Looking to give players "the ultimate 3rd person shooter" experience, Glu Mobile has released Frontline Commando to the Android Market.

Frontline Commando charges players with avenging fellow soldiers who fell during a renegade attack on a ruthless dictator. Frontline includes a wide array of weaponry and stunning "console quality visuals," making it a compelling and dynamic war action game. The thrill of warding off enemy forces is enhanced by sophisticated physics, destructible objects, and a variety of challenging missions.

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Considering the fact that Frontline Commando is absolutely free in the Android Market, there's no reason not to give this 3rd person shooter a try.

Liam Spradlin
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  • William T.

    Looks like a good game, but it's incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy S2. :(

    • Jon Garrett


      try again. I just downloaded and installed this game on my Galaxy S II.

      • bigrob

        I have sprints version of gs2 and all I get is your device is not compatible

  • Spydie

    Third person? Looks like first person to me... after all, YOU are looking through the scope on the gun.. you're not another soldier following this guy around (and wouldn't that be 2nd person?)

    • Jeff Tarman

      Well, it's Third Person when you see your character and First Person when looking through the scope. "3rd Person" was coined years ago - probably when you were still using Speak-n-Spell.

      Game looks good. We'll see how it runs on the D2G

  • Scott Nelson

    Not compatible with the Captivate running teamhacksung ICS build9

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    Looks amazing but...

    This is Glu, so I doubt it really is "free" unless you don't mind grinding for hours to progress to another level/weapon.

    From experience with some of Glu's recent games, they make progression extremely expensive (in either time or money), with the amount you can spend on a few simple in-game upgrades comparable to a full-price game for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

    It seems odd that Android Police haven't mentioned this aspect of Glu's games in this review or the one for Blood & Glory. It's a pretty big factor with the (otherwise excellent) games.

    (I'm not against paying for good games, I just feel that calling these games "free" is a bait & switch, and it's a shame such high quality games are packaged in this business model, which ruins them for me. I don't think the business model should be illegal or anything silly like that, and it's Glu's choice what they do with their creations, but I do think the business model should factor into the articles.)

  • JohnK

    Looks pretty good and is getting great reviews. To bad its not compatible with my stock EVO3d.

    • Chris

      do you get a pop up that says requested item could not be found?

  • mypcool

    I agree. They even have a $100 option in their last game "blood and glory". Thats not really free...

  • Geo

    Not compatible with my evo3d or my kyocera echo............yyyy

  • doboks

    cannot plat at my samsung galaxy note

  • http://becomingtech.blogspot.in xspz

    Tips to complete Frontline Commando...

  • unknown

    i have a gravity smart and it says incompatible with your sgh-589 even though it has android 2.2.2 and the requirements for it is android 2.1 or higher..... why???

    • Bakabilly

      I'm with you. Does anyone out there have any ideas? The game should work for both of these phones. :(

  • Bakabilly

    I get the message "not compatible with device" on my galaxy vibrant. Is this a mistake or is my once awesome phone getting that long in the tooth? (means getting old, not becoming a vampire.) The stratosphere seems like an inferior phone on paper but plays the game great. Any ideas? (my only theory is that it saves to phone first and I only have 512mb of memory internal.

  • Cartune16

    Holy crap wtf? Deleted everything on my phone. Reset to factory defaults. I know this game is c compatible with my phone. I've seen it on a galaxy s. I've.seen it on inferior phones. What gives? Yes I have 2.1

  • prem,

    It doesnt work with samsung galaxy grand. developers should fix it.. working well with micromax infinity tab..which is five times cheaper than grand..

    • http://www.facebook.com/arun.srk1 Arun Sk

      yeah it doesnt work in grand. I was only able to play one level.