Update: We started hearing word last night that this update is rolling out, and that seems to be confirmed across the board. Hit Settings > About phone > Software update to see if it's available on your end. Thanks, Scott!

Verizon updated its support documents for the Motorola Droid Bionic earlier today with info of an OTA update that should fix a gaggle of issues with the device.

Among the fixes, you'll find improved 3G and 4G connectivity, "improvements in device stability" to "help avoid power cycles," improvements in the messaging application, and a fix for the issue that caused apps to disappear from the app tray when moved to the SD card, among others.

2011-12-08 16h01_19

While no specific date has been set for the rollout, we generally see updates start to hit devices within a week or two from the time info shows up VZW's site.

For a look at the full list of improvements, head over to VZW's support site (PDF).


Cameron Summerson
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  • Dei

    Dammit Verizon - Stuff your Bionic update. Where's the Nexus?! HURRY UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

  • jon c

    Bout time..lets hope 4G doesn,doesn't die again...

    • a632392

      I got my update and still having issues with 3g to 4g handoff. You?

      • Cindy

        This is ridiculous, got the update this morning and having more trouble than before with 3g, 4g connectivity, fix this!

  • cecil

    Ummm how do apps get saved to sd card they get saved to extra internal memory dont they

    • djembeman

      It is a portion of internal memory that acts just like an SD card. Haven't you noticed that two SD cards mount on your your computer in mass storage mode?

      • cecil

        No i only can access actual sd but still they are misleading ppl calling it sd card its only phone memory *which sux*

        • steve

          Its 16gb internal sd card and 16 external...that's great for a phone

  • Ty

    About f*ing time. Cant wait!

  • cecil

    Yea mines full and barely have half the stuff that i had on my dx

  • eduardo

    Does anyone know if this update also includes a fix for the noise when using earphones?

    • niya

      It's supposed to, I believe people in the soak test indicated it fixed it. I never use headphones with it, so I couldn't tell you.

  • Mike

    Does anyone know if this update also includes a fix for the Bluetooth shutter?? Very very annoying!!!

  • Jeremy

    How about an ICS upgrade? When are we gonna see that?

  • Mike

    I just got it. In metro NY. Downloading it now!

  • Matthew

    GOT OTA today.... I would rather have the Nexus today instead....

  • Wmfb

    Motorola doesn't know anything about this as I have tried to get them to admit to it if it isn't on the official motorola website it isn't true!!!!!!!!

  • Wmfb

    It is a sad day when a company can't fix a product for three months after it is purchased, I won't ever buy another piece of Motorola equipment again. and I will tell everyone I know not to buy it.

  • E

    It seems I may be in the minority, but my Bionic has been just fine since day 1. I got the update today, about to see if it gives a boost to anything. Good luck to those frustrated by the hardware!

    • http://notenoughhoursinaday.blogspot.com Ang

      Agreed- I'm on the Bionic after serious flaws with 2 HTC android phones (5 handsets-memory issues, update problems, etc) This update just started downloading to me and I'm not in a 4g area so I don't care about that so much. I did notice the disappearing apps though after moving them to 'media storage' but no biggie...just moved them back. Now maybe I can do it again, LOL. I'll take a disappearing app compared to what I've dealt with for 18 months with HTC phones!! At least I can get messages and mail to push!! WOOHOOO!!

    • BionicleBill

      I bought a Bionic
      for myself ,
      and one for my wife
      on Sept. 15.2011,
      both have been perfect
      as well.

  • http://yobif.com yobif

    Wow.. Great News. Thanks for your quick update.

  • ryan

    will this unroot me?

  • Jack

    If you have to ask...

    Actually, you prolly won't even get the notification if you are rooted. Especially if you are running a custom ROM.

  • NuLL.n.VoiD

    If you're rooted, why would you want the update? Honestly...

    The custom ROMs are generally way ahead of the OTA updates. My Bionic is running on the 894 base and it's super smooth.

    Check out DroidModderX [K]IN3TX v1. You'll forget all about the stupid OTA.

  • Smith

    Updated my bionic last night. 4g is now working perfectly. Headphone noise gone. Watched netflix streaming without buffer pauses on train, even in underwater tunnel. If this keeps up, I'll be really happy.

  • Tanya

    Just installed update from automatic push fir download - glad to see this one! Had called V about the dropped apps issue last month, wad getting ready to call about tge No 3/4G zones in known strong signal spots I'd just started to notice last week!!!

  • Fs

    It is much better. The 4g seems to hold on better. The camera is more responsive. Those are some of the big ones. thankful they got it for us!

  • CaptainJack87

    Holy Crap! Got the update this morning and the camera has gone from useless to actually usable! Kudos devs!

  • jalh

    I have a droid x and i won't see an ICS update. If you want to get the most out of your device, dont buy a moto android phone again.

  • themidastouch

    I got my BIONIC update OTA today and after the upgrade was complete and a reboot to load the new OS was finished, my device has rebooted twice (without warning sitting doing nothing... I heard the DROID boot up sound and boot strap logos"... and batter life as suffered greatly (while attached to a previously working USB connection to my computer to maintain battery life). TERRIBLE UPDATE MORONS!!! Where's the QA?!?

  • frustrated

    Still having 3G/4G connectivity issues, actually they seem to have gotten worse. Verizon, your reputation is on the line, you better make this right!

  • laslim

    Got update and still not working no better. Junk Motorola. Anyone know how to put the update that was made by mottled? I don't want to destruction mine but sounds like it is way better.

  • chad

    5.5.893??? There are leaks well beyond that out there. Why couldn't they release one of those instead? I'm on 5.7.893, not the latest OTA leak, but works flawlessly for me. If you want your phone working perfect, forget motorola's support channels and Verizon's as well while your at it, they are only interested in making a buck. Get yourself a good update, slap on a custom rom, and finally sigh a breath of relief with a fast and flawless phone atlast!
    Update: 5.7.893
    ROM: Liberty 1.0
    Experience: bliss

  • william f bennett

    Motorola and Verizon are lying to the public, and trying to cover up a massive deception that began on Sept 8 when the bionic was released....it doesn't work the way it was advertised, and they will get away with the farce because we all have contracts that will keep us from doing anything about it.....stop buying Motorola and maybe then they will get the idea...almost 4 months later and the product still isn't fixed....very sad for a company that I have been buying from since my first phone in my car in 1971....no more will I buy their products.

  • stef

    Just got my Bionic on 12/31 and am completely disappointed in constant connectivity loss and horrible pix. My old LG Chocolate took better shots! Sad thing is it already had the update. Can't imagine what it was like before. Phones going back today!

  • jeff

    My phone will not accept this update. It downloads the upgrade, but when the phone starts to upload, it shows a droid with a triangle and phone stops and resets, then states update un
    successful. Can anybody advise what I can do please?