If you're getting tired of reading eBooks on a tiny phone screen or looking for a new eReader application for that shiny new tablet, check out Aldiko Book Reader. This popular eBook application just received a huge update geared toward tablet users. It has an entirely new tablet-optimized user interface, which means reading books on your device will look much better than before. In addition to the user interface overhaul, here's everything else the update includes:

  • Support for opening and importing files into the app directly from the browser, email attachments, and third-party apps like Dropbox.
  • Support for opening PDF file attachments in the Gmail client on Android 3.0+ tablets.
  • Support for new OPDS callbacks feature. (Which makes getting ePublications easier.)

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Now doesn't that look fancy? The price tag on this fine application is only $2.99. Far less than you would pay for a bookshelf full of books, and much thinner too.

Thanks, Kang (and it looks like it's your real name too)!

Brandon Lancaster
Brandon says he likes to live life on the edge. By that he means eating ice cream for breakfast and wearing house slippers to class. Aside from all of the ballsy action he partakes in, he's a mass communications student that spends much of his time studying or tinkering with his phone.

  • Teovald

    could app developpers please stop with the stupid skeuomorphs ? It adds nothing to the app and it even looks really bad in this case.
    Google Books still have the best interface in my opinion, my only gripe with this app is that I cannot buy books with this service in my country.

    • Jon Garrett

      skeuomorphs? STFU.

  • Mark

    The problem I see is that if u buy a book in kindle/gbooks/kobo/aldeiko that the books are not readable by all the apps so you become locked in to a particular reader app - where is the openness? Yes epub is fine but not universal.

    For me, the google books app on the tablet is the nicest interface with page curling and sync across devices - it still needs a multiple bookmarks option though.

    • Dan

      You got that wrong. Epub IS the universal, open format. Amazon wants to pursue the Apple iTunes model of locking you into their devices, so they don't support it. Epub is fully supported by gbooks/kobo/aldiko along with hundreds (thousands?) of other software applications and almost every hardware reader currently being produced.

      Truth: most of the ebooks purchased from Amazon are not readable on other ebook hardware.

      Truth: if you buy an Amazon Kindle, you can't read epub files without first converting them to a format owned by Amazon.

      Your complaint is with Amazon.

    • Teovald

      If a service offered me a way to convert my huge physical book collection into eBooks, even for a reasonable fee, i would be far more interested in buying ebooks.
      And yes, buying ebooks tied to only one store ? No, thanks.

    • Ellett

      Epub is THE open standard and is supported by virtually all readers, book stores and public libraries, except for Apple, and Amazon, who is trying to be a mini-Apple as far as books are concerned.

  • Edd

    I highly recommend the free CoolReader - I've tried them all, but this one is the best and most file-friendly (opens nearly everything)

    That said, time to give Aldiko another go...

    • Frank

      I agree, Edd. I've tried most, but always come back to CoolReader for it's versatility. Not as slick as some, but works for me.

  • Samcobra

    Does this version have the page-turn animation? That's honestly the one big thing keeping me from using Aldiko primarily.

    Yea yea skeumorph, but I like it.

  • Ross

    I recommend Aldiko to my friends who are pining for ibooks. Personally I love fbreader

  • Spydie

    Now it costs money. Used to be free. All the others are free. Guess I'll keep keep using Kindle on my tablet and my Kindle e-reader. I only read the free books, the old classics because I refuse to pay such ridiculous prices for recent books. There are no "used" book prices for e-readers, so I can buy a current book (used) on abebooks.com for $1 or pay $12 for ebook. So I still read the real books, too, just because they are cheaper.

  • Ellett

    Aldiko has always been freemium. The $2.99 gets rid of the advertising bar. This is a great app so so I coughed up for the premium years ago. Support your developers!