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As you probably already know, the Android Market hit 10 Billion app downloads this week - a huge landmark, no doubt. Over at the Android Developers' Blog, they put together a nifty infographic showcasing some pretty cool details discovered on the path to the big 10B. Check it out:

10B_2_lg (1)

There's definitely some really cool knowledge dropped here - who would've thought that those little fieldrunners traveled 466,216 miles each month? Or that 1.87 million hours have been spent using the IMDb app in the past four months? Some of these numbers are simply staggering.

I really only have one question - why aren't we downloading more apps at 4:00 AM on Monday mornings?

[Source: Android Developers Via: Droid-Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.savvior.com Sean

    This is unfortunately rather scary that some of those statistics are taken. I don't want my apps reporting back to central servers...

    • Joshua

      My guess is that those are estimates based on typical gameplay.

  • Ryan B

    That is an oddity, considering that downloads peak seven hours earlier

  • Ahmed

    You think they got these stats using carrier iq? :p

  • tommy

    nice... found retro game galaga;