We've all certainly been waiting quite a while for PvZ and Peggle to shed their Amazon Appstore exclusivity and land in the Android Market. That day has finally arrived, but it's not all good in the hood - in typical EA fashion, many users are getting the old "your device is not supported" crap when trying to install either game.

In case you don't recall, the original creator of both games, PopCap, was purchased by EA for a cool $1.3 Billion back in July. EA is known for having less-than-ideal device support, and it looks like these two games are no exception.

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Funny thing is, I've been playing PvZ on my Tab 10.1 for months now, so I know it's compatible. No clue why EA says it's not supported.

All device-support-woes aside, these are definitely two excellent games to have. So, if you can actually get either of them on your device, I highly recommend them. Hit the widgets below to download.

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    "No clue why EA says it's not supported" - because EA is just like Gameloft, they have a list of supported devices, and they're afraid of everything else. Why 10.1 is not one such device is beyond me, but that's a coward's way out.

  • Danijel
    • Cameron Summerson

      The second widget for each game (labeled 'Global') is for EA Netherlands.

  • Jeff Tarman

    weren't both of these free a few months ago? i have both of these games on my Droid 2 Global for some time now

    • Bolski

      Yeah, from Amazon which is where I got my copies from.

  • Steve

    Come on EA, where is the Android port of Zuma?!?

    • Hal Motley

      And Yahtzee, Monopoly, Monopoly Here and Now, Trivial Pursuit...

      I loved those on my old iPhone 3GS, would like them on my Galaxy S II and Tab 10.1!

  • Raviteja

    Both support with my SGS2 (GT-I9100) :)

    • Hal Motley

      How? Mine appears as not-compatible on the Android Market. Did you get them off Amazon?

  • semper09

    Not compatible with the SGN? Oh, come on!

  • rampagedeluxe

    You see that EA's name is attached and you shouldn't expect anything different. They find a way to screw up consistently inthe Android market.

  • Andrew D

    Both support the Incredible.

  • Luis

    I'm glad I got these when Amazon had them for free on their Free app per day.
    Using it on a Samsung Galaxy S device and runs great. Good games.

  • Shafiq

    Both is supported on Desire

    • Hal Motley

      But, not on the Desire HD. Or maybe it varies from the international version to US version or something.

  • Ted Lovejoy

    I used to play Peggle on my Samsung Gleam, and they can't port it to the OG Droid? Really?

  • Daniel C

    Funny. Neither of these have the Galaxy Nexus as a compatible device. However, I got both from the Amazon App Store and they work great on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Matt

    EA is a huge POS when it comes to support. Got these both free on Amazon and although I'd rather buy them in the official market, this is one of the few times I'm content with Amazon.

  • Bas

    Not working on the Transformer.

  • Hal Motley

    This is BS, none of my devices are compatible out of:

    Samsung Galaxy S II

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    ASUS EEEPad Transformer (Original)

    HTC Desire HD

    Not to be an Applefag, but Plants VS Zombies worked absolutely fine on my iPhone 3GS and now it's available to non-US citizens (like me) I can't play it even though my device is more than capable.

    Damn you, Popcap!

  • drksilenc

    wonder if modifying the build prop can solve this

  • Raulie

    They are compatible with the Galaxy S2. Download the apk from somewhere else. This version looks a lot better than the Amazon one.

  • Dandmcd

    Love that these games don't work with Transformer despite the fact I got them from Amazon months ago and they play just fine on my tablet. How does EA expect to make money if they blacklist nearly every phone and tablet out there?
    At least Peggle works with most of the phones I have owned, whereas Plants vs Zombies does not work with my Atrix, plus other devices I have once used like the Status, Thrill, or Infuse.

  • Tim

    Guys and gals, pirated apk of Peggle floating around the net is running perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I wanted to purchase it but in my country and on my device, I can't, thanks to EA.

    EA also seems to be the only one always having two versions for NA and ROW. On top of that, if the app is compatible with your phone, it might not be compatible with your country.

    I say we all screw them - either pirate their stuff or don't buy it.