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With a phone as highly anticipated as the Galaxy Nexus, it's understandable that people are (very, very) frustrated with the many rumored release dates passing with nothing to show and no official word, especially when stock of the phone is sitting in store rooms at retailers around the countries. Worse, many theories are that it's basically motivated by greed on the part of Verizon. No surprise, then, that even retailers are hopping on board the Verizon-sucks bandwagon:

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If you'd like to purchase an unlocked US Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM), you can get one for $730.50 at Negri Electronics. Rather hilariously, if you use the discount code "VZSucks", you can knock another $45 off that, bringing the new total to $685.50. Not a bad deal for an unlocked high-end smartphone that's not available subsidized yet.

[Source: Negri Electronics via reddit]

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  • Justin

    What do you mean by U.S unlocked? Is there an international unlocked GN? Is there a difference between 'em?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I just meant from a US retailer :)

  • http://xyrer.wordpress.com xyrer

    is it lte compatible?

    • David

      No. GSM phones aren't LTE. This phone works on HSPA+, which is still a pretty quick network!

  • Rob

    Now I have no love for Verizon Wireless, mostly because after 25 years they've never patched a hole in their network that blankets the area where I live. If there's no signal at my home I won't buy your service at all.
    On the matter of "rumored release dates passing by", I'd venture a guess and point to the community more than the carrier. How many rumors flew around about the upcoming iPhone 5 only for it to be a slightly-updated iPhone 4(S) in the end? What I'm trying to say is that there is far far too much community-fanboy speculation out there where everyone has a time and place to voice their opinion (this is a good thing/freedom-of-speech I am not against), but when we fuel the fire with rumors and speculation we do no justice to the situation at all.
    That said, carriers, manufacturers and Google need to get better at communicating solid release dates and thereby not adding to the speculative fervor that exists.
    While stock is accumulating in store back rooms, this is likely an attempt on the part of Verizon Wireless to assure that it has enough stock for what they anticipate to be a high-demand tech toy as we go into the holiday buying season.
    Maybe I'm all wet here, and I'm sure someone will be more than happy to tell me that, but this is my opinion nonetheless. ;)

    • Regbs

      Nice baseless supposition, Rob, but Google announced that Verizon was delaying release over Google Wallet. Verizon confirmed by responding that VZW didn't block apps then declaring Google Wallet not to be an app. So, your out-of-your-ass uneducated guess complete with smiley face doesn't add any value to this discussion, does it? VZW's released 100s of models on time. This is pure greed on VZW's part, who was happy to brag about its turn at Nexus, but wanted to prove it had learned nothing from having lost the original iPhone to AT&T due to this same control freakishness greed.

      • Btod

        Having conflicting opinions is ok, but the personal attacks are unnecessarily malicious. Fact of the matter is, only verizon knows why this device is being delayed. Even if they did put out a statement like the one you've mentioned, they could very much be lying (VZW has a history of that). This is just to say that you really don't know any more than Rob (you're going off of reports/articles and statements just like him) so you shouldn't insult him or his opinion.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      I'm not going to get hate-fueled like the other guy...who's only real point seems to be that VZW is greedy, but they are greedy for different reasons...or different ways...not really sure.

      I did want to mention though, that the iPhone 5 vs 4s thing was actually settled (and dare I use the word 'known') a LONG time before announcement/release. The precise (to the day) release date wasn't known until announcement, but the month and time frame were also known a while in advance, as was the fact that the iPhone was also going to Sprint. There were a ton of busy-body speculators that kept guessing and pretending a lot of that stuff wasn't known or confirmed, but that's mostly because they all kept pretending that Apple was going to somehow deliver something better than they news they had (let's be honest, they hated the idea that they were going to be let down like they were).

      I know a lot of that stuff is pretty similar, but there are some small but important differences. Right away, we've never had a proper release date, though it's clear that the 9th was at one time a legit release date. Another difference, in the case of the iPhone, basically nothing rests on the shoulders of the carriers, Apple rules that roost...Which is also exactly where Google (and Samsung?) went wrong. After this issue with Google Wallet, a total f-up of the GN release date, and the bonus that there is going to be a bunch of carrier-added crapware...Frankly, Google should learn their lesson, be bigger a-holes. I think we all know Verizon screwed up in every respect so Google's branding effort is harmed, and Google should either flex some muscle directly or make it clear that they are going to treat Verizon the same way Microsoft does (do some Googling, you'll see MS and VZW pretty much hate each other).

  • VXWHater

    I so don't care anymore about the GNexus... go to hell, VZW! I was willing to switch carriers, but all these release Shenanigans got me so sick of it that I just got the Galaxy SII (Epic Touch) from Sprint... Best decision I've made in a long time! Most importantly, the GNex is gonna suck big time as far as the Hardware is concerned (lousy camera, no mSD etc.). Can't wait for the SII to get the ICS update soon... Thanks, Verizon. You saved me a bundle, you a**wipes!!!

  • Richard

    Google needs to get out of VZ's ass and buy T-Mobile. That'll shake up these clowns. But it'll never happen. :)

  • Arsalan

    Better yet give the Galaxy Nexus to Att for their LTE network. They will have covered most areas by the end of the year and have been proven to have a faster LTE network then Verizon. Also, I don't think ATT will give Google any problems considering the there is a Nexus S on ATT which is practically identical to the original T-mobile Nexus S

    • Chris

      Lol that will never happen. AT&T doesn't have enough spectrum to cover more area than VZW with LTE. Faster? Ha, AT&T is only marginally faster than VZW in some markets (not all, again not enough spectrum), and even then it's only because they don't have as many customers using it.

    • Pewter

      Its actually about the same speed, the reason why you see many screens that have such a higher speed is because no one is on the network. It happened with Verizon as well, you can expect it to be on par with Verizon and I would choose which company you go with on coverage or customer satisfaction, for me its Verizon right now regardless of this whole nexus situation. I'll be going from a smartphone to a better smartphone... so I'm for the most part chill about that part. As for Verizon not giving a date, they've lost customers due to it. I can only hope that those customers tell Verizon why they left for another carrier and those that were waiting decided not to come to Verizon.

  • Cliffy

    Thanks for the tip! I just bought it. I was waiting for the price to go below $700 before I bought it, and this was enough for me. Plus, I used the proceeds from the iPhone 4S I sold to buy it so I really paid ≈$300 for it.

  • Elvis

    Either way, doesn't come close to making up for my upgrade price... whatever that may be lol

  • Erik.G

    With a unlocked phone. Can u get a prepaid plan with t-moble and uses it with a unlocked phone? I know this only works with gsm phones.

  • verizonisevil

    everyone should boycott verizon. phone companies will see their phones are not selling through verizon and they'll switch to a more compentant and cheaper carrier. all future launches will be on time and with it's intended apps preloaded and bootloader unlocked. internet/tv/phone customers should also boycott and choose another provider that doesn't want to destroy net neutrality. then verizon goes out of business and is bought out by some other carrier and we have world peace, second coming of christ and avoid armageddon in 2012 and global warming will fix itself. LOL

  • James Johnson

    So I ordered the G-Nex a couple days ago from Negrielectronics.com, and I used the "VZSucks" code. My phone should be here tonight, I can't wait!!! and yes @verizonisevil, everyone SHOULD boycott Verizon.

  • J-Dog

    I'd so jump on using the VZsucks code if, after getting the phone, I could get it activated on Verizon's network.... Too bad it's a GSM only model...