In my opinion, some of the best inventions also happen to be the simplest. You know the products - the type that you see and question why didn't I think of that? One such product is the Macro Cell Lens Band from Photojojo; honestly, this thing is bloody brilliant, partly because it's so insanely simple.

If you haven't already guessed by the name, the Macro Cell Lens Band adds a macro lens to your phone's camera. It doesn't do so by adding an massively bulky (and ridiculously impractical) add-on to the camera - it's just a simple rubber band. A rubber band with a camera lens. Since it's basically nothing more than a rubber band, it should work on any smartphone. Genius.


Not only is it a really nifty idea, but it's also an affordable one: $15. If you've been looking for a really simple solution for taking ultra-close-up photos with your phone's camera, it doesn't get any better than this. Head here to pick one up.

[Gizmodo via Phandroid]

Cameron Summerson
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    Bloody brilliant

  • mastermind26

    Is it durable? Can it focus at normal lengths? Does this work if the camera lens on the phone has hairline cracks? Is it a plastic lens or glass?

    So, many questions.

    • http://www.easy-macro.com Easy-Macro

      It is quite durable. While it's not recommended due to possible lens scratches, I have carried mine in my pocket on my phone for 3 months without an issue. The lens does macro only, but it slides out of the way easily for normal shots. It is made of plastic and I honestly don't know what the result would be with a hairline fracture on the phone lens glass. Hope that helps.

      Source: I invented it.

  • Motorola Triumph

    $15 for a rubber band is affordable? how about $3-5 for one that doesn't block the screen on the other side by using sticky rubber. Find it on ebay.

    • TZ

      Agreed. Awesome idea, way overpriced.

    • http://www.easy-macro.com Easy-Macro

      Unfortunately, $15 is about as low as you can get for a very small business ordering moderate quantities of materials, making a few thousand at a time, and selling it wholesale to retailers. I do know of the alternative you speak of and invented Easy-Macro to overcome the complaints people had. For some, however, that will be a more desirable solution.

  • Deltaechoe

    I love it when people come up with stuff like this. MacGuyveresque engineers all the way!

  • Elvis

    i bet the inventor was trying to take shots of his pee pee close up to make it look bigger... good thing he already had that rubber band 'handy' hahaha jk seriously though this is a cool product

  • John L

    I am absolutely amazed at the extent some people will go to complain about simple innovations, because they couldn't get it for practically nothing. People who invent things like this should also be paid for their entrepreneurship. That's free enterprise, and what has helped make our country great.

    These are the same people who post all the one stars all over Amazon, mostly for no real reason.

    If you think someone owes you something for practically nothing, then hustle out and collect it. Jeeze!

    Easy-Macro congratulations on a job well done.