We learned a few weeks ago that a software update would soon be rolling out to the Logitech Revue, finally bringing Honeycomb to the unit. That time has finally come; as posted on the official Logitech blog, the Android 3.1 update is now making its way to Revue units across the country.

Android 3.1 brings a lot of welcome features and enhancements to the Google TV box, including access to the Android Market, improved search and browsing capabilities, a simplified user interface, and improvements to the Logitech Media Player.

To receive the update, you need only ensure that your Revue is on and connected to the web - the update will be rolling out throughout the week, and you'll be prompted to install it once it's available on your device.

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

    Does December still count as "Later this Summer"?

    • Ryan

      Well yeah. It's not like it's Next summer yet....

  • J

    2 questions...

    1.)Why did they go with 3.1? I get they didn't go with 4.0 since it was due out "this summer" & all that... But hadn't 3.2 been released before they started working on the update? Or was it tablet specific & not relevant to TVs (like the 2.3.7 update only applied to phones with NFC and 2.3.6 for front facing cameras)...

    2.) Is this just for Logitec Revue or will Sony's BR/GTV unit be updated as well? And if Revue exclusive, is Sony planning on updating? I was looking at Sony to combine boxes, and replace the first generation DVD player with a BR & GTV in one box...

    • lobwedge

      1) We can only speculate on why they went with 3.1 rather than 4.0 but my guess is that this project was started when 3.0/3.1 was the best candidate. Eventually, due to poor customer response, poor sales and large expenditures Logitech lost faith in the platform. Somewhere along the way they decided they were no longer going to develop GoogleTV. At that point there was too much time and money invested in the 3.0/3.1 update that they couldn't justify switching to 4.0 and decided to finish with 3.1. It's also possible that the hardware in the Revue was deemed insufficient to give a proper 4.0 experience. The new CEO has said that they will continue to support existing customers but will not be developing any further Revue / GoogleTV products.
      2) I have no direct experience with the Sony GoogleTV products but from what I have read they have already received the 3.1 update.

      • Brandito

        1) You obviously only read the first sentence to his question.

  • greg wilson

    I bought the BR/GTV unit, having already owned the Revue and returned it same day. 3.1 is nice and the Sony controller beats that huge keyboard, but the Harmony integration makes the Revue worth it. No IR-blasters needed, and $70 cheaper because you already have a blu-ray player, right?

    With that said, I'm still a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.

  • Raul Narvaez

    In the blog comments Logitech said:

    Google TV is only available in the US therefore; the update is only going to be deployed in the US.We can’t speak for Google and they haven’t publicly committed to a launch date in other countries. We understand their plan is to focus on evolving the products and platform for consumers in the U.S. before bringing Google TV to other markets.

    That would be really shitty if those of us who bought it in the US but don't live there won't be getting the update

  • http://profiles.google.com/BradGoetsch Brad Goetsch

    Any idea how to upgrade from the beta 3.1 to the official?

  • Oliver

    --NO integrated DTS support
    --NO integrated HLS support

    worthless for me... :(