Last Updated: December 7th, 2011

Update #1: Well, that was much faster than anyone expected - RIM has already released the patch for this exploit. The good news is that the patch isn't yet available in the 2.0 Beta, but you can bet that it will be rolled into the update before it hits the masses in its final form. If you happened to accept the update on the current version and still want to give this exploit a try, then you can always downgrade the OS.

Update #2: Aaand the patch has now been circumvented yet again, less than 24 hours after it was issued by RIM.

So, you bought into the hype and picked up the tired old Blackberry Playbook. There's a good chance it's not doing much more than hanging out on a shelf, your desk, or in your laptop bag at this point - but if you're ready to actually get some use out of the little device, it's time to blow the dust off that thing and get ready for some root action. Once the device has been exploited, you'll be able to install all Google Apps on the device, including the Android Market.

The tool used for the job, humorously named Dingleberry, has been in the works for a while now, but only recently has become available for the public. In order to for the exploit to work, the 2.0 beta must be installed on the Playbook - and that's just the beginning; the full instruction set isn't for the faint of heart. If you're not familiar (or comfortable) with root ssh shells, scp clients, or .bar files, then it's probably best if you skip this one.

Like most device makers when their devices are exploited, RIM is none-too-happy about this one - a company spokesperson issued a statement to All Things D regarding the matter:

RIM is aware of reports that a security researcher has released a tool designed to allow BlackBerry PlayBook users to jailbreak their tablet. RIM is following its standard security response process to investigate the functionality and impact of this tool and if needed, RIM will develop, test, and release a software update that is designed to minimize the potential adverse impact to our customers.

In other words, they'll be working on a patch to "fix" the exploit. In the meantime, if you're willing to give it a go, you can find the full instructions here, and the Dingleberry download right here.

Good luck!

[All Things D]

P.S. - Dingleberry. lol.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tyler C

    lol wow, so basically what RIM is saying is "Oh hey look, someone found a way to make our useless dead-end platform tablet useful? Shame on them! Lets release an update and make our Playbook worthless again!"

  • kevin

    They could clear their inventory if they unlocked it themselves. Funny.

  • Franco

    when will these company"s learn that it best too work with the ppl then against them.
    All they have too do is give ppl what they want,we don't expect the whole portfolio but a little bit of give now and again works wonders and they could benefit not only on the knowledge side but financial too since it will see more products.

    When will they learn.

    • Randy

      Let me fix that sentence for you:

      "When will these companies learn that it's better to work with the ppl than against them."

      Let's turn it into a game. I made 6 changes. Can you find them all? (There are more fixes that could be made to that post, but the first sentence was the worst.)

  • Owen Finn

    Someone at work tried this on their brand-new Playbook, and it's now a brick.

  • Contagion

    Hey Android fan boys: stop with the arrogance. You're starting to mkae the Apple Fan boys look tame. Focus on your own bug filled, faulty platform. Once you get that fixed, then maybe you can think about insulting the others.

    • edd

      Contagion, why do you keep posting here?

      • fp

        Someone should get a life, *cough* *cough* contagion, *cough*

  • Mgamerz

    RIM made the playbook for businesses. It makes sense that they would keep it secure. That would be like leaving windows unpatched cause you could mod something. That doesn't work, its made for businesses (and windows for consumers too)

  • Andy

    "tired old Blackberry Playbook"
    Another useless worthless article from a self proclaimed idiot. Good example of why the INTERNET makes it so hard to find anything of value.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The Playbook and the OS it's running is so behind times, it's not even a real contender to other tablets. Its hardware is OK, it's the software where it's severely lacking. Having the Android Market actually adds a lot of value to it.

  • chris

    First of all, unlike most people in these comments, i actually own an iPad, a Xoom2 and a Playbook. for phones, im android all the way. but Tablets? the brilliance of android isnt shining through yet. maybe once 4.0 is more commonplace this will change. here is the truth of the three OS compared.

    iOS - Better screen, slightly more responsive than android, but locked down and uncustomizable, app store claims huge numbers, but when you realise there are 1200 versions of Solitaire, you realise the number of different apps is significantly lower. and safari mobile? crap

    Android - Best for customisation, Best selection of apps, and more choice of free apps. although iOS tends to have the better quality games. a little buggy and glitchy but mo more than you would expect for an OS that covers so many different hardware sets. free and open leads to this OS being on some of the shittest tablets in existence. MID M002 for instance. the browser is fairly decent, but googles insistence on mobile devices using apps makes it suck on google docs, gmail etc..

    Playbook - Best browser on a Tablet, best Gestures on a tablet, brightest screen, highest pixel density, best contrast ratio.. the new price point puts it way ahead of the competition in the price range. HDMI out as standard, real multi tasking, the OS is mind blowing, easy, simple to use. not as customisable as Android, but better than iOS
    no built in email/calendar/contacts, which, lets face it, most users have a phone with them that does this, why duplicate, and yes there is a lack of apps. why is there a lack of apps? because the OS is new, the original iphone had few apps, android 1.6 had few apps,

    Playbook's OS is amazing, it needs to be backed with apps, and this will come in time, it needs to keep its head afloat until the app store is filled. then it will be an easy contender.

    No OS will ever be as free and open to customisation as Android, but likewise, no other OS will show up on such shitty unusable devices either.

  • http://www.9kizi.com/ 9kizi

    blackberry z10 and q10 . :))