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By now, you're probably familiar with the rigmarole: in celebration of passing 10 billion app downloads, 10 apps per day for 10 days are on sale for 10 cents on the Android Market. We're on day four of the sale, and while the official Market page has yet to be updated, redditors have once again pitched in to figure out today's 10 apps:

If you missed yesterday's deals, you can still get them for another few hours until the promo page is updated for today.

[Source: reddit - thanks rokazas!]

Thanks, Steven!

Aaron Gingrich
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  • AJ

    Wasn't paper camera included on Day 01 bundle because I bought it on day one!!!

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yup, it was. I've heard Endomondo will be featured twice, as well.

      • Steven

        I'm pretty sure that is incorrect. Paper Camera is not for today, the correct one is Toddler Spanish: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.toddler.spanish

        • Hiram Lester

          Actually, the page has been updated now and Paper Camera *IS* back on the list for today in addition to the 10 listed above, so there are actually 11.

        • Steven

          It's strange how they put Paper Camera back in. I've heard of some problems with NFS:S and they seem to have excluded it from the actual promotion page but might as well exclude Paper Camera and keep NFS:S since PC was already $.10.

    • http://www.thepixelpuse.com aj

      It's you... There can be only one!

  • Jim

    love these compilations - early on in the day.


    • Aaron Gingrich

      You're welcome, thanks for reading :)

  • fabio

    Shitty apps today :(

    • rampagedeluxe

      I actually like a lot of these games. Game Dev Story is awesome. Farm Frenzy, the live wallpaper and the reappearance of Paper Camera are the only loses in my book.

      • Hiram Lester

        Apparently the reappearance of Paper Camera is just a bonus.

  • Falconator

    Sentinel 3... Okay. The rest to me is more junk. Maybe tomorrow?

  • AJ

    I really hope PicSay Pro makes an apperance :D

  • http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/ Marcin Juszkiewicz

    NFS is not compatible with Nexus S???

  • Matt

    NFS: Shift is saying "not available on your carrier" for both my VZW Incredible and my HP TouchPad.

    What gives??

    • easye420

      This is happening to me to. Im in the US and when switch market to UK i am able to buy and download but does anyone if it will convert .10p to $.10 US.

  • Glenn

    Hope Music Player Pro comes out! :D

  • nymphetamine

    Why the hell is Shazam Encore and Need for Speed Shift incompatible with my Galaxy S??? :@ The only noteworthy apps today'-.-

  • http://www.collateralds.com Komicer

    Pretty good selection for a Droid gamer like me. Unfortunately, like most gamers, I've already bought most of the games I wanted from that list.

  • jromankvcc

    Odd. NFS Shift adding Tax (1 cent). Haven't had that happen in the past 20+ 10 cent purchases...

  • Kris Linville

    5 of these 10 were available as Free App of the Day from Amazon...

    Shazam Encore, Baseball Superstars 2011, Jelly Defense, Farm Frenzy & Paper Camera.

    Though, if you missed them, I guess $0.10 is still a decent price.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      So were Shazam and Soundhound

  • jromankvcc

    Not only some of these were available through Amazon, but Jelly Defense is a newer version on Amazon than it is on the Google Market (as odd as that sounds). Baseball Superstars is newer version on Google Market, however.

    I'm having difficulty purchasing these. I get error messages in most of them. Anybody else?

  • Steven

    Paper Camera is not for today, the correct one is Toddler Spanish: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.toddler.spanish

    • Hiram Lester

      Actually, both are correct. Apparently there are 11 today. :)

      • Steven

        Strange but I won't complain!

        • Hiram Lester

          Apparently the Google Wallet errors are also a "bonus" today... ;)

  • Sarfraz

    im getting error when purchasing today's apps...tried two different apps!

    • Steven

      Happens often, I even have had them download and work but say the order was "cancelled" on Android Market. I think it is just from the mass amount of people trying to buy them at the same time.

      • Kevin

        I'm getting this too! So frustrating.

        • Hiram Lester

          Apparently Google Wallet is having some issues. One of the purchases told me to sign in to Google Wallet for support. When I try to sign into Google Wallet, I'm getting "failed: Oops - the broker server was unable to process your request". Fun...

    • http://bradhicks.livejournal.com/ J. Brad Hicks

      Ditto. Can't make purchases from either Android device or from the web on my PC, getting errors. Come back later?

  • scott

    It would be nice if the market was.t so flacky. Its timing out on me.

  • scott

    It would be nice if the market wasn't so unreliable. Its timing out on me.

  • ChumbleSpuzz


    Asus Transformer
    This item is not available on your carrier.

    What The Deuce? My tablet is WiFi only! I have no carrier. Will check from the market on the tablet when I get home.

    • easye420

      Dont feel to bad i still cant dowload it on my US nexus s. I tried market enabler and it finally showed the price but still says not availible on my device

  • https://plus.google.com/112472891043621983912 fooflamfinn

    Thanks for the list! I've found multiple apps each day that I've either wanted for me or my 4 year old son. Dropping less than a dollar for games I may not even have tried is pretty awesome. I've spent more money on worse things in life. :)

  • Freak4Dell

    Pretty lame list. I'll probably pick up Shazam for the hell of it (though I like SoundHound better), and I was going to pick up NFS, but apparently it's not compatible with any of my devices.

    I wish Google would make the market like Amazon's, where you can purchase the app regardless of whether it's compatible, so that you have it when you get a compatible device.

  • Brandon

    An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later. :(

  • Jonathan

    Though a majority of these were the Free App OTD on Amazon, I would much rather purchase theme from the Market, only because of the delay in updates I've seen coming from Amazon

  • http://www.funiaste.net Terrible Monster

    Thank you, Android Police, for these articles. It's easy to spot the new apps before the lousy Market shows the new deal for the day. :-)

  • Danny

    Anyone else that downloaded Sentinel having issues downloading content? I assume their servers are getting hit?

  • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

    Spirit is pretty cool! It's like a spin on geometry wars. It's pretty tough! If only they could get a port of geometry wars galaxies from DS to phones that had good controls. I don't like the wii version, the graphics were too in-your-face. The DS had it scaled back and it looked and felt great. Damn those red magnets!