Seems that Verizon has been experiencing some issues with its entire network for the biggest part of the day thus far - we've been hearing reports that its 4G LTE network has been down since earlier today, and it looks like 3G service is in-and-out, as well.


Big Red has been noticeably silent during this outage, so let's just hope that they have every man, women, and child on the job to get it fixed. We'll keep you posted as more details arise.

Update: Verizon claims the outage is only affecting 4G LTE devices, but I have been without 3G coverage (on a 3G-only device) for most of the day.

2011-12-07 16h20_08

Update x2 (6:00 PM CT): 3G service was restored on my phone approximately 20 minutes ago. Hopefully this is happening nationwide - can anyone with a 4G device confirm?

Cameron Summerson
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  • Josh

    Does anyone else think that this outage might be the reason for the Nexus Delay? I know if I were about to release a major phone, I wouldn't want to do it while major nationwide data issues were happening. Think about a few hundred thousand people bitching that their shiny new toy doesn't get data...

  • Codexx

    I don't know if it's related by my FiOS broadband connection is also acting wonky and having difficulties, but it is in fact operating. It's just very slow most of the time, with the occasional burst of speed. Might just be a coincidence.

  • G!

    My 3G is working fine. So is the 3G of anyone with a 4G phone who switches it to 3G.

    • Cameron Summerson

      I've been without 3G for most of the day.

      • Josh

        I have 3G working on my Thunderbolt, 4G working on my Xoom, and my co-worker isn't getting any data at all on his Fascinate. Weird how random this is...

        • Cameron Summerson

          Interesting indeed - just checked my wife's Droid X, and it has 3G.

      • Jared

        Same here. Grand Forks ND

    • anon

      There are known issues with phones not stepping down to 3g service. i also do not have the option to manually step down to 3g.

  • Rich

    My Samsung Stratosphere is not receiving data in the LTE/CDMA or the CDMA only mode in Atlanta and neither are any of the 4G/3G phones at the Verizon service center near my home.

  • ocdtrekkie

    A Droid 2 here in a Chicago suburb has 3G, but the Bionic has no data at all.

    • Keefers

      DroidX working in Houston.

  • HVuong

    Very odd. I am out here in San Dimas, CA. My Razr gets only 3G... my co-worker's Razr gets 4G.

  • jdillen

    No 4g/3g in Portland Oregon. Thank god for my WIFI!

  • tl

    LTE has been shite since i bought the thunderbolt in may? in minneapolis.

  • Ryan B

    Haven't noticed a problem on my X in Rochester, NY

    • Brian

      My Xoom is not working in the roc. 4G or 3G

  • Clint Hines

    I remember reading about Verizon's plan to introduce a VIP service level for LTE customers. Basically meaning you can pay more for better access than your neighbor and capping the rest of us who just pay for standard usage.

    Perhaps laying the groundwork for this now?

  • HB7

    What Widget is shown in the pic above?


    • Cameron Summerson

      It's actually not a widget - it's an app called Quick Settings.

      • HB7


        I'll check it out

  • Brent

    Started my day in Milwaukee, in Chicago now. Thunderbolt hasn't had 4g all day, and only had 3g while driving to Chicago. Don't have anything now

  • Jennifer

    I can only get 3g on my Rezound in Michigan. I had to change it to CDMA only though to get it. Otherwise it was going to 1x. Now if I switch manual back its blocking me being able to turn on the mobile internet (i keep it off when I don't use it.) Hopefully it will be resolved soon. I feel bad for the business customer's that really need it going. I can last without 4g but I would like it back! :)

  • rbw62

    No 4 g lte in the Big A.

  • Henri

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Verizon screwing over their union workers.

  • Alex

    Feels good having a Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile..... get like 10 mb speeds in 4G areas...

    • Tyler

      I bet that $700+ price you paid feels great, too

  • sonny

    Have droid razr. No 4g and no 3g.

  • djembeman

    My 4G data stopped working on my Bionic at around 2pm today. 3G data was down too, it didn't kick over to 3G like normal when leaving a 4G area. I switched to 3G only and eventually 3G data started working. Makes me think 4G would have come back at the same time.

    Colorado Springs

  • djembeman

    Nope, I was wrong just tried "CDMA/LTE" mode and I get absolutely no data. I have to be in "CDMA only" mode to get any data connection. Phone calls still work in any mode.

    Colorado Springs

  • kayla

    My 3g won't work on my phone. Will that problem be fixed soon?

  • B-SEA

    Droid Charge in Seattle, WA here. No 4G or 3G.

  • Bill

    I'm currently rocking a 1x connection on my Rezound I bought last night... :-( I'm also unable to place any calls....

    • Jennifer

      Try switching to CDMA only. That got me off 1x and onto 3g.

  • Tim

    I just got data back on my bionic..been out all day

  • steve

    No problems on my wife's Thunderbolt until about 2 hours ago. Now neither her phone nor my Bionic can seem to get even reliable 3G.

  • Aaron

    At 5 pm et, harrisburg, pa had no 4g, and 3g was spotty. I'm not in the 4g area anymore, but just now 3g was still wacky.

  • Kevin

    In Los Angeles, I've been using the 4G all day.

  • gunner

    No 4G in the Seattle area still. Getting full bars on 3G after being on 1X most of the day. LG Revolution.

    • gunner

      Yay! Just got my 4G's back here in Seattle!!

  • David Collins

    In Chesapeake, VA, my T-Bolt was in 3G most of yesterday afternoon and last night (12/06/11). 4G has been stable all day today.

    • David Collins

      Must have jinxed my self. About 8:15PM local time, my FiOS went stupid for about 10 minutes and I lost ALL data connections (1X, 3G, & 4G). After about 20 min, the 1X came back, with the 3G coming and going. 4G is still MIA.

  • Tyler

    I guess we're waiting until January for the nexus

  • David

    So...there I was, had a "SIM authentication failure," figured I'd take it into Verizon store enroute home from work (around 2:00pm Central). Dude replaces the SIM, no problem, updates it in their system...and...LTE network crashes as we're trying to authenticate the new SIM on the network. Razr can only authenticate over LTE (even to get 3G/CDMA service, has to authenticate on LTE). I cannot even make calls, text, etc. Nothing...brick.

    So right now, I have a brick until LTE comes back up in Alabama so I can activate my phone (again).

  • Sammy Brence

    No 4G here In Oklahoma City. It came on for a short While about an hour ago but hasn't returned.

  • Scott K

    4G has been working since about 4:30PM here in San Diego

  • Rusty

    My 4g and 3g has been out all afternoon. Still on 1X here in DC.

  • jarred

    my samsung stratosphere 4g here in montana isnt getting 4g or 3g. my dads droid incredible 2 3g is working perfectly fine.

    • jarred

      also on cdma in greatfalls mt not getting anything

      • Todd

        Getting 3 and 4g after 3 hours of no data at all. My Bionic is switching between wireless and 3g. The 3g symbol in the status bar disappears after I wake the phone up. I haven't seen this since I've owned this phone. Rooted and on 894.

  • josh christman

    This isn't the first time happens quite a bit here in spencerville, Ohio. I personally think Verizon should have to pay customers back because this thunderbolt has always had issues. I'm on my third one and hate having to take off work just to spend three hours or more of my time to try to fix the issue and then to go home and have something else happen again. Why are we getting charged 202.00 / month for service that isn't there for us. Lawyer please step in. Time is now. No service most of the day today. Wifes phone kept 3g all day as far as we know anyway. #567-825-3533 We all need to come together on this bologna.

  • ryland

    4g is finally back up on my stratosphere in SLC. Verizon should give us information about why this happened in the first place though.

  • Jenny

    No 4g on Maui, just upgraded too, lol