The Android Web Market just received a minor, but useful update in regards to app reviews. Now, when a review is posted, the version of the application being used and the device the app is installed on appears right above the text. In addition, any review can now be linked to individually, and when the link is followed, you'll be brought to the app's market page with the review in question front and center. These features, though small, could prove beneficial to both developers and users alike.

Android Market - Android Market (2) Android Market - Android Market (3)

Check the updates out for yourself over at the Android Web Market. You can also see an example of what a linked review does here. Bam!

Brandon Lancaster
Brandon says he likes to live life on the edge. By that he means eating ice cream for breakfast and wearing house slippers to class. Aside from all of the ballsy action he partakes in, he's a mass communications student that spends much of his time studying or tinkering with his phone.

  • http://wheeqo.web.id Bambang

    very useful feature for user and developer.

  • scuttlefield

    Blogging about idiot reviewers just got a LOT easier!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Awwww yeahhhh.

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    What happens with custom ROM's? E.g Nexus one running a Sensation port.

    • Brandon Lancaster

      That's a really good question. If you have the Nexus One running a Sensation port try it out and let us know.

  • siddardha
  • http://tsukaima.net/ Alvin B.

    Very nice. Now, if only there wasn't a HUGE difference in the length of market comments made from the Market App versus made through the Website. If you make comments via the market app, you're cut off after a couple of lines. On the website you get much more space to be wordy.

  • wickeys

    i wish reviews were sortable by stars

  • Freak4Dell

    How do they handle multiple devices?

  • KRS_Won

    Two years ago when I first got my OG, everyone would leave what phone they haid in the comments. Idk how many people commented that the Motorola flashlight didn't work on their Eris. But at somepoint people got lazy, just saying application sucks, doesn't work. I wish Google would have included the model with comments a long time ago. Are people having problems with an app because of a cheap phone it does the dev need yo spend more time and its in beta?

  • Steve

    Now if they can get on the ball and allow us to remove old phones and devices from our profile!

    • Mike

      I'm with you on that! I thought that would be a no brainer. I still have 6 of my old phones still listed.