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Day three of the Market's "10 Billion Promo," and once again the promo page itself has yet to be updated with the new app deals for today. But no matter - reddit has come through (for the second day in a row, no less) with today's list of 10¢ apps:

At just $0.10, they're all a steal. If you missed any of yesterday's deals, you can still nab them for the next few hours until the page is updated, too.

[Source: reddit - thanks kaze0]

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • http://twitter.com/stetsonaw Andy Stetson

    ADW EX was part of yesterday's deal wasn't it?

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      Nope, but there were announcements that ADW released a huge update a day or two ago and somehow information also slipped out that it would be one of the 10 cent apps somewhere during the week, so everybody knew it was coming.

      On a related note, while it's cool that they are doing this, I agree with Rob below, this list is not that good compared to yesterday, and I thought yesterday was a letdown after day 1. Besides ADW I don't really even want any of these other apps...

      • http://mortemtuam.weebly.com/ Alex Hernandez

        Actually Ander Webbs announced on G+ that his app ADW Ex, would be .10.....though he didn't say when. Then it probably spread all over from there :)

        If you like ADW Ex and just bought it for .10
        consider donating to Ander Webbs, great Dev!

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Nope, that was Beautiful Widgets. ADW got a major update yesterday.

  • Rob

    I'm guessing they started with all the good stuff? =[

    • rampagedeluxe

      Lol that's what I thought.

      • Rob

        I mean don't get me wrong, it's a great deal if you actualy like the apps, but I got more on day 1 than I did on days 2 and 3 combined, and I only had 3 apps on day 1....

  • eleazar

    I am loving this promotion!

  • http://zone-android.fr Zone-Android

    Apart from ADW and Toki Tori it's not so good :(

  • http://practicalsolutions.lupiens.com Patrick

    My fingers are crossed for ROM Mangager...

    • rxpert

      Ewww CWM??? Not to mention ROM manager will give you lots of problems

      • skitchbeatz

        ROM Manager will be good for the advent of CM9. Plus: Utilities > random games

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        That's a pretty bold statement. I have never had problems with RM.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          I think he's referring to the fact that there are a few devices that RM doesn't really play nicely with...mostly off-brand phones, low end devices and some of the tablets. I don't know if it's still true, but it used to offer to flash a pretty janky version of CWM onto my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I've also heard of some people trying to use features like Restart into Recovery and on some devices it would cause weird freezes or boot loops (again, mostly off-brand or low-end devices that haven't been properly hacked with by the community). In truth, I stopped using it just because they don't keep the Recovery versions remotely up to date.

  • http://www.overclock.net Kip

    Does anyone have a good or easy(ish) way to buy these in Taiwan? I know Google has issues with Taiwan return policy but there must be a way!

    • SYO

      If you're rooted, I suppose you can spoof your SIM using Market Enabler or Market Access :) The former is in the market, the latter is a Google search away.

  • Alex C

    FINALLY! Talking Tomcat 2. Thank god I saved my pennies for this one.

    • Jay W.

      I am not very familiar with that... will young kids like it?

      • Gaurav

        @Jay W. the young kids will love it .....its a fun app meant for kids .....

      • Alex C

        I was being facetious, but it is a very popular app, especially for kids. I was just a bit miffed by the selection :)

  • rxpert

    Apart from ADW this was a letdown. I picked up tetris just because.

    I had high hopes they would throw in titanium backup pro or something along those lines, but with the recent quality coupled with the fact that I doubt they would specialize into root only apps makes me not so hopeful.

    • Jay W.

      Yeah, I do not expect to see any root apps included in the promo.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        That was my initial thinking, but to tell the truth, the inclusion of ADW and SwiftKey X do give me a little hope. Obviously they aren't root apps, but at least they count as Mods. I'm certainly not going to hold my breath for any root apps, but I'm thinking they might throw us a bone with something that doesn't require root but makes use of it if available. It would be very awesome to see TB (or MyBackup Pro, which I sorta like a bit more, though I know most people say it's not as good). The only thing I am pretty certain we won't see is root-only apps, and especially nothing that has directly to do with flashing.

        If I was going for predictions though...
        * learning apps for kids a bit less than once a day (probably about 7 in total, we've had 2 so far).
        * a password manager will probably turn up (nothing that requires paid service, so no LastPass).
        * About 80% certain they will throw in one of the document editing/office suits.
        * There might be one of the premium alarm apps, probably Alarm Clock Extreme.
        * I'd like to think there's going to be an app for filesharing of some kind, even if it's focused on picture or video sharing.
        * I would almost bet Circle Launcher or some other similar launcher widget will turn up (even though it's mostly useless under ICS)
        * A day planner/organizer or todo list
        * Would be cool if they handed out one of the Find-My-Phone apps, but I have my doubts

        I doubt it will happen, but I would kill for them to hand out one of the Remote Desktop apps. I need something that does RDP, but if they actually do give out something I'm sure it'll be for VNC.

        Oh yeah, and who wants to wager on Plants vs. Zombies? :)

  • Kevin

    *Sigh* already have ADW EX... The rest are just meh. There is like 7 games in this list, come on Google, put more variety into this!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • slymo

    What did i miss the first day!?!? Damn new job I missed the news!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You missed EVERYTHING.

  • RBI411

    Tetris incompatible with the Xoom. Bummer.

  • http://www.geekchoice.com Dagmar Schnietz

    Now Tetris and Reckless Getaway, I'll give into this promo for those games and only those games.

  • http://www.sylogiquemedia.com/ Matthieu

    Why do they wait until the middle of the day to update their page?

    I'm pretty much willing to try most of them, for 0.10$, bought all of them first day, yesterday bought 8th (left Airsync ans BB Bedtime) Can't say I likr all of them so far, but I'm not crying over lost pennies.

    • http://darshankaria.com Darshan Karia

      Totally agree with you, I purchased 9 on 1st day(asphalt 6 won't run on mine somehow), 9 on 2nd day (left BB Bedtime), 9 today (left kids learn to read)...
      can't complain even if i don't like few... ;-)
      at most i'm going to spend $10 at end of this 10B celebration...

  • GraveUypo

    damn, i already have all the good stuff :\
    i almost regret purchasing so much stuff at full price

  • http://dream-up.eu Thierry

    Enjoy the promo... I'm just jealous of my fellow developers that get their game into the promo :)
    Do you guys still download free aps? I guess not as it takes a lot of time buying, downloading, installing and playing with your new aps/games... I guess I'll have to wait for after the promo to see my downloads go up again... :)
    For those interested on the impact of this promo on smaller devs like me, here is the link to an entry of my blog at Gamasutra :

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      I mean no personal or professional disrespect to smaller or free-app developers, but with all due respect, you're complaints aren't gonna change or even sway many people toward sympathy. I did read your blog and I'd like to point out a demographically relevant point, just judging by the comments I've seen here and on my own reposting of this promo on social networks that many people see this as an opportunity to legally get apps from the market that they'd only previously had as free (for a day) apps on Amazon. I'm not saying that those people are a majority, but a lot of people just wanted to get a few of these things so they have them from a better source than an Apple wannabe. Second, respectfully, I've suspected for months that Amazon's free app a day gimmick has effectively killed the paid market since a lot of people won't buy non-essential apps in hopes that they will get a chance to have them for free if they just wait long enough. As to the Third and most relevant point, imagine living in Apple's world where part of the 30% taken from paid apps (and in-app purchase, iAds, and a few other things) is used to directly fund advertising for your competitors...and that doesn't go away after 10 days. Is it unfair, sure...Does it hurt your sales (you were unclear, are your apps free or paid?), probably...Was anybody holding out hope that your app would go to 10 cents on one of the days, possibly...Will they go buy your app at regular price on day 11 (or maybe day 10), about 90% of the people waiting possibly will unless they are content with the apps they got for $0.10...Just saying, it might throw off your numbers for 10 days, but it's probably not going to be any more than a numerical glitch at the end of the next week (except Shazam, they are probably losing bowel control at this stage). Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't think that this is going to hurt anybody that isn't a direct competitor to the stuff that comes out....

      • http://dream-up.eu Thierry

        Hi Cody, thank a lot for taking time to read and comment my post. You are the first and only person to talk to me about this matter.
        Sorry for my english if my explanations are not very clear... I'm absolutely happy that people are enjoying buying apps for 10 cents, I really am, specially in those times of financial troubles. I do not seek for sympathy, after all my apps will probably get more downloads again later. As you asked, We (because I have a partner) have 10 paying games, and 10 versions of them free with advertisement, on the android market( look for Gamayun). We started publishing them since september, and the income is 56.19 euros in september, 49.86 euros in october and 30.95 euros in november. This is for paid apps (you see it's not a lot and it's going down). On the contrary, the numbers for the same games free with ads are are growing, the total for those 3 months is $841 but november accounts for $626 . It's not enough to live from, but I think it's encouraging. My post was more to point out that Google is playing a strange game of hiding the numbers of downloads since the promo. Let me explain this: When you used to browsed the android market, since july they added a great feature: the installation graph on every game/app page. Strangely, since few days I've witnessed that graph showing a tremendous drop, but not only on my games, but on on all apps, Angry Birds tc. And suddenly that feature disappeared 2 days ago with no one talking about it! .. so the reason on my post is just to ask the question: isn't google hiding this fact and is pretending everything is great in their wonderful world of 10 billions downloads reached? Cody, have you seen this too, or am I alone? Maybe the android market in my island at the other side of the world is behaving differentely?

        • Aaron Gingrich

          Hey Thierry, just wanted to let you know that I did see your comment and the post on your blog, and passed it on to the team. We were considering writing an editorial on a relevant subject soon, and it may come in handy :)

          Thanks =)

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

          Full disclosure, I don't have an app in the market though I am planning to upload one in the near future. It's neither a game nor is the profit model at all similar, so I have less personal stake in this at the moment. Also in disclosure, like Aaron I've been working on an article for my blog that's related to the market, though this promo isn't likely to be a big part of it.

          I can't help but wonder if Google is trying to inspire people to consider buying apps by showing them that paid apps can be better than free apps (please nobody flame me for that, it's not actually my opinion that paid apps are automatically better than free). I've also noticed that the most high profile apps that have gone into this promo are the same ones that were free on Amazon and/or iOS at some point in the past...actually amazing how many of these have also been free on iOS at some point. I figure that's why they are now turning up here too.

          I had more to say, but I have to run before I can finish this...I might say more later...sorry

  • http://dream-up.eu Thierry

    Hi Aaron, thanks a lot, I can't wait to read you and your team, whether I'm right or wrong, I have no clue... I can't be too right though as no one talks about it...

  • http://dream-up.eu Thierry

    The Install Graph on the android market is no longer an issue! Google just fixed the problem and acknoweledged it was a bug :


    So it was just me being paranoid on a simple android market bug that happened right at the same time as the 10 cents promo :)