Last Updated: December 26th, 2011

We love Dead Zebra's Android figurines - especially when there's a limited edition one up for grabs, like the awesome new Toy Soldier (which is sold out for now, unfortunately). Andrew Bell of Dead Zebra has kindly given us five of these little guys to hand out to hand out to our readers.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • Felipe B
  • Michael Mj*
  • Tschutora
  • Joel Quick*
  • Fandroid

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.


He's going to take over the world - with smiles.

We're keeping this contest simple: all you have to do to enter is comment on this post explaining why you want an Android Toy Soldier, and we'll select 5 comments at random as winners.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE EMAIL FIELD FOR YOUR COMMENT (re-comment if your first comment did not have one).

The contest will run from now until 11:59PM PST (GMT -8) tomorrow, December 15th, 2011.

This contest is open to entrants from the following countries:


Good luck, everyone!

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Tommy R

    i love all things android, and i'd love to start a collection of non-phone/tab related accessories!

  • Landrovan

    I need it to be happy! It's true!

  • Frank S.

    I want it because I have a moustache JUST LIKE HE DOES. We're basically family at this point.

  • Ray

    I just need to make it even CLEARER to my coworkers that I'm an Android fan.

  • Iris Ma

    Being a toy soldier myself, all I really want for Christmas this year is a buddy to spend it with through these cold winter nights, so at least I have someone else to share the hardships of a life of nutcracking.

    Do you know how difficult it is to crack nuts with your mouth?

  • zray

    these are awesome and nothing more needs to be said

  • J-Mart

    I think the key is what really makes this so cool

  • Marie

    I need it because my Calaveroid bugdroid is lonely. You know how it is. When you're a dead guy, nobody wants to be your friend. Or maybe it is his purple clothes ?
    He looks at me everyday with his sad eyes, asking for friends. "Frrrrieeendz" "FfFFfrrrrRRrRRiiieeeeennnndzzz" (or maybe it is brains ? dunno). What can I do ? He is so cute, I need to find him some friends. Plus, this mechanic soldier doesn't have a brain, so it's not dangerous for him. My Calaveroid could'nt eat him. They'll become friends, for sure. Friendz...

  • Ron

    my son would love to see this at our desk all day

  • Puterdoc

    I need one to make the nut crackers we have look even more low tech.

  • TKL

    Great, I've always wanted a toy soldier! To have an Android toy soldier would be marvelous!

  • Mike

    As the Blackberry administrator at work, I need one of these on my desk to remind all of our users still stuck back in time that it is time to upgrade to an Android and join 2011

  • jesse

    I would love to put one on my desk at work

  • Troy

    This toy soldier would be the perfect addition to my shelf of geekiness.

  • Reakus

    I want one to prove how awesome Android is to the apple fanboys! They don't have anything nearly this amazing for apple products, and this would just be a great little guy to chill on my desk as I spend my nights coding away...

  • http://gplus.to/elpeterson Eric

    I need a Commandroid-in-Chief for my current Android Army

  • Reg

    Request another Android Special Edition Toy-Soldier for ground support as backup for the limited two that were lucky enough to be airdropped into service at my home. Over...

  • EddieKrueger

    I would like one to celebrate the holiday in my nerdy way. I have been collecting these things since series one and have never got my hands on the limited figures. Id love to have this upon my mantle so everyone could see it.

  • Jaz

    I want one because its android and anything android is always good, except for those low end crappy phones that should have never been made.

  • Chris W

    I want one of these because I love androids, I love the look of these guys and my son said he would never ever try and play with it if I gave it to him. I have yet to ever get one of these but I would cherish this one like there was no other android in my life.

  • Reakus

    I want one because I know a few iFanboys who I want to show this to in order to prove that Android is better than Apple!

  • Mikey H

    I want this little critter coz he's so god damn awesome!

  • http://www.adultswim.com/ Drew

    Because mah droids need a-protectin!


  • andrew

    it'll look great next to my computer, itll protect it from all intruders...

  • Steve

    Because it's awesome!

  • Stephen

    They look cool.

  • Paolo Vitali

    I need that soldier-droid to keep a good guard to all my dev tablets here on the desk!!!!!

  • Steven

    I wanted one buy they're sold out. This would be great to have on the work desk.

  • http://ricotroubleshooting.blogspot.com/ neo

    This is awesome. Pls chose me. :)

  • Travis

    I have one of the green ones, and he's starting to get restless. I need a soldier Andy to keep him in line.

  • http://the404s.com Mark Nguyen

    Oooh, this would look awesome hanging from, or sitting under the tree!

  • http://kennydude.me Joe Simpson

    I would love to win, simply because it looks really really awesome! :D

  • Jesslyn

    I need to wipe out my embarrassing stint as an iPhone user

  • Tim H.

    i want an android toy soldier because it is awesome, and I love android!

  • Enoch Kim

    I just want one.

  • A Davis

    I need one to show everyone how awesome Android is...

  • Jeff A

    Friend at work would hate to see this on my desk everyday, and i would love to see it there. :)

  • Champlification

    I want one because I don't have any of these collectibles and it would be a good way to spark my interest in getting more.

  • TweakGeek

    I need some techy figurines for my office. This will be great to sit on my shelf so people will ask about it and I can teach them all about Android!

  • Brad

    I don't have one yet but if i get this one i plan on starting a quest to COLLECT THEM ALL!!!! lol

  • Jamie

    It be awesome if I won...

  • Cebastian Rosing

    My room feels empty and there's a lack of stuff around. Android would be awesome to have on my shelf!

  • Robin B.

    I need it because I didn't get a single Android figurine so far, and my desk looks so lonely!


    My girlfriend is a die-hard fan of android collectibles. It'd be great if I can get her this one.

  • BJ

    I would love to have one since my wife thinks they are a complete waste of money, and doesn't want to buy one.

  • Derek DeLaCruz

    This little guy would look great on my desk. Plus many say we have the same eyes.

  • stompsfrogs

    This guy could hang out with my Batman and my Bender, I need decorations in my new house...

  • http://www.maaz.in Maaz Khatib

    I need a droid on my desktop .

  • Gaurav Bhattacharjee

    Well. Never experienced an Android. So. Give it to me baby :)

  • http://archshrk.com archshrk

    I need one in hopes of getting my kid off all the pirate and train stuff and into something new, like robots or toy soldiers. But Android would be best.

  • http://gplus.to/chazclout Chaz

    Been thinking of getting an Android Collectable. To win one would be fantastic!

  • ForeverAlone

    I need it to pretend I have friends that give me stuff at christmas.

  • Trevor

    Because my desk at work needs more toys! MORE!

  • Nelson

    I want one because I don't have enough weird things on my desk at work. I have a green one but he needs company.

  • http://www.nbarros.net Nuno Barros

    I want the dead zebra android toy soldier because my army has no zebras!

  • Matt

    Who wouldn't want a Dead Zebra Android toy soldier? That's the real question

  • Ranjan

    I'd love to have one as I've always liked this Android-Man. Would love to have one figurine of it.

  • Nathan

    I want one so my life can finally be complete.

  • Dan Bobke

    Because all of my Apple-loving work associates and friends need to see something more interesting than a partially gnawed piece of fruit!

  • Juan Pablo

    I would like to have one to annoy all my iPhone and BB friends

  • Fergal

    Love it. Old tech promoting new tech - what is not to like? Happy Christmas to all.

  • Clayton

    I would love to see my twins playing with it

  • Scott

    Because I want to overload your database with these comments.

  • Jeff

    Iwould love to win, well because I never win... please make me yell WINNING in my best Charlie Sheen voice!

  • Daniel

    I have never been able to buy one of Dead Zebra's figurines. It would be awesome to get my 1st through a contest win!

  • Matt R.

    I need this guy to add to my series 1 and 2 collection! Pick me!

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/112363262267749885269 Marilyn

    Because it would look schweet next to my Day of the Dead one.
    Also, it might keep me from hunting down the address to Dead Zebra and dry humping them in pathetic fangirl form.

  • http://www.bencatlin.com Ben

    It would go really well in the empty spot on my desk between Optimus Prime, and the plain green toy from dead zebra - both from an aesthetic standpoint, and a artistic standpoint :)

  • Carlos Chucos

    Because this will be my first Android figurine and I love Android!

  • Eli

    need to build up my own android army!

  • http://www.facebook.com/victorciccone Victor

    I would like to win this Android Toy Soldier because winning is fun, but bragging about winning is even more fun.

  • Angel Arambula Garcia

    Id like to put it on my office desk to impress my clients. :D

  • AraelOZ

    because I do, to be cool

  • Jesse

    I need some Androidness for ma desk

  • VikkD

    Looks just like my wife!! I love her and so I want this.

  • Michael Ip

    Because it would look nice on my desk for Christmas.

  • Anthony Timoti

    I would like this because Android is awesome, and toy soldiers are awesome as well.

  • Felkis

    Simple: Can't stand Apple and 'Droid rules!

  • Nick

    I need one to reminisce about my first time acting on stage.. I was a toy soldier :)

  • AngelZxxWingZ

    Because I want to make someone jealous..... And have fun with it.... and who knows it might be great inspiration.....

    Who knows until I could try it out........

  • Matos

    I'd make him spin around and around and around until the moustache would turn in to a full beard

  • Stephen K

    Why wouldn't someone want a android toy soldier?

  • http://www.androidportal.sk Lukas Zachar

    I want one because I'm in love with androiiiid! :)

  • http://www.tylerlane.net/ Tyler Lane

    That thing is awesome. I'd love to give one to my girlfriend! she is still rocking a g1!

  • http://facebook.com/tonywtf Anthony T

    I should win this because I've always wanted one of those Android toys!

  • Eric

    "I want one" is apparently too short to qualify as a comment

  • Ashiq JA

    If i win this, it would really mean alot to me, cuz i hv never won anything so far. I luv android nd i definitely luv androidpolice too. Keep up the good work

  • http://www.techeh.ca Geoff

    I want one, cause I AM a solider!

  • Toolaidback

    because Santa wont bring me any other presents :'(

  • Jamie Lewis

    I Would like one because he would look perfect on my desk :D

  • Marc

    I would like to win one, because then I can show everyone my love for Android!

  • http://www.flickr.com/__max Max

    I love collecting toys like this! Android all the way!!

  • Tannen

    This would be a great gift for TONS of friends of mine! :D

  • Lưu Vinh Quang

    Because it's only of the most lovely Androids i've seen

  • Jon Winter

    haha i would use it to terrorize my dog.

  • Larry

    Hmm... for one thing, I think it would look awesome at the top of a Christmas tree!

  • Nur Muhammad

    want this!!! simply because its a android soldier with a freakin' moustache!!! who wouldn't want to have that..

  • Lenny

    Because I love Android and I love tchotchkes

  • http://carelessmurmur.wordpress.com Aritra Mukherjee

    Nice.. Well I am always having one android in my pants, love to have one at my desk

  • Dan

    Because I can and I should.

  • Drkcloud

    I want one because it is soo dang cute.

  • Nathan

    Because it looks cool!

  • Mike

    I would love to have that smug lil' guy sitting on my desk!

  • http://geek0logy.blogspot.com/ Raunak Chopra

    i want it bcoz i dont get any of the android figues in my country..

  • Vova

    will love to have a "actual real android",,,,,,,, :)

  • David

    It will be my Christmas present!

  • Paul

    I need someone to keep the voice-"control" Artoo droid in line.

  • maxwei

    It's so great for a Christmas present!

  • David

    It will be my Christmas present

  • Mike

    I want one because I am a big android fan and having a toy android soldier would be awesome!

  • Brent Sensenig

    Very nice! Gotta love this time of year!

  • Matt Fultz

    This would be great for my desk at work.

  • Mike

    My wife loves these Android Figurines and due to the economy, I can not get her what she really wanted for the holidays...This would make my December a whole lot better.. Holidays + Anniversary+ the Wife's Birthday all next week, and I am empty handed thus far.... :(

  • Heather Speaks

    I want one...it's so cute and would keep my Toad from Super Mario, Battle Droid, and Luigi company on my desk.

  • Ignacio armijo

    I would like to win one so I can display my love for Android to everyone i know

  • josh fulgham

    I need this since I can never win your tablet and phone giveaways.

  • Tyler Ray

    I really want to win this! It will help me out in school and help me keep updated on the go! You guys rock!

  • Gary Jones

    I need Android Toys!

  • Mathew

    Would become a great partner to my little green android figure.

  • Rance Vela

    I'd like to give one of these to my mother. Three years ago, her collection of nut-crackers was lost in a fire, and for the last couple years I've been helping her to rebuild it. She also just got her first android tablet, Galaxy tab 7.0 plus, and since this looks a lot like her nut-cracker dolls, I think it would really make her smile.

  • Dharmin Kansara

    because it is an Android freak and I love these thing....

  • sungam

    This will be my first android figure.

  • Note

    Because I can put it into my collection!

  • Shekhar

    <3 android :) and these soldiers look tough :p

  • Dave

    I want to give it to myself just because I can!

  • Emmanuel Gonzalez

    It is so cool! This is going to be an amazing christmas gift :P

  • John

    Who wouldn't want one?

  • Tim

    I want it to set up on my mantel next to my Nutcracker for the holiday. Happy Holidays

  • Bob Marhefke

    My dog died, my wife left me, my house burned down, my car has a flat tire, and an astroid is about to hit the earth. I have nothing more to live for but this one chance to win and Android Toy Soldier.

  • Stefano Picciolo

    My son Gabriele (2,5 years old) would love to play with it... and then destroy in few minutes!

  • Jason Esman

    I battle Iphone Sheep Daily! I am an Android Soldier!

  • Jamison England

    I want one to make my desk look better.

  • Jun Cheng

    As an Android fan, I want one of these android soldiers to prove/show that I'm really an Android Fan.

  • http://www.onlinebaitandtackle.com nick williams

    It would look good on the top of my tree for xmas

  • Bill rosa

    I've been a hard working good little boy all year ;)

  • greenlizzard

    Cause the happy fellow wants to dominate my desk !

  • Naveen

    Because I've been nice this year

  • http://plus.ly/danieljames Daniel James

    It's an addiction, to put it simply. I am going to start an army of Androids, and this guy will be my first soldier. Together, we shall war against the forces of Fruit. We WILL emerge victorious.

  • XanThor

    It is cute and would love to add it to my knick-knack collection

  • Vanja

    I would love it...

  • Diana

    This super android-nutcraker-look-how-nice-i-am reminds me two of my favorite things in this world: Christmas and Android!!!!!!

    I sooooo want it ... pleaaaase, I want it!!!!!

  • Jorge

    If I had one of these I could make awesome stop motion videos and upload them to youtube.

  • Lasse Elgaard

    It's a must if you are an Android and Google lover. Plx give nerdgasm!

  • Chad L.

    i want one because the one i have is lonely and looking for a mate to play with

  • Avdhi

    I have small and big action figures of android.. But they all are static... This one will rule them, as it moves !

  • greg flasck

    I played a toy solider in my 2nd grade production of "the nutcracker" thirty years ago - one of these little guys would help me re-live the magic of my theater debut.

  • Matt D

    That little guy would have a great time on my desk!

  • mike h

    i would like to win this.. =I

  • David Baxter

    I want a toy soldier!

  • Kainoah Arnold

    LOTS of comments...hope I win!!! Haha