Amazon's recent update to its Kindle for Android app brings an important change by allowing native support for reading PDF documents.

Unfortunately, PDF support, as it currently stands, is fairly barebones. Aside from being able to view PDF documents, zoom, and turn pages, the app does not have any other features. Indeed, unlike ordinary ebooks, the PDF portion of the app does not support bookmarks, highlights or the ability to make notes.

The 3.3 update ties in nicely with yesterday's announcement from PDF software maker Foxit that Amazon had made an investment in the company. Although Kindle devices natively supported PDF documents since 2009, reading them has always been a little cumbersome. Hopefully, Amazon's investment is an indicator that better support is on its way.

The update also brings support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices and customization options, including new margin and line spacing control.

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Head on over to the Market to update or download the app:

[via The Digital Reader]

Abhiroop Basu
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  • Helen

    I am still trying to figure out why it now needs the ability to see what programs are running. I wish there was a specific place in the app store for the developers justification of the permissions, instead of just the permissions themselves. (For the majority of developers out there that don't include such information in the description.)

    • JayMonster

      I'm wondering (other rhan the fact that permissions is the new "move to SD"meme) why this is such a problem for people (this isn't the only app that is getting whining for rhis recently.

      Most likely, it is being used for support or diagnostic purposes and is somrthing that is common, and just an API call on Windows, MAC, etc. This information is invaluable when it comes to finding conflicts that may be occurring. It is not invemtorying your phone, it is xhecking to see what else is running while it is.

      While being diligent in watching what permissions an app is looking for is not a bad thing, watching what permissions an app requires has really taken on a life of its own and just gone completely off the deep end.

  • Sagar Thaker

    Doesnt work on my CM7, 7.1 stable on I9000.
    I had to downgrade back to 3.2 version.

  • Chris

    This used to be one of my favorite apps on my phone, sneaking in a few pages in the bathroom or a couple chapters before bed. Sadly now it's become bloatware with this latest update, expanding to over 18MB after moving to SD. Uninstalled

  • math

    It's doubled in size so won't fit on my phone. I already had a pdf reader built in - who doesn't? Reverted to an older version and switched update off. Seems like that'll be the last update I'll get then. Will they add a browser to it next?

  • Tom

    On the current version of the Kindle app (for Android) it's as easy as
    downloading it onto your device, then moving it into the "kindle" folder
    on your device. The .pdf will show up in your app and will even save
    your place in the pdf.

  • Saul7034

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  • Keygirl

    Amazon has a filter for anyone uploading to Kindle (backlist authors,
    self pubbed) but you can load a .mobi file that is already formatted and
    checked. EPub is done the same way and can look different on different
    devices. For example after formatting an ePub file I've looked at it on Adobe's
    PC reader--where some weird spacing was put in--versus another ePUB reader
    where the spacing looked better. So there's even some discrepancy in how the
    "format" is rendered. http://www.vibosoft.com/ebook/convert-pdf-to-epub-mac-windows.html