Mobile devices are one of the top ways we check news, watch videos, and interact with social networks. In short, it's how we consume content. Doing what it does best, Google has released a new app for Android phones and tablets to help us get the content we want even faster. It's called Currents (previously rumored as Propeller), and, simply put, it's incredible.

Basically, it takes your favorite websites and turns them into digital magazines. A whole slew of top sites are already involved in the project, including All Things D, Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, and PBS, just to name a few. Currents starts you off with a small library to check out, but you can add and remove content as you please.

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It's more than just the sites in the library, too - you can add RSS feeds, public Google+ feeds, and basically any other website to your library.

Currents, along with all of its content, is available for free in the Android Market. Hit the link below to grab it.

[Google Mobile Blog]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.lol.de Androidfanboy :)

    can someone please upload the apk cause its not working in my country ;(

  • Landrovan

    Seem U.S. only. Why? Is there a reason I don't see?

  • juxli125

    You can download the apk here:

    • http://shenye.co.uk Shen Ye

      I was wondering why my traffic suddenly spiked...lol.....

      • juxli125

        thanks for tha upload :)

    • Mr Gingerbottom

      Thank you from the great white north

  • Sp4rkR4t

    Why the hell is this US only, I can understand for things like music but this app being region locked is just idiotic.

  • http://www.twitter.com/awg_ilyas awg_ilyas
  • iDanny

    Love to had it on my phone 2!

    • xsirxx

      I thought it was released for the iPhone?

  • http://gadgeteer.co.za Danie

    Yes not available in South Africa either...

  • Eggcake

    Well, you can install it with the apk but it doesn't seem to work for me...too bad :(

    • juxli125

      for me its working. just choose an account and let it sync

      • Eggcake

        Argh, my fault. Forgot to allow network connections in LBE Privacy Guard...works!

  • xsirxx

    Amazziinngg! I feel kinda bad for Pulse though. Pulse is a great app in its own right, but Currents basically takes it to the next level!

  • Mr Gingerbottom

    Wish there was a "view on the web" option

  • Alex P.

    I ran the MarketEnabler first and could install it using the barcode provided (the search in the Market did not show it to me).

    • Ben

      Thanks for the tip :)

  • Calum

    So it's just Flipboard, then.

  • Chris

    I was going to download this from the market and try it out, but then I took an arrow to the knee

  • OFI

    Thanks for the apk.

    Googles US only stance for many things Android is getting quite tiring.
    Pretty sure we paid just like everyone else.

    This app looks awesome :)

  • http://gplus.to/ChromebookGurus Jason C

    Will AndroidPolice be publishing with Currents also?

    • Martin

      I have just installed it and went to the tech content and found there is no Android Police :(

  • http://shamalh.wordpress.com Shiamal Harkison

    Working great here, maybe add a link for the APK to the post ?:)

  • Gaurav

    its an app made by GOOGLE ...yet when they advertise it ...they say that its available on Ios and android!!....why does ios have to come first.......i know im sounding lame here but wouldnt it have been a better idea for them to put android infront of ios......atleast to piss the apple fanboys off!

    • Joshua

      >atleast to piss the apple fanboys off!

      You sound like a fanboy to me.

      This isn't nearly a big enough deal for anyone to care about 1-up'ing iOS. Google wins either way, so it's in their best interest to release the service on both platforms ASAP.

  • Ruby

    Android Police looks awful on Google Currents. What's with all those ads at the bottom of the articles? And the icon is odd to. But I'm using the downloaded apk version, not sure of there have been any updates to the app since. Hope u guys can fix it as I like your feeds. Thanks!