If you have a Samsung Vibrant running CyanongenMod, then you probably want to flash a a stock-based ROM double-quick. Why? Because you can't call 911 while running CM on this particular device. Sure, you may not remember the last time you had to call 911 (if ever), but can you imagine what would happen if you were in a situation where you needed to call 911 and couldn't?

For this exact reason, the CM team has decided to drop support for the Vibrant. The issue could be resolved with the radio source from Samsung, so if Sammy ever decided to release this code, there is a chance that CM could pick up support for the Vibrant again.

CM Statement:

We are no longer supporting the Vibrant due to the inability to dial 911. We consider the issues related to this unresolvable without source code from Samsung related to the Radio interface layer and its interactions with the Audio layers and have taken the decision to no longer support this. We apologize for the inconvenience and strongly suggest that Vibrant users use a Samsung ROM due to the 911 issues with any ROMs based on open source code.

-SGS Team/Team Hacksung/Teamdouche

Sorry, Vibrant owners, but this one is probably for the best.

[Source Cyanogenmod Via Android Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tkun

    Ouch, that's gotta hurt for Vibrant owners. I'd hate it if my Fassy wasn't gonna get CM9. At least Vibrant owners on two-year contracts (who got their phones relatively close to release) can look forward to getting a new phone not that long from now.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Having tried ICS on the EVO 4G, I wouldn't be too upset, as it's way too laggy for day-to-day usage. It could be an early ROM problem, but I think ICS may just require beefier hardware to be snappy.

      • Tkun

        Yeah, the ICS rom that I've tried for my device, which supposedly had hardware acceleration working too, was laggy, but I just thought it was because it was an alpha rom. I guess we'll both learn whether it needs more powerful hardware when CM9 finally starts rolling out to mid-range devices.

  • jdm4u

    Being a previous Vibrant owner this sucks. CM was the best gingerbread rom I've ran on that device hands down. Didn't lag or freeze on me at all like other 2.3 roms have.

    • Telanis

      If you can handle Froyo, try TeamWhiskey's NextGen v2. With the Voodoo+KB5 kernel it's awesome -- fast and great on battery. I personally had a lot of issues with CM and didn't notice any GB features I wanted.

  • zach

    doesnt one of the cyanogenmod guys work for samsung?

    • Telanis

      Yeah, Cyanogen does. Lol. But he doesn't make the decisions to release source.

  • edd

    How/why can't it dial 911?

    • Telanis

      Phones have special firmware for emergency numbers that isn't part of Android, so that it "can't" be broken. If that firmware is opaque then you don't know how to use it. Presumably that's the case here -- the firmware is unusable because Samsung hasn't told anyone how to use it.

  • http://SPOOLEDUPRACING.COM Aaron Ferguson

    So heart broken. I have a Vibrant and am running CM7. I was really looking foward to CM9. Damn Samsung. Never Again.

    • Tashlan

      This sucks, I'm running CM7 an a Vibrant too. I truly hope someone comes through with the goods so we can get CM9.

  • http://youtube.com/themistaunknown Avin

    oh wow...legit was researching into this, cause i just can't take the stock rom anymore...but now D:

  • Hans-Erik

    You know. Still using the Vibrant this purely sux as I can't make 911 calls right now. Must say though that ICS rox!

  • Simon Belmont

    The Sprint Samsung Epic 4G has a similar problem. That's why it was never officially supported by CyanogenMod.

    It's kind of a shame. They're good handsets.

    • EddieKrueger

      They fixed it today though.

  • ?

    So is it the same for the Samsung captivate, I would imagine it is because they are basically the same phone but it never hurts to ask a question.

    • http://www.twitter.com/robertmoreno Robert

      I'm wondering too. Please don't let my cappy get the same treatment :(

    • WildKarrde

      I'm running an early build of ICS on my Samsung Captivate (hardware almost identical to the Vibrant) from Team Hacksung (who I think does work for CM). I don't know what that means from an official CM build standpoint, but I can dial 911 :)

  • Hal Motley

    Does that mean I call 999 though?

  • Andy

    yea im wondering if im ok too on a Galaxy S. im running darky rom but its open source like CM is and obviously made by samsung the same. I'm in the UK so its 999 for me but i dont want to test it as its not gonna be good.... hello emergency response? erm hi i was just testing if my galaxy s can call 999 o.O lol

    • Jamalsid

      Darky ROM........open source.......LOL!!

      Darky's ROM's are just cut and paste sammy ROM's not AOSP based like CM.

      • Andy

        ah so im safe then :D ok maybe i was wrong about open source but my phone flies, all the crap has been removed, its pre rooted and lag fixed....oh and still got community support ;) i see no problem lol

        I'd take a 'cut and pasted sammy rom' over aosp anyday if it means it still functions as it should. maybe the vibrant guys will now go this way too?

  • Jaymoon

    Yeah, but everyone knows the new number for emergencies is:

    0118 999 881 999 119 725....3

    • Marcus

      You sir, win the internets.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii
  • CactusCat

    My wife got my Vib when I updated. It's still running Team Whiskey's Bionix 1.3 rom and its still fast as lightning, no lag with amazing battery life. NO ONE ever made a better Vibrant ROM than Team Whiskey. Cyanogen made their name on HTC devices but Team Whiskey were the real Samsung pros. They came out first with all the great Vibrant updates (like Ext4).

  • Dave

    This could be very bad. Imagine if all manufacturers lock out this feature so that anyone running a custom ROM would lose 911 capabilities? What a way to discourage folks from removing the stock software. I shudder to think of the implications this could have.

    • J-Dog


      Though, I wonder how Google would go for it... It is open source, so we should be able to mod it how we want... But does that apply to just the manufacturers/carriers or does that trickle down to us... Sony v Hotz argument... I bought the phone, should I be allowed to do whatever I want with it?

      • drksilenc

        that code is part of there base it is not open source. this is a kernel issue not rom based

  • J-Dog

    "Because you can't call 911 while running CM on this particular device."

    Point of clarification please... IS this as in it can't call 911 from a locked device, or is it that it can't call 911, even if I physically tap 9-1-1-send?

    Also, I'm assuming this just applies to CM9? I'd imagine if it were for 7 as well, the bug would have been discovered previous to this, no...

  • jrafael

    Just tested myself with latest nigthly and stable version as well, in my first test the phone.apk crashed and went into airplane mode loop and require phone re-start to solve, in my second attempt the call connected for a brief moment but there was not audio at all then the phone.apk crashed.

  • Rob

    Hopefully this isn't affecting all Samsung phones. That would be awful considering Samsung is building some awesome phones lately including the enviable and much-sought-after Galaxy Nexus. ;)

    Also discouraged to read that ICS on EVO 4G is laggy. I have the EVO right now and can't upgrade until Summer 2012. I may just be staying with CM7 until then.