Last Updated: March 12th, 2012

Google has started pushing out a new Market update with version 3.4.4, which upon quick inspection operates faster than before and brings a setting for auto-adding of widgets to your home screen.

If you missed the changes in the previous major update v3.3.11, read about them here. A minor update v3.3.12 is here.

Note that I did say widgets, not app icons, though according to early tests, it's still icons that are being added and not widgets. This option appears in place of "auto-add shortcuts" that is present in the current Market and not in addition to it. Did Google simply rename it for some very confusing reason? Weird...

Update: As ZZ points out, "I think it's because in ICS, what used to be known as 'Shortcuts' are now simply 1x1 widgets. If you notice 'old' shortcuts like Direct dial, etc. now live in the Widget folder. This change is simply for consistency moving forward."

This explanation makes sense, though Google could have been smarter about the naming convention for devices that don't yet have Ice Cream Sandwich.

There could be other changes, which we'll post as soon as we find them.

This post by Kirill Grouchnikov from the Android team provides some interesting details about the evolution of the Market. It's not related to this specific update, but is an interesting read nonetheless.



Download the new Android Market 3.4.4:

Note: Root is not required.

Note: If the Market starts force closing, just open Settings > Applications > Manage > Market, and clear data.

image image

Thanks, 0mie!

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  • Tony

    After installing big difference in speed, loving it!! Also I think it's new but on app pages you can click on description link anywhere to minimize or expand instead of just the arrow. Small but nice touch.

    • Ryuuie

      The speed upgrades to this are absolutely amazing. :D

  • Ryuuie

    The carrier featured apps icon has a new icon.

    For example, instead of it saying "Sprint" with a grey background and a bugdroid peeking out at me on my Nexus S 4G, it has the Sprint logo.

    This wasn't around in 3.3.12.

  • ZZ

    " Did Google simply rename it for some very confusing reason? Weird..."

    I think it's because in ICS, what used to be known as "Shortcuts" are now simply 1x1 widgets. If you notice "old" shortcuts like Direct dial etc now live in the Widget folder. This change is simply for consistency moving forward.

  • Mohit

    Wowwwww.........a awsumm change in the speed.......
    Luv u android....... ;)

  • http://facebook.com/smsmycarandme Force

    Why does it actually need the RECEIVE SMS permission?

    • Zaatour36


      any ideas guys????

      i don't want to download it if it's not safe :S

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        It's safe, it's signed by Google.

        • Zaatour36

          a very n00b question, and please take a deep breath before answering :)
          how do I know who signed an apk? say a app I downloaded form some site ?
          i have no idea!
          any educational links of stuff are welcome ;)

        • Zaatour36

          Also, is it necessary to delete the actual installed Vending.apk then replace this with it.


          Shall I just install it an any regular app?

          cuz I saw the first method or some dev forms and I wasn't sure if it's a bug deal or not!

          Again, sorry for the n00bness :)

    • WizardKnight

      to be able to share (recommend) apps via messenger
      you'll notice more and more apps have this permission... you'll notice that they offer some type of sms sharing or recommending or something along those lines

  • troy

    is this also for tablets or no?

    • henk

      Installed it on my transformer tablet and works fine and quick.if you don't like it uninstall the update.

      • Zaatour36

        did it make any difference in terms of speed and font sizes on portrait mode or better ?

  • http://androidechile.cl Ignacio

    It FC every time i try to open an app. I clear the data but the problem persist.
    Nexus S - Ice Cream Sandwich Koush alpha 11
    By the way, it's very fast! It's a shame that i can't use it with ICS.

  • cassv

    Keep crashing in ICS, event after clearing cache and wiping Dalvik cache.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Looks like there's an issue with ICS, you're the 2nd one to report it now.

  • http://utinet.net/ R S C

    Just installed. Much faster than I've been experiencing lately! Still have to scroll to the bottom.

  • MyEvilMonkeys

    Is there a FC issue with Comixology and this new APK? previous versions didn't seem to play nice on tablets with Marvel, DC, or Comixology all made by the same developer.

  • Marshall

    Question is it safe to delete the previous market version apks from my phone after install the new one? i have 4 old market apks hanging out on my sd that would be nice to get out of the way...

  • rugarth-android-man

    works fine on Desire Z with CM7 modified version EliteMod244.

    Thanks for posting the update APolice.

  • DarTal

    just downloaded and installed from file manager and its running sweet on my ancient MyTouch 3G on build 2.2.2 =D

  • mace

    working great on my galaxy nexus no problemo. gsm uk.

  • Johnforamerica

    Yep, market is WAY faster for me with this update! (SGS2)

  • Dark

    Works great on my Atrix and is a lot faster too. Haven't noticed any other differences other than the option to add widgets (ICS lingo) instead of shortcuts.

    • Dark

      Had a weird glitch. After installing, any app that was located on my sd card registered as not installed in the market under my apps. Rebooted the phone twice and still not registering. Used TB to force attach them to the market. I then installed an app and moved it to my sd card and there were no issues with the market. Seems like it only wanted to give issues to apps already installed on the sd.

  • simmons

    how do i install this to my phone?

  • simmons

    never mind, i figured it out

  • Dark

    I noticed that the youtube videos that some apps have so you can preview before downloading or buying has been moved to the top of the page next to the pictures.

    • James

      yup, the movie trailers have moved to the top

  • Kiran

    The screenshot previews for an app open a blank black screen on the device. However, the video in the thumbnails opens youtube app right up when clicked. not the same with the images opening up. Anyone experiencing this or is it just me?

  • zookee

    Also there is a bit of a redesign on the tablet version: the featured app list got narrowed for some odd reason, but the good thing is the app view design - looks nicer with a green background above the images.

  • Kenn

    Parsing error....! What should I do?
    Running 2.1 on GarminAsus A10.


    I still have Market 2.3.4 running. When will this new update be pushed out to stock HTC EVO 4G wihtout having to download it. I spoke with HTC and they had me test me update servers with a code *#*#2432546#*#* then I get a message send checkin succeeded. But still no new update. So what can I do besides wait. Please help out.

  • Pradeep

    I have HTC Wildfire S downloaded the file to my phone & tried to run the application I am getting error message Market could not be installed. Free up some space and try again. Can any one tell me how much space is required to install the app.

  • dewa putra

    apk after I downloaded this, and if I install android apk automatically replace that have been installed on my phone? please advise

  • Catie

    Is the new version bigger or smaller than the current one, in terms of MB?

  • tommyd

    Push install doesn't work with this version

  • David

    After update I noticed downloads are only 1 at a time if downloading multiple apps.

  • Dark

    Noticed another updated feature to this market. It seems that it no longer limits the length of an app review. Now we can say what we need to say about an app and not worry about getting cut off mid sentence.

  • Ed

    Does anyone know how to reach those Market 3.4.4 settings screens shown above? Thanks.

    • Dark

      Load up the market, press the menu button on your android device, and choose settings.

  • Sam

    Will this work on Android 2.2?

    If not, what is the minimum version (of Android) it requires?

  • linus

    is there any else changes done but the speed and smoothness? i've had this version, atleast same looking, for maybe 6 months now...

  • Mark

    I have been fighting an issue, since the update to 6.12.173 on the Razr, where the Market was showing most of my apps as not installed.

    Just came across this information, and clearing data did the trick.

    Thank you so much!

    Best Regards,


  • Dan

    I am having issue with this new market release. When I do a search for an apps, it either give me very few apps else NO Results found. But when I am using the google market to search on the browser, I can see lots of apps. Anyone having the same issue as I am? Any suggestion for a fix?

  • marieeurick

    This junk keeps force closing on my tmobile mytouch 3g (grrrrrrrrrrrR) and hasnt worked right yet! But it should be exciting when it does, hopefully i can experience the awesome new speed/features that everyone is raving about. Why the unnecessary name change tho, google? Btw, Google Play Store sounds more like a porn site dontcha think? Its just all kind of confusing at first for a silly dumb blonde like me :D but i eventually got it, thanks!

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I'm disabling comments on this page, as 99% of the ones in the last few days are borderline moronic.

  • ZH

    why i cannot to use androi market
    my handphone is xperia 8