After lifting an injunction against the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 last month, Australia's High Court ruled that it would not hear Apple's application for special leave to ban the Tab once again, meaning would-be 10.1 owners in Australia have only to wait a matter of days before they can get their hands on Sammy's super sleek tablet.


Following the ruling, Samsung Australia announced that the 10.1 will be available "in time for the Christmas shopping period." The manufacturer also divulged that a 16GB WiFi-only model will be available for $579, and a 16GB 3G/WiFi version will cost a cool $729 AUD.

Via Cnet

Liam Spradlin
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  • Josh

    Great news!
    But now my one shipped from England all of a sudden doesn't seem so cool :(

  • l0uis_

    Oh noooo..what happened apple? Go and find another country to ban your arse

  • Jaz

    Samsung should do a 1 week special and sell them for $300 just to see how many they can sell and stick it to apple.

  • Nige

    I think Samsung should claim for loss of sales. I was gonna buy one when they first were released, but now after such a long wait, I think im just gonna wait a little longer for a new quad core version, and i think there will be alot of people in the same frame of mind. Electronics only stay cutting edge for a few months then they are old hat, so i think smasung has now missed that initial "OMG I gotta have this" period.

    • Ryan S

      I think there are some clauses in that, or at least one in Europe like that. Where there has to be something set aside for a counterclaim in case the ban is lost.