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Good news for everyone waiting for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon: Galaxy Nexus units have started showing up at Verizon stores. This can mean only one thing - release is imminent. We've been waiting long enough for any details about the GN's US release, so without further ado, the goods:

IMG_20111205_085807 IMG_20111205_085859

IMG_20111205_085741 IMG_20111205_085816

As you can see, the packaging is about as clean as it gets - a solid white box, suggesting these are just training units. The sexy red innards with that big beautiful phone inside is definitely what we're all interested in anyway.

While we now know that VZW stores are getting test units, the last piece of the puzzle is still a mystery. C'mon, Big Red, can we get an official release date? Please?

[Source: XDA Via: Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Tyler C

    I can't wait to go into a store and play with one.

  • Scott

    Looks like a demo box to me...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I think it's a Verizon demo/test unit for training.

  • Jim

    Can't wait to waste my whole work day Fri playing with my new phone :)

    • http://www.derekross.me derekross

      You look sick *cough*

  • Code538

    Oh Snizap! Galaxy to the Nexus! :D

  • http://www.derekross.me derekross

    IMO: This is where there Verizon delay came from. Look at all that Verizon branding. The marketing team and graphics team had to get together to figure out how they could brand that box even more. That takes time :P

    • Matt

      Hahaha, oh yeah that blank white box; such a complex design idea, especially for Verizon!

  • http://androidpandora.blogspot.com/ Myself

    fuck sake, who do I have to kill to get one? WHEN DO THEY COME TO PORTUGAL??? I might have to buy it from amazon after all

  • taylord

    lawd yes.

    Also the retail nix better have the red interior too. If I had to wait this long they might as well pay me back with sexy packaging. It reminds me of the Evo 4G underside sans battery cover.

  • Stu

    Im not even in the usa and happy to hear this! Finally! Let the USA jump on board and get some roms out!