If you're not familiar with Microsoft Lync, don't feel bad - I had no idea what it was before today, either. Makes sense, because I don't work in an environment where Lync is used (or would be useful), but for those who do, it's actually pretty cool. In a nutshell, it's an IM/contact management/VoIP client used for Exchange - think MSN Messenger with a GTalk twist built for the corporate environment .

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The Android version allows you to see your colleagues' availability on-the-go, as well as initiation an instant message, email, or phone call directly from the app. You can also connect to Lync conference calls quickly and easily - no passcodes or conference numbers required. Going to be out of the office for a while? No biggie, you can use Lync to either forward calls to your mobile, or have it ring both numbers at the same time.

The app is free in the Market, but you must have Lync Server or Office 365/Lync Online to be able to use it.

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Formerly known as Microsoft Office Communicator or MSN Messenger for Exchange - I didn't know it was renamed to Lync, though I heard the name. It's been a while since I used it in a corporate environment.

  • fooflamfinn

    We use it a lot in our office. It's particularly helpful when sharing screens (I do support-type work). Now I'm debating if I really want to be available to my coworkers... :/

  • Dan Bobke

    Lync is the new version of what started as Live Communication Server and then became Office Communications Server (OCS). It is a separate product from Exchange, but it does integrate very deeply with Exchange if it is present. It has nothing to do with the Messenger product.
    Lync is a collaboration platform - VoIP, IM, video conferencing, presence. It can completely replace a PBX for small and large companies - in fact Sprint has deployed Lync corporate wide, as have many large companies.
    I am excited to see that Microsoft is finally starting to recognize the breadth of the Android world and providing a client for Lync.

    • denbo

      I think Microsoft has recognized the 'breadth' of Android for quite sometime. After all the phone makers they have hit up for royalties they make 5 times more off of Android than they do their own platform

    • id10terrordfw

      Thank you for posting this, I read this then scrolled immediately down to see if someone already said this. If your organization isn't running Lync Server with external facing components (Edge server or VPN) then this app does literally... Nothing. I'm in the process of planning and executing our deployment of Lync from OCS 2007 R2 right now, ~5000 users. This, combined with Exchange and Sharepoint 2010 is going to revolutionize Enterprise IT, in my opinion, but only if done correctly.

      <---OCS Deployment and Admin

  • berger

    Damn... for real people.. move on please! Good to see they are changing strategy :)

  • Travis

    Not compatible with my device (Samsung Captivate)
    Any idea what devices it IS compatible with?

  • Bill

    Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy either - Yea Microsoft !!

  • jim donovan

    like it, we have been running Microsoft Lync in our office since last summer and if I can access it on my android maybe I can score a little more time away from the office...

  • Tony Hill

    Not compatible with HTC desire either. Great dev testing MS!

  • Matthew

    Don't worry if you can't install it on your device, it doesn't seem to work anyway. It simply will not connected to our Lync server at work. Everyone using the iPhone can connect fine.

  • T.P.

    Confirmed compatible with Droid X and Droid 3. Not listed in market for HTC Desire or Samsung Mesmerize.

    • T.P.

      Update. Confirmed working on Mesmerize running Adroid 2.3.4, not 2.2.

  • sbr

    Not compatible with evo shift 4g. What a dud from $soft!!

  • Jeff

    Confirmed working on Samsung Galaxy S2 BUT, not Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1.

  • trance-addict

    Works on my following devices:
    -Kindle Fire running CM7
    -iPod Tough 3rd gen
    -iPhone 4s
    -HTC Incredible

  • Samsung-sux

    Works with Iphone 3GS. Can't download it for Samsung Infuse Android 2.2 as it's not compatible, geez Samsung/AT&T, thanks for keeping us Infuse users in the dark ages with this factory droid version. This is the last time I buy a Samsung anything!!!

  • really pi$$3d

    Doesn't work on HTC Slide or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 either What the heck MS!!??
    What good is this if so many android devices are not compatible.

    Someone metioned some 3rd party apps taht work better. Any recomendations?

  • joseph

    Can't install on Acer a500, says not compatible. What the heck MS.

  • walt

    Not on Motorola MileStone ...PoS software

  • Margaret Elliott

    Any update on when this might become compatible with other Android phones?  My company uses Lync extensively but it won't run on my Samsung Infuse....

  • Phil

    Does not run on Xoom/Jelly Bean

  • Andrew

    Another flop for my device. The Lync app has been impossible to use on the Asus Transformer since the app was installed. It won't let me log in, similarly to what others have reported seeing issues with.

    Microsoft, please let us know when you have a working product.

  • Vtest

    Is there any solution to install Microsoft lync client on HTC wildfire with Android