A pretty major update for Skype just made its way into the Android Market, bringing a few new features and improvements along with it. Among said features is the ability to send pictures, videos, and other files to during conversation - a pretty cool option, no doubt. The Skype team has also improved the look and feel with new graphics, as well as improved the sign in/sign out process (which includes auto-sign in).

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The video quality has also been improved on Tegra 2 devices and voicemail has been improved. Yay for making things better!

Grab the update below.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Dan

    Does this support using bluetooth headsets for Skype calls? I tried Skype on my Wildfire almost a year ago now and it wouldn't work for me (with the Samsung HM1000 headset) and if that's still the case then its definitely a feature they need to add in!

    • Brian

      Bluetooth has worked in the past release or two.

      I want to know if the sideways video for the Thunderbolt is fixed.

  • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

    I'm pleased they added the auto-sign-in stuff. Now when I'm done using Skype I don't have to reboot the phone to get rid of the Skype icon from my status bar without losing my saved password.

    The wording is a bit confusing. The app would auto-sign-in before, provided you never signed out of it. What the change really means is that you can exit the app now (by signing out but leaving the 'auto-sign-in' checkbox set) without having to type your password again next time you start it.


    Does this work on AOSP yet? I still have to use a hacked version while running CM7