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It's day two of the Market's "10 Billion Promo," in which 10 different apps are offered for 10 days at just $0.10 each. While the official page listing still shows yesterday's deals, a little digging by redditors has revealed 9 of today's 10:

Update: And the 10th app is... Bedtime Battle!

We have yet to figure out what the last one is, and Google has yet to update the promo page, but we'll be sure to update this post when we have more information. In the meantime, hit up the market links and get buyin'!

[Source: reddit, @Kareosma, EuroDroid]

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  • insid3r
    • Aaron Gingrich

      Hah! Happened to see it right after I posted. Thanks!

  • Nescafe
    • Aaron Gingrich

      That's already on the list :)

      • Sam

        Bed Time battle. Google has updated the list.

  • Kris Linville

    This list is better than yesterday's list, IMO. Still waiting to see the last app though.

  • Andrew L

    Only app I want to download (or haven't already bought) is Reckless Racing. I thought yesterday's list was better. I wonder what #10 is?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I agree, yesterday's list was better IMO.

  • JR

    Reckless Racing is giving me problems after I open it. It wont download the "one-time" game data download. Probably just that their servers are overloaded.

    Droid Charge on Gummycharged (2.2) rom

    • Keith

      Mine is taking a while also. Part 1 took about 5 or 6 minutes to get started and download. Now I have been stuck on Part 2 for a good 15 minutes.

  • Zohan

    This is from yesterday's apps. Pretty awesome list for $0.10 an app. I just purchased SoundHound & Swiftkey. Seems like Google allows you to purchase apps from Day 1 on Day 2...


  • Luci

    #10 - Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro perhaps?

    • Steven

      That was yesterday.

  • Sam

    I wish Reckless Racing HD or Reckless Getaway was 10cents. But yesterday's list was better.

    • Ahhk

      RR Play is the HD...and it is also $.10

      Just search for it.

    • Brian

      reckless getaway is free today

  • Nivki

    I have a 10c app that is supposedly purchased according to the market, but I don't even have it installed. Can't repurchase it or download it because it will give the error "you have not purchased it...".
    Any ideas?

    • SYO

      If you're rooted, try renaming your old market to "Vending.bak" and market updater as "marketupdater.bak" and pushing an old version (green and white) of market as "Vending.apk", giving it appropriate permissions. Reboot~

      Then using the old market, you can go to the app and buy it and officially buy it from there now. :)

      Yesterday's list was better..I seem to have most of the apps I do like on today's list (Reckless Racing, RIL, Fruit Ninja). Flick Golf I spotted yesterday for 10c and bought it before it was officially in the next list :D

      • Nivki

        Thanks got it working with the old market! Weird though why this newer market doesn't clear erroneous purchases...
        Used this app to revert to an older market: http://goo.gl/x1ce6

  • kb

    The last app is BB - Bedtime Battle

  • easye420

    I find it really weird an app that had 5+ downloads and 3 ratings made it on their list. Im talking about bedtime battle btw.

  • JuggalotusHeat

    UPDATE: The promo page has been updated.

  • Pete

    Notice how amazon is also celebrating their 10 billion promo too. Same apps for $0.10. Way to go amazon, way to go! ; )

    • JR

      Good call. Didn't notice that. Amazon app store doesn't have all the same titles, but the ones that are there are $.10. Sweet.

    • JayMonster

      Actually, by rheir terms of service, app makers are not allowed to sell their apps on other services for a lower price, hence any app selling on the Android Market for a dime, must also sell it on Amazon for the same price.

  • Woah

    Noticed there's two Reckless racing games for 10 cents.....

    Reckless Racing
    Reckless Racing PLAY

    what's the difference?

    • SYO

      The PLAY version apparently has HD graphics from what I've read. :)

  • Sarfraz

    2 of my app purchases got cancelled! wonder why? anyone else experienced ?

    Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
    Paper Camera

    • Peter

      I had some of mine cancelled (refunded) too - I think it's because I bought them via a computer, but didn't download them to my phone quickly enough.

      • Sarfraz

        i bought them with computer but still got orders cancelled. is it because these were first day's apps and some how market allowed us to buy at $0.10 day after?