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Inspired by the (sort of) pending release of the Galaxy Nexus (and the hilarious VZSucks coupon being offered for one at Negri Electronics), I'm curious: would you ever switch carriers for a phone? Have you before? Or does the phone come second to the network? Sound off in the poll below, and head down to the comments to speak your mind.

Would You Switch Carriers For A Phone? Have You Before?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • John

    I left VZW for the EVO. I'm still on Sprint and they have best phones, in my opinion, but VZW has better service.

    • BobbyPhoenix

      Same for old company. Left Verizon for T-Mobile when the Nexus One came out, and Verizon said no to it. Still here, and loving it. Best phones for me are here.

    • Aaron

      Everything circulates on every network. I want the Galaxy Nexus, but I'll wait till it's on Sprint. I don't want to give up unlimited data AND pay more for a plan to begin with.

    • Tom

      They have the best phones? Have you looked at the Droid RAZR, HTC Rezound or Galaxy Nexus lately? Right now VZW is head and shoulders above the rest of the country in device offerings, that's why it's probably not a good decision to switch just for one phone.

      • squiddy20

        You obviously missed "in my opinion"... Who the hell are you to tell him that his opinion is wrong?

        • Tom

          Republicans say giving tax cuts to millionaires would help our economy, that's their opinion. Is it wrong? Yes. Who am I to say it? A person using the same first amendment that protects his (and your) right to say whatever you want, in my country at least. Get out of here, kiddo.

        • cosmic

          That one you can argue facts and show stats. Opinions on phones though is like opinions on colors. Just because someone thinks blue is the best color doesn't mean you have to go and try to prove them wrong.

  • JAlexoid

    And the rest of the world lives with e knowledge that they don't have to switch their providers to get a device.

    • nada

      Exactly. Where I live phones are luckily not tied to carriers.

  • Kris

    I'm a dick. I've been on all four of the Big 4. Ironically, I have no service now; but when I get back on the grid, I'll be going to Sprint and staying there.

  • Richard

    I answered "never-never" because I haven't switched for that reason so far and I intend never to buy a contract-encumbered phone again. Between the dollar math and the freedom, there's really no alternative.

  • Akki

    Yea I switched on to Idea Cellular Ltd from Vodafone coz vodafone had lamy speed...

  • watson387

    I've switched for phones before, but will never do so again. Sprint has great phones and horrible service. AT&T has decent service and crappy phones. I'm sticking with Verizon. Good phones and great service. It costs more but I've learned from experience that you get what you pay for in these situations.

  • jack

    I have been with T-mo for 15 years now. It was Powertel, then Voice Stream, then T-Mobile. I feel a lot of loyalty to them and I have an unlimited plan that is so much cheaper than all of my friends with other carriers that I would find it very difficult to switch. That said, i would certainly entertain using another carrier for my work phone in order to get a particular phone. I just wouldn't leave T-mo with my daily driver.

  • Aridon

    No. My phone and carrier decisions are completely different.

  • lamdroid

    Motorola i95/ Nextel
    Htc 8125 / cingular
    droid1 / verizon

    now paying 44$/ line with unlimited data.. so I had to settle for the droid3. actually in truth the d3 was the only slider option worth considering, but regretting it very much with all that BLUR. yes, it's really that bad when ur coming from vanilla. but nonetheless, I can't beat 44$/line so all my future devices will be vzw unless they really, really crap up their selection.

  • Ben Baggley

    I recently switched from T-Mobile to O2 in the UK for the Galaxy Nexus, T-Mobile don't carry it directly and Carphone Warehouse wanted £400+ to upgrade me!

  • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

    Where I live AT&T is the only option other than USCellular. We're out of Sprint's coverage, Verizon's coverage is actually from USCC's towers (meaning 1x data), and T-Mobile just has poor service comparatively.

  • Fabulas

    the problem with switching now is the limited data plans. I'm stuck either staying with VZW or going back to Sprint, based on the Unlimited plan that I have.

  • http://www.darkhorsetraining.com Greg

    I switched over to Sprint from AT&T to get the Samsung Epic Touch. I could have stuck on AT&T, but they sucked, charged me too much, and their phone selections weren't as nice. I needed a phone bad. I went from an iPhone 3GS to the Epic Touch when my battery was shot. I'm very glad I did.

    I've decided to NEVER go to Verizon after seeing them fuck over my fiancees family with random, unannounced fees. The only other companies I'd look into would be T-Mobile, or possibly Boost or other smaller ones if they're able to offer comparable options and such to Sprint.

  • http://www.phorq.com phorq

    I switched from Sprint to Verizon a couple years ago to get the Moto Droid. I doubt I'd switch carriers again now that I'm grandfathered in to unlimited data on VZW... but I did order a Republic Wireless phone as a house phone so that I can drop to the lowest VZW plan (and still save money monthly overall).

  • crimsn

    Never bought a device on contract and don't see any reason to do so. Where is my choice on this poll?

  • wirbly

    I switched once from AT&T (Moto StarTac) to VoiceStream (Handspring Treo 180) and been with them ever since. :)

  • Juan

    I left cingular back in 2006. There coverage sucked everywhere I went. Constant dropped calls. Went to Verizon, best decision ever. I don't know why people complain about the price, its about the same. But the quality is unmatched in customer service and coverage. Plus without Verizon and the og DROID android wouldn't be what it is today

  • http://t.co/VOyoBTC Ed

    I'm grandfathered into unlimited with AT&T. So I would have to be blown away to leave.

  • matt

    left at&t for OGD on verizon.. never looked back

  • Mark

    I left VZW to go to T-Mobile when the G1 came out. It was Android that brought me, not anything super about the G1... Well, it DID have the best keyboard I've ever used on a mobile device, but I didn't know that when I ordered it over the phone.

  • Letroy

    I miss the option for "I just buy unlocked phones and use them on any carrier I want" :P

  • http://oceanmedia.net/phones.asp Scotter

    I left Verizon to go to T-Mobile for the G1 back in 2008. Glad I did. Verizon was not only way more expensive, their politics (changing out Google Search for Bing, etc.) are not in line with my values.

  • Dipish

    Having your phone locked on a specific carrier is ridiculous. Whoever thought of that is really evil.
    I only get unlocked phones and have the freedom of choice (and use my phone in any country).

  • italyanker

    Only if U make me for gift an android tab quad/penta core and a smartphone dual/quad core...
    But i'm italian wich means i can't change side of the world to try this thing! LOL

    ( the only good news for italian people in these days by the way it's the duration of mobile provider changing imposed to one day by new tirannic parliament! LOL )

  • brgulker

    I am grand gathered in to unlimited data with Verizon. With good 4g in my area, I can't see myself switching even in spite of the Nexus mess.

  • http://nakedgoat.org nakedgoat

    I left T-Mobile for better service went from g2 to droid x on vzw. While I do enjoy there quality service and less to none dropped calls they are very expensive and im getting fed up with the crazy releasing of phones, are we suppose to buy a new phone FRP every month? I went with the razr as a place holder till nexus hit ...however really do like my razr now and plan on keeping it but pissed about the razr Max! Why not just make the phone right the first time wtf Verizon! !

  • Ryuuie

    If you're asking if one would switch to Verizon just for a GN...why would you want to?

    GN's nice but nothing is worth moving to a carrier that only cares about it's flagship series and no other phone. They don't even make commercials for the iPhone, at least AT&T does that.

    Not that Verizon's commercials are worth anything anyway.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      That is not, in fact, what I asked.

      • J Rush

        That is, in fact, the best reply I've read today.

  • djembeman

    I was very tempted to switch to AT&T for the original iPhone, but then an awesome phone called the Droid came out. No need to switch carriers then!!!!

  • Tyler C

    So it looks like 9% of people are on Verizon's network! :P
    jk, I've only ever been on Verizon and while I hate some of their business practices, I have always had excellent service even living out in the middle of nowhere and have yet to have a bad customer service experience.
    Meanwhile, I've heard almost nothing but numerous complaints about every other network, from the constant dropped connections on Sprint, to the unimpressive 3G and "4G" service on AT&T, and the lackluster network of T-Mobile.
    While I know many people are satisfied with the three other than Big Red, I dont see myself switching unless Verizon just completely flops are has 0 good options for phones, and that will likely never happen.

  • Noreen

    I've been using Virgin Mobile's no-contract Beyond Talk plan featuring 300 minutes of talk, & unlimited text & unlimited web each month for almost a year. It works well enough for me and the price is right. However, I do daydream about the thought of owning the latest, greatest phone on a 4G or LTE type of network. At this time, I can't afford that kind of service. So for now, I'll stay with what I have.

    • bartingtonapp

      Noreen, good financial decision. My wife is on that plan also.

  • L boogie

    I'm on Verizon with an unlimited plan and wanted to upgrade my phone to the nexus (should be voted as runner-up for botched product launch because bionic still gets the top honor) but not sure anymore though many og incredible 2.3.7 is still on point but before this, I was on Sprint during the cut your line for .25 era, also played with Cingular (the horror) and t Mobile whom IM I'm still planning on going back to. So for now, its verizon thanks to its quality service

  • barringtonapp

    Finally gave up and made (for me) the sensible decision to stay at&t with my unlimited plan. Taking advantage of the quiet LTE network in Chicagoland with my 'skyrocket'

  • http://gplus.to/ChromebookGurus Jason C

    I wouldn't switch from US Cellular. I've never had an issue with them and they have decent enough phones, now that they have Android devices.

    I could hope and/or wish that they'll pick up the Galaxy Nexus, but they are getting the Galaxy 2 sometime next year I believe.

  • Petra Sartor

    I am with MOBILICITY and will not switch; they have the best plans/rates & I am very happy with them. Currently have the Nexus S & am very happy with it but hoping they get the Galaxy Nexus eventually. :-)

  • spagmuff

    I live in the UK, so if I see a phone I like, I'd just buy it SIM-free. Then get a Three SIM-only contract for £10 month (300 mins, 3000 texts and 1Gb)

  • http://www.hardhairpinleft.com Andrew Hime

    Switched twice so far - Sprint for the Palm Pre and AT&T for the Palm Pre 3.

    • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

      I bet you feel silly now

  • Chad

    I left Sprint for the Motorola SLVR on AT&T. I left AT&T for the Motorola Droid on Verizon. I don't want to leave Verizon, because in my opinion they have the best network and will eventually release the Galaxy Nexus, but who knows what could happen a couple of years down the road.

  • tekrhino

    Been loyal to Tmobile for many years now. But I have threatened to switch if I didn't get the phone of my choice for free.. Airways works!

  • Robert

    Been with them all (US Carriers). With Sprint now. So far, Sprint has the best plans and some pretty awesome phones. I'm not a iPhone fanboy so deserting Sprint just because they didn't get the iPhone right away was never in my plans. Now if Sprint fails on the LTE front, that may be a game-changing going forward. :D

  • Androidess

    Love GSM compatibility & have a few lines on TMO between 2 different accounts. One is their Loyalty with $20 unlimited data & the rest are on their Even More Plus which I may switch to their new Value plan to save extra cash & since those lines don't kill in data usage, at all. I'll never own a Moto again, so I'm not missing on VZW's primary Android lineup, at&t is good but not better than what I have currently & I'd consider Sprint, if I needed to-but they're not GSM so I'm happy to be where I am. Unlocked phones without contracts are brilliant & European type markets have always had that right, as well as cell technology.

  • Dan Monzelowsky

    The main reason I switched from TMo to VZW was because I moved to an area with no TMo coverage. But I suffered with horrible speeds (on Cell One's network) for two months until the Tbolt came along.

  • makabra

    I left AT&T and paid $350 early termination fee for HTC Thunderbolt (Big Mistake forme)

    • J Rush

      Am I missing something? You left AT&T and paid a termination fee on a Thunderbolt? Unless I'm reading something wrong, AT&T doesn't have the ThunderBolt.

  • Ricktheprick

    I left Verizon for the original Palm Pre on Sprint. It got very hot in the hand from only minimal use, and the hinge jammed about every third actuation. I returned it after a week, and went home to the big V.

  • DROIDonamission

    This is a question I've been asking myself for several weeks now. I am going to be upgrading my HTC Desire. Yet, do I trade in an unlimited plan and superior customer service from nTelos Wireless just for a hi-tech phone? I really want the Droid RAZR or the Galaxy Nexus but nTelos won't get these phones. I feel a loyalty to nTelos. I don't think I should leave...for a phone.

  • Freak4Dell

    In the past, I wouldn't have even considered it, since I had a great plan. Now that Sprint has decided to be a completely incompetent carrier with the same prices as the competent ones, I'm switching to either AT&T or Verizon. I no longer have a great plan to keep me loyal, so if something comes along that appeals to me, it's a lot more likely I'll switch for it. Probably only between AT&T and Verizon, though...I don't see myself ever going back to Sprint.


    Was about to leave Sprint for the GNexus, but all that release BS ticked me off so much that I bought the Epic 4G Touch instead. The E4G is awesome and has everything I want - what can't be said about the GNexus (no mSD, lousy camera...- No, thanks!).
    The Epic 4G will get the ICS treatment pretty soon, too, and then it's clearly the better phone.

    BTW, and even though it's not confirmed/entirely clear yet, I am convinced the delays were purely caused by Verizon: either b/c of their issues with Google wallet and VZW's attempt to get their bloatware on it, or b/c of insufficient RAZR sales... I really don't care anymore.

    Whatever it really was all about, fact is that VZW did a piss-poor job with the roll-out; again. Hope they lost plenty of sales b/c of it. Might teach them a thing or two about treating their (almost) Customers!

  • http://iandouglas.com Ian Douglas

    Left AT&T and a 6-month old iPhone 3GS to switch to T-Mobile to get the Nexus One and never looked back.

    Currently debating switching to Verizon if they get their act together and release the Galaxy Nexus soon, otherwise I might pick up a Canadian GSM version over the holidays while I travel and stay on T-Mobile a while longer.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    The results of this poll definitely surprise me.

  • Chris

    Here in the UK, the vast majority of people switch upon their (2 year) contract renewal date as the best way to get a good deal is to switch.

  • jbonics

    On Verizon now with the droid 2 and im waiting for the quad core to come out, if Verizon has it im staying if not im not going to wait 6 months. And Verizon's 3g speeds are joke, and don't want last years tech... nexus....

  • BBorst

    Just switched to Sprint last month for the Galaxy S II thanks to Verizon's inability to offer this amazing phone and Amazon's BF sale.

  • Andrew L.

    I've had feature phones on T-Mobile and Verizon, switched to Sprint for the HTC Hero, then most recently switched to AT&T for the Motorola Atrix. The crappiest reception, data speed, and customer service for me were with Sprint. My data speeds averaged <500 Kbps with them, and now with HSPA+ on AT&T I average 3-5 Mbps. I get a 20% corporate discount and speak to Business Support, who are helpful and polite. I'm sticking with the death star.

    • J Rush

      THANK YOU! Finally someone who agrees with me that AT&T isn't that horrible. Now we just have to wait for LTE to come our way! (If you're not already in a LTE serviced area)

  • boe

    I've never switched before but I'm done with the crappy Sprint data speeds in Los Angeles. If I was in BF Idoho, 300k download speeds and 100k upload speeds wouldn't be surprising but for nearly 2 years now Sprint has been lying by saing they are upgrading towers, a tower is having an issue in your area, a major update is coming out... 2 years later and I'm still averaging about 300k no matter where in Los Angeles I go.

    I've tried Sprint in Tucson, Hartford, Las Vegas, Danbury, Northridge, and other places and I get crappy speeds wherever I go. I've switched out my phone a few times in the past couple of years so it isn't the phone.

    I'm sure Sprint has good speeds somewhere; just never in a place I need the speed. I'll roam on Verizon so I don't get stuck on the ETF and get something else. I love my phone, I just hate Sprint, their network and their lies. If I'd never called Sprint about the issue or visited their service centers, I'd have myself to blame for not bringing it to their attention but they ARE aware their speeds suck or just too lazy to care.

  • J-Dog

    I've switched - then switched back.

    I was on Verizon, then switched to AT&T so I could have the iPhone. Android was, at the time, still very young, and didn't look all that appealing to me. I stayed on AT&T for 2 years. I was able to make calls (one of the few tech advantages to living in BFE) but had no 3G. Then, to save money, I merged in with my parent's family share and switched back to Verizon (on a Droid X) - 3 phones for just a little over what I was paying for just my iPhone... Plus I got 3G data.

    I think I'm gonna stay on Verizon... Now that I'm an Android user, there are plenty of options for phones... And if the phone I want isn't on V, I'm sure they'll get a similar/better phone shortly. Also, my unlimited grandfathered data is a very nice draw... Especially when I upgrade to a 4G phone & won't have to pay "premium data" fees.

    The only reasons I might switch... 1.) If I get a job out of the area & wherever I relocate to, Verizon is like iPhone in NYC/SF. No sense paying for service I can't use... I'll join up with whoever is the main carrier there...

    or 2.) if Google starts their own carrier, where, similar to Rebel Wireless, they offer $20/month for unlimited everything (voice, text and data), and its comparable/better coverage than Verizon's.