Microsoft recently released Halo Waypoint to the Android Market, bringing an official multiplayer companion to the palm of your hand. The app has a surprising amount of awesome features, including live overhead views of multiplayer maps (with weapon, vehicle, and player locations), score information, and the ability to "stay in contact with your Halo friends on Xbox LIVE no matter where you are."

On top of all that, Halo Waypoint tracks your career and campaign progress and stats according to weapons and enemies, and enables users to invite friends to challenges from their mobile device.

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The icing on the cake? Halo Waypoint is free from the Android Market. It's not available for all Android devices just yet (if you have a qHD display, for example, you're out of luck) but the developers promise wider compatibility in a "future update."

If you're a Halo player with a compatible device, head to the Market and give Halo Waypoint a try.

Liam Spradlin
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  • ste_b

    *cough* Anyone got the .apk? *cough* :)

  • Pataps

    NO!! WTF!? I was so looking forward to this app, and it's not available in my country?! I understand Gmusic, Gcurrents becaouse of subscriptions and stuff, but THIS?! This is free app nad has NO subscriptions and stuff like that! "stay in contact with your Halo friends on Xbox LIVE no matter where you are." No matter where my a$s...

    /nerd rage

    I would also like someone to share apk:)

  • Matt

    This is what I've been saying is one of the biggest opportunities for gaming on mobile devices; in that they act as a companion device for the main console/PC game. The map functionality is the most obvious but also most functional. Imagine playing World of Warcraft and having a live map on your tablet while you're playing. That way you don't have to open up the screen covering in-game map. Or if you have access to your inventory, list out of Raid members health and status. Gaming on mobile platforms has potential but is inherently limited. This takes the far more versatile medium of PC/Console games and just adds extra functionality to them.

  • razorhail

    microsoft develops apps for ...:ANDROID??? :O

    • JAlexoid

      Is there the same app on WP7? Would be more appropriate question.

      • Mike

        Why would Word Perfect 7 have a Halo App? lol JK!

    • Dragonithe

      Yea, BUT.
      ATLAS cost 5 bucks on android and iphone while it's free on wp

  • josh

    Not available for HTC phones. Boo

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yes on:
      Epic 4G Touch
      Samsung Tab 10.1

      This item is not compatible with your device:
      EVO 4G

      But then again they specify that in the description. Bummer though.

  • mr.highway

    I can't download it also, I'm in us. Running 2.3.7,I really want waypoint,I love watching the videos.