap, was purchased by EA for a cool $1.3 Billion back in July. EA is known for having less-than-ideal device support, and it looks like these two games are no exception.

2011-12-14 09h59_26 2011-12-14 09h59_00

Funny thing is, I've been playing PvZ on my Tab 10.1 for months now, so I know it's compatible. No clue why EA says it's not supported.

All device-support-woes aside, these are definitely two excellent games to have. So, if you can actually get either of them on your device, I highly recommend them. Hit the widgets below to download.