It's an early Monday morning, and while Google doesn't update the 10 Billion Apps promo page until 8-9am Pacific, some resourceful folks have already found all of the apps for today. The collection keeps going down in overall selection quality with each day, and we have a few repeats yet again, but we shouldn't look an [almost] gifted horse in the mouth.

Here are today's apps and games:

That's 0 new apps, 8 new games, and 2 apps that were already on sale before. Can we haz some more apps, please, Google?

Here are all the days so far if you want to see them again:

Source: Reddit, thanks rokazas and everyone who helped out!

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  • http://www.nbarros.net Nuno Barros

    NFL 3D Live Wallpaper is also at 10 cents (again)!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That was on sale yesterday, and is probably still on sale as Google keeps the previous day's apps on sale for a little while.

  • nemo

    The UK version of the market has these *nine* items:

    Just Me and My Mom (“Mom”? For the UK market?!)
    BackStab HD
    Raging Thunder
    Backbreaker Football (“Football”? For the UK market? “HandEgg” more like)
    Captain America
    Edmondo Sports Tracker (again)
    Great Little War Game (again)
    SimCity Deluxe

  • Charles Beel

    Thanks for staying on top of this! The mobile market takes till what seems like the afternoon to update.

    For those interested

    My NookColor with the very alpha ICS build is choking on the NFL 3D wallpaper (Go Texans) but handles the native live wallpapers quite well.

    Touchpad with alpha3 works great with the NFL 3D live wallpaper, as expected.

  • Matt

    A lot of these don't want to play ball with the Galaxy Nexus :(

  • AJ

    Some more repeats :(

  • Birch

    Yeah alot of the games dont support galaxy nexus.

  • Hiram

    Yet another Gameloft game that's "not compatible" with the Motorola Atrix or any of ny other devices. Gameloft gave away several games including Block Breaker over Black Friday/Cyber Monday and not one was compatible. :(

  • skitchbeatz

    Lame. Google. Very Lame. I'm getting an iPhone.

    • gbill

      Please do get an iPhone, Google will really miss you. Apple has great promotions like this ...wait oh no they don't plus people must complain about any and every thing. You deserve an iPhone.

      • Shark

        Actually, they do. They give away paid apps on iOS.

        • siddardha

          As far as i remember They gave away one paid game on Facebook.

      • RandomPerson

        You Sir made my day :)

  • Hiram

    Funny... Doodle Jump on Amazon has updated twice in the last month or so and is on 1.10.1 while the version in Android Market was last updated in March and is 1.6.6. You don't see that often. ;)

    • JayMonster

      Most likely Kindle Fire related changes only would be my guess

      • Hiram Lester

        Don't know, but the resolution of the game is much higher on my Atrix than when I first played it after getting it for free via Amazon, so it might indeed be an HD version they silently slipped in. :) Per some of the comments on Android Market, the iOS version has more levels. Not sure if those levels are in the Amazon version or not.

  • Greg

    They need to change the promo to the 10 billion 10 cent Game Promo because that's about all they offer. I like games, but really only play so many. I don't need 6 different driving games on my phone.

    It would be nice if they offered up at least a couple apps each day that made your Android phone more productive and useful. You know, to help promote how an Android phone can actually make life easier?!? Pretty sure we don't buy our phones for just games....sigh.

  • Freak4Dell

    Sigh...more games. Thanks a lot, Google.

  • Mark_Venture

    Roll in the Hole is a repeat too.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      From what day?

    • Hiram Lester

      Not from this promo. Perhaps they did it on their own one day?

  • Rob

    Another day, another load of apps that we can already get for free from GetJar Gold.

    Needs more Xperia Play optimised games

  • Shad0wguy

    Only one I wanted was block breaker and it isn't available for my Photon?!?! For serious?

    • Freak4Dell

      Same here...not compatible with my Droid Pro. I know my phone isn't a super high-end phone, but it's still decent...definitely good enough to run a simple block breaker game. It seems as if a lot of the Gameloft games don't seem to work with anything. There have been several people who have had problems despite having high-end phones.

    • sonnyjjchiba

      Not compatible with Asus Transformer either...how's that possible?

      • JayMonster

        Not surprised about the Transformer. There are plenty of games that simply are not made to scale to the tablet. (In other words, it probably isn't just the transformer, but all tablets)

    • http://darshankaria.com Darshan Karia

      Not compatible with my SGS2 Skyrocket either... :-(
      None of the Gameloft games from the promo are compatible with my phone... :-(

  • mpciii

    I know some people are disappointed but I'm loving the kid's books and games. I bought my kids an Acer A100 for Christmas and this is really helping me fill it up with content appropriate for kids ages 2-6. My 2 and 3 year olds are going to love the interactive books.

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Never heard of Roll In The Hole, so I looked it up. The US version only has 4 reviews and 2 comments! Am I missing something here? With all of the great apps out there, why is was this chosen?

    • Aaron

      It is developed by Chillingo, which made Cut the Rope and several others

  • Danny

    Brickbreaker is available for samsung tab 10.1's. So it's not a tablet thing. Though my Atrix is not available... kinda weird but oh well.

    I thought it was shazaam on day one? Not soundhound?

    • Hiram Lester

      Soundhound was day 1. Shazam was day 4.

  • Brett

    The promotion is no longer being promoted in Australia. Has disappeared from the markets main page. However can still access the apps for 10c by searching. Bit of a pain though.

  • soulofmyevo

    I don't want to complain cuz it's just 10 cents. But can they throw in a couple of useful apps a day and not just games?

  • http://www.collateralds.com komicer

    Still holding out for some of those productivity apps or maybe Adobe touch. But despite the less interesting apps on offer now, I'm still quite satisfied with the promotion. The day 1 stuffs more than make me happy. If they are just going to release more games on offer, my inner gamer would just accept happily. Hopefully, Worms would come soon.

  • Sam

    I wish google had a balance between games/productive apps/wallpapers.

    25/50/25 %