Google Translate just got a little update that brings big functionality: the ability to recognize written words in seven different languages. The previous version allowed for text and spoken input only, so this update adds just another method to the mix.

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You may be asking yourself why is this a big deal? This is a useful feature partly due to the fact that it can translate Chinese and Japanese, which both use characters that are uncommon to English keyboards. Other languages with handwriting recognition include: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Hit the widget to grab it.

Thanks, Niel!

Cameron Summerson
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    • Chris Clark

      You can easily speak if you want. Since you know how to ask in Chinese, have you not seen how many times someone will write the character on their hand (with their finger) to clear up a misunderstanding with a spoken sentence?

      This is a perfect response to that exact cultural situation.

  • http://imgur.com/CuKA2 sketchy_alx

    Too bad my phone doesn't have a stylus. Would be great for the Galaxy Note though.

    • nada

      It works pretty well without a stylus too.

  • youhin

    its almost like speechtrans this is the website http://speechtrans.com try to visit the site to see what i mean :)

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