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Day six of the 10 Billion Promo on the Android Market, and 9 of today's 10 apps have already been discovered before the official list has been updated:

We'll be sure to update with today's 10th app as soon as we find out what it is. In the meantime, the promo page hasn't been updated with today's deals and likely won't be for another few hours, so yesterday's apps can still be snagged for just $0.10, as well.

Update: Just Me and My Mom and NFL 3D LWP Unlocked added.

[Source: reddit - thanks again, rokazas]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • fonix232

    Still unable to purchase any of the Gameloft games, so FU Gameloft!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/lipefleming Filipe Fleming

    I can not buy anything, google blocked the credit card.

    • Fabulas

      I had this happen when I first started using Google Market. I called my credit card and confirmed that everything was legit and haven't had anymore problems. Knock on wood!

      • Alan

        happened to me as well, i just add another card and it went thru.

  • slimdan22

    I wish you could purchase the apps even though they are not compatible with your device.

    It says Jenga is not compatible with my Asus Transformer, but i know for a fact it works perfectly because i have it from the Amazon Appstore.

  • Justin

    Great Little War Game was offered for 0.10 before.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Correct, on day 1.

      • Hiram

        As was Endomondo. Too many repeats. Funny that Google has updated the banner with a new image, but not the actual promo page... :p

  • Katy Brown


    Asphalt 6 Seems to be 0.10 again, i think this is the 10th app. We have seen a couple of repeats, so this is possible.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      That's from yesterday still. Thanks though :)

      • Katy Brown

        Ah! I didnt even notice it there again yesterday, thanks for correcting me! :)

        • Aaron Gingrich

          No problem, thanks for trying to help!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/lipefleming Filipe Fleming

    They complain about piracy, but I have the money, I want to buy and I can not.

  • Aiden
    • Aaron Gingrich

      That's already listed in the post, thanks though :)

      • Aiden

        Oooops, I feel stupid now. My bad.

  • Ankit Agrawal

    Thanks for including the non-US SimCity Deluxe link too. I had to scope around to get the ones for Tetris and NFS Shift earlier.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Truth be told, props go to the redditors for that. I wouldn't have known better if they had only included one of the links.

  • Tim

    "and 9 of today's 10 apps have already been discovered"
    why 9? i see 8 and two version of same game

    • Ofir Rozenberg

      SimCity Deluxe is 2 apps not one

      • http://jax.in JAX

        SimCity Deluxe is just 1 app.

        See the case of Sims yesterday

  • Rune

    3 of the 9 apps were already on sale! Backbreaker Football, Great Little war Game and Endomondo. Not complaining, just saying!

  • Zaatour36

    i want me some pricey root apps, NOW!!!

  • Freak4Dell

    Unless I'm just stupid, there's only 8 apps in the list.

    What's with all the games, Google? Throw some productivity apps in there!

    • Zaatour36

      you're not

      i freaking hate the redundant ones!! I either bought them or don't want them.


      • Hiram

        I'm hoping they'll do Titanium Backup Pro, but I suspect they won't do any root ones.

        • Jim

          That'd be awesome but ya they won't :(

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      Just a theory, I bet the reason today is almost entirely games is because it's Sunday, which is largely considered a day to relax...unless you're married, have kids, religious, a programmer, etc...

      They might do sort of a returning-to-work theme tomorrow with almost all productivity apps (and another app for kids). Again, just guessing, but it kinda makes sense.

  • Mgamerz

    Don't waste your dime on captain america. Marvel never updates it and the menu is broken so when you open it a second time it doesn't work. Its also pretty repetitive.

  • Rob

    So pissed off with today's, Backstab works on the Xperia Play and is optimised to use the Xperia Play's buttons, yet according to Google, the Xperia Play is not supported, so I still have to pay £3 to get it from Gameloft's site =/

  • SG
  • rampagedeluxe

    "Just me and my mom" kids book. Is number 10.

  • Barton

    Oh crap, have you seen this guy: https://market.android.com/developer?pub=Logastrod ?

    • Freak4Dell

      The hell? Definitely need to report the guy.

    • Don

      I dont think those are legit

    • slimdan22

      Problem is there is no easy way to report developers or apps without actually installing them.
      Unless there is something I missed?

      Lets see how could Lookout Is, I'm going to attempt to install one of the apps.

      • Freak4Dell

        If you find the app using your device (just search for the developer's name), on the app page, scroll down to the bottom, and it will give you an option to flag it as inappropriate. You don't have to install it to do so.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        There's a way. Look here.

        • slimdan22

          K Thanks.

          Extracted the APK, seems to be Russion or Ukranian

          Ran it on my Tablet. Created an AP on my computer and connected and ran Wireshark.

          When any of the applications in instructs you to download a file.

          Gets download from

          Looks like some hosting company

    • http://jax.in JAX

      what is wrong? Many good games...

      • Freak4Dell

        That is not the developer of those apps. At the very minimum, they are stolen from the real developers. More likely is that they also contain malware.

      • slimdan22

        They are copies of Very Good Games, and they all have Permissions To Send and Receive SMS, as well as full internet Access

    • slimdan22

      Did a Nanroid and Used Droid Wall to block data on everything except market and Lookout.

      Installed the Fake Angry Bird and Cut the Rope

      Lookout said all where safe.

      You figure they would implement a database of Verified Publishers that could tell that whether the Apps are fake or not.

      Like obviously Logastrod doesnt publish Angry Birds, Rovio does. then it would instantly mark as not safe.

  • Luis
  • http://imgur.com/CuKA2 alx
  • Juxli125

    Dont download. App contains malware.

  • AJ

    Getting a little bored of seeing repeat apps now

  • RF

    Why is SimCity Deluxe not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S II ???

  • flemlion

    The promo screen was updated, only the 9 above are there

  • Nathan

    Says that Sim City Deluxe isn't compatible with my Galaxy S2 :(

    Have been looking forward to that one as well!

  • AnonImouZe

    This day in this promo sucks.. Not only i don't want any of these because they are just shitty (Dont say me that "Just me and my mom" is top paid app in market.. WTF Google?!) or they were already in promo before, but for my SGS2 i see only 7 of these because the others are not compatible or not available in my country (Czech Republic, Europe).. So From 10 i see only 7 apps. From these 7 apps 2 were already in promo before. From 5 remaining apps one is bugged (Captain america) and one is some bullshit for children (Just me and my mom). So we have 3 apps for today. Yea google this sucks.

  • edd

    Sim City doesn't work on my SGS2? But it does for my two-year-old, lesser-specced, same-screen HD2?

    /purchased it for HD2, and now off to find an APK to try...

    • Nathan

      If this works could you post here?

      • Nathan

        Sorry, not the apk, just let us know it works?

        • edd

          Not been able to find it yet! :)

  • Martin

    I have been thinking that almost everyday the promo has been running its been rubbish - only bought one app so far and at this rate I won't be buying anything else....the apps might be only 10c or 10p but they aren't very good in my opinion :(

  • http://www.skateatl.com/2011/07/skateatl-skatepark-gps-android-app/ SkateATL

    I was really excited about this, but found it to be rather disappointing. I haven't found any useful apps either...

  • Amy

    Why does this not work my my MyTouch 4G? It charged me for it when I downloaded it, but then said it wouldn't run on my device... And still won't give me a refund.