Avast has just launched its Mobile Security app for Android, integrating the pure power of Theft Aware (see our review) with some amazing new features. If you remember, Avast swallowed up ITAgents, the small company behind Theft Aware, back in September and promised to integrate it with its upcoming software. Even in its beta state, Avast's Mobile Security looks to be a very strong contender among the dozens of other security apps floating around in the Android Market. I dare say it has the potential to overshadow just about all of the apps in our Mobile Security App Shootout.

Included in Avast's long list of features are options such as antivirus scans, privacy reports, SMS and call filters, a built-in firewall (for rooted users), and a full suite of anti-theft features controlled via SMS (with advanced root support and a web interface to come in early 2012), as well as a ton of other options that promise to keep your device totally safe, while also keeping it out of the wrong hands.

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Did I mention Avast, including the rebranded Theft Aware module, is free? Yep, users can grab Avast from the Android Market at absolutely no cost, making this extremely sophisticated security solution accessible to everyone. It even has support for phones and tablets alike (though tablets can't receive SMS commands). Once Avast adds a web interface (and multiple device support), I could see it becoming my top choice among security apps for Android, no question.

So head to the Android Market, grab Avast, and give it a whirl.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://mgamerzproductions.com Mgamerz

    'antivirus' (or w/e they call it for android) that embraces root instead of trying to delete it! YES! I have avast pro on my desktop and I love it! I wonder though how effective it is with LBE PRivacy Guard (the new one). I still want my permissions management. Think you could do that avast!? You'd be the one stop shop for mobile security!

  • http://nakedgoat.org nakedgoat

    Has anyone tired flashing the anti-theft update.zip on a RAZR? I'll update... doing it now.

  • http://nakedgoat.org nakedgoat

    Doesn't seem to want to flash trying the other method.

  • http://nakedgoat.org nakedgoat

    Doesn't work on GT 10.1 Wifi version and also FC's like crazy after first reboot to where app won't run unless clearing data from Manage apps.

  • http://nakedgoat.org nakedgoat

    BTW was able to install Anti-Theft without flashing it; first method seems to have worked on RAZR.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Works great on the Epic 4G Touch.

    • http://nakedgoat.org nakedgoat

      Nice yeah got it working smoothly on RAZR, negative on GT 10.1 back to LookOut.

  • Zebov

    Anyone else getting freezing when doing the initial scan? Everything still runs (like the timer), just will never go past one app, like it's stuck. Getting the reboot FC issue too.

  • not3nor4

    "Community IQ: by enabling this option, you are giving your consent to anonymously forward certain security-related information to AVAST". Err...is this from Carrier IQ??

  • trjcasper

    I'm not comfortable with privacy policy. Uninstalled.

  • http://www.avast.com Filip Havlicek

    not3nor4: This has nothing to do with the Carrier IQ.

    Mgamerz, nakedgoat, Zebov, trjcasper: If you have any questions or problems, go to our forum at forum.avast.com/ams and present your thoughts, wishes, problems or questions there.

    • trjcasper

      I appreciate the follow up advise, but I don't want to sign up for another forum.
      My concerns are with the privacy policy stating the possibility of sharing with 3rd parties who are unnamed...I fear the cure may be worse than the disease.

      I do respect the upfront disclosure so far as is went and the ability to easily uninstall.

      • http://www.avast.com Filip Havlicek

        The application is not collecting any kind of data that could be used to trace back a particular device or individual if that is what you fear.

    • Zebov

      I will, thanks for replying. I've used Avast for years on my computer and since I heard about the TheftAware acquisition, one of my fav apps, I've been looking forward to this. Glad to see there are still a few companies that put out great products and still have time for their customers.

  • http://nakedgoat.org nakedgoat

    I removed it because of the notification icon :) I'll check back perhaps it'll have the options to be on/off. by then.

    thanks!! awesome app!

  • dimeim

    Seemed very good. However, after Anti Theft installation (it went fine) and reboot, it kept FCing. Also, it made the Market app FC... Yeah, it's true...

    • Ben

      Same for me. Uninstalled with Titanium and installed Theft Aware again.

      • http://www.avast.com Filip Havlicek

        If this is the FC I think it is, it should be fixed in the next beta refresh.

  • Dark

    Thank you for this wonderful software. I've been running avast on my desktop and laptop for a few years now and I am so stoked that it has finally made it to Android. The anti-thief software installed the normal way on my root Atrix and seems to be running fine. Also the virus scanner found 4 problems that Lookout missed. Can't wait for the completed version.

    • Ben

      Are you sure those are not false positives? I just scanned my phone and Avast identified The Independent as malware.

      • http://www.avast.com Filip Havlicek

        Could you try it again with the newest virus definitions?

        But as I said, go and post to our forum at http://forum.avast.com/ams if you have any problems with the application.

  • Bonerp

    there continues to be a lot of discussion whether anti virus is necessary. Can we have a justified response to this as lots of Admins say that staying safe by not downloading apps from dodgy sites etc is all the control needed...results in a lot of confusion for us less aware individuals. And if you say well just put it on for the sake of it, whats the impact on performance and battery?

    • http://www.avast.com Filip Havlicek

      Hi Bonerp,

      this is a publicly available proof I got from our virus lab that even Android Market itself isn't completely safe http://www.securelist.com/en/blog/11184/Malware_in_the_Android_Market . This DroidDream example is a case in which a legit application from Android Market was decompiled and the malware got attached to it. This seemingly "legit copy" was published on the Android Market and could be downloaded by common users.

      About the impact on performance and battery. There will, of course, be always some impact on performance and battery if you want a real-time protection of your device. We are trying to reduce this impact as much as possible. I did not run any particular tests, but from my user point of view (I currently have avast! installed on my LG P500), the impact on battery life is insignificant.

  • Razorwindmo46

    It isn't just for app related viri I hope. How about the forwarded messages and email attachements we receive from our unknowing friends? That's where most viri come from.