Google Goggles, the app that lets you "search the real world with a picture," just received a pretty major update to version 1.7. The update brings some very cool features, like continuous scan mode, which lets Goggles do its thing without having to constantly hit the shutter button.

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One of the coolest new features in this update is enhanced text recognition, which can detect the same text an online document and provide a link directly to the page. The update also brings better search functionality and improved item recognition.

Goggles 1.7 is available now in the Android Market, hit the widget below to grab it. For full details, check out the Google Mobile Blog.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tyler C

    This is certainly a pretty impressive update, just installed it. I think Google Goggles is one of those Google apps that often times gets overshadowed by all the other Googley goodness!

    • Disinform

      I think it's been overshadowed because it was so limited - this update makes it a completely different app. Excellent.

  • Mike

    Heh. You said Googles.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Honestly, I'm surprised it only happened once. ;)

  • italyanker

    It's translated in italian... Wonderful!

  • Phantom
  • edwkward

    Google Googles google my Google?


  • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

    Hate how slow it is to load. My camera app opens in like 1-2 seconds... this app takes like 4-5 before the screen rotates. Always been a deal killer for goggles. I'd use it more if it didn't take forever to open (and if I didn't just use it for QR)

    • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

      Seems much faster now though! And focus seems to work. Continuous mode is cool but it picked up a bunch of random stuff too. My pants turned into Knowledge Article Press.

  • William D

    I have no idea why people are even mentioning this continuous scan and not having to hit the shutter button, cause I have to hit it EVERY TIME I want to see any information. It doesnt actually scan... Fail.

    • Calum

      People are mentioning it because, clearly, it works fine for them. If it doesn't for you, more productive for all concerned to file a bug rather than make incredulous comments on blog posts.

  • q

    Seriously, how hard would it be to make it *optional* to beep on shapshot taken? And the loudness of the beep obeys the "Voice Call" setting, no other. That... certainly makes sense.