Monopoly, a game that needs no introduction, has finally made its way to the Android Market. Initially, it was available exclusively from the EA store, and, more recently, the Amazon Appstore.

The game brings the same classic board-style gameplay that we all know and love to our mobile devices. It offers a nice 3D environment, as well as enhanced gameplay over the physical board game, along with the ability to play against friends or the computer.

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One downside of the game, however, is that it's lacking tablet support - something that seems like it would be almost necessary for a game like this. Maybe EA will come around eventually, but until then, go directly to the Android Market, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 (instead, you'll actually pay $5) by hitting the widget below.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Keith

    Booo! I will buy it when there is tablet support.

    • Dandmcd

      Same here, too bad it only works on my Atrix.

  • Jonathan

    Not compatible with the Galaxy Nexus either.

    • E.Graul

      Its compatible with the Optimus V but not the Galaxy Nexus... Wooooooow!!! How can that be???

  • Pete

    Not surprising, EA has a very low priority on Android tablet-optimized apps. Still waiting on:

    Sims 3
    Bejeweled 2
    FIFA 10
    Game of Life
    NFS: Shift

  • Luke

    Not available in Poland ;/

  • Matt

    After my experience trying to buy Worms, I'm convinced EA just slaps these games together for Android and forgets about them. There are hundreds of 1 star comments (far outnumbering the others) saying how the game is incompatible but they were able to buy it anyway, and bugs all over the place.. the last update was 6 months ago, and customer support is non-existent. I had to go through Google as one of the "extraneous" circumstances to get a refund. Will never buy another EA game until I'm convinced that their Android games aren't just shoved out the door to shut us up.

    On the other hand, Google had a reply and refund to me literally within minutes of sending my email through the web market. That made me feel better about them being in charge.

  • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

    my Tab10.1 is what i use for games and it's not supported so .... this sucks..

  • Courtney

    I get device not supported on my Galaxy SII. Weird.

  • Henri

    not compatible with droid razr. wtf?

    • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

      That makes no sense, it works on my creaky old, Optimus S.

      • E.Graul

        Also my Optimu V...

  • Jennifer

    I know its not compatible with Rezound either? What the hell is going on? I have been waiting for this for years. I am trying to get on support right now and its taking forever.

  • Scott

    For the record, it's North America (hence the NA), not "US", so the first one is for Canada too.

  • murdawg

    Not compatable with the bionic

    • Mark_Venture

      Not compatible? or doesn't work?

      Market shows as compatible/installable with my Bionic, Thunderbolt, X, Incredible and Nook Color (running CM7)...

      Just not compatible/installable via market on my Xoom.

      • Mark_Venture

        Its been updated. was ver .0.40... now its 1.0.

        Also shows in Market as Compatible with my XOOM...

        It did the app install via market, but wont pull down the extra 200Meg when you launch the game. :(

        • Mark_Venture

          Download working now. (must have been a eamobile.com issue)

          The version on my Xoom appears to be exactly the same as on my iPad2, minus network play option.

          While the version on the phone was also updated, it doesn't look any different than prior to the update (which was/is different than on the xoom)

  • nerdshowandtell

    Perhaps the list of supported devices might be shorter than the list of unsupported devices... Grrr

  • AshR

    Not compatible with EVO 3D... Has ANYONE even been able to try this app???

  • Justin

    Not compatible with Motor Droid Razr on VZW or u FUCKIN serious

  • Chris

    Wait... a BOARD game not compatible with TABLETS? I would understand better if it were not compatible with phones, actually...

  • ZRod

    EA fails at Android development and support. Not like they are a small company... come on...
    Don't complain about lack of profits if you only support one phone which who knows what it is.

  • jordanjay29

    It's compatible with my G2, but I really want to play it on my ASUS TF. Even for $5, I might have...

    Oh well, too bad, EA.

  • Ben

    Whoever at EA decided that it was a good idea to release Monopoly with no tablet support needs to get fired. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

  • Squ36

    Not compatible with my Galaxy Note, like all EA Games. WTF is wrong with them ?

  • Tarkan Erimer

    EA : First, fix your non-working and non-downloading game data shitty games before releasing new shitty games!

  • Tim

    Evo 3d - I can't install it. I get "parse error" "there is a problem parsing the package"

  • MonopolyLuvr

    Not compatible with LG G2X. Pleaseeeeee fix now....I'm dying for monopoly....

  • Chasnewport

    The Galaxy Note is going to be huge... get your finger out and port it EA.  Its mainly a matter of screen resolution surely?  Change #define SCR_WIDTH and #define SCR_HEIGHT compile and then release the damn thing FFS.

  • Sniffs

    Its not compatible with Samsung galaxy Note.. That's insane.. EA, pl fix it..

  • Pauln66

    Does not work on tablets WTF . Works great on IPad
    Get a fricken clue EA you suck balls!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.c.felder Justin Christopher Wesley Feld

    Anybody know what version of android this works on? It won't work on my Atrix 2 which runs 2.3, or my mom's Galaxy Note, which is now 4. I does work my Defy, which is 2.2, but I don't use that anymore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amethyst.roth Amethyst A. Roth

    So sad... It's not compatible with my Galaxy S2 or my Galaxy tab. I would gladly pay money for this app, if only it worked for my devices. I wonder how much business they are losing because of this problem?


    WFT just paid 281 pesos and just the EA logo appear damn pls send back my money damn


    btw my phone is samsung galaxy S2

  • Brian

    Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S2