In a rather unfortunate bit of news regarding Verizon's Galaxy Nexus, a rumor that the device will not have support for Google Wallet has been confirmed.


A Google spokesperson confirmed to Computer World today that the hotly anticipated Nexus device won't support Google's burgeoning NFC-based mobile payment system, but gave no word as to why Verizon decided to forego the service.

Verizon's decision could have something to do, however, with Isis – a consortium comprised of VZW, AT&T and T-Mobile, who have paired with four major credit card companies to form their own NFC-based payment venture. Of course, this is purely speculation, as there's no official word just yet regarding the Nexus' lack of Wallet functionality. We'll be here, as always, to report on any new details that may roll out.

Via Computer World

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  • Matt

    That's a major feature to leave off of a 'pure-google phone', if that's even what this will still be when it's launched.

    Why would Google let THE Google phone be released without one of their newest services?

    Seeing as it still has NFC though, this shouldn't mean the phone CAN'T get Google Wallet eventually. Hopefully.

  • Jacques

    So I guess this means I'll have to root the Gnex to get a 'pure' Google phone after all. I am starting to see places with G-Wallet checkouts all over the place in LA lately.

    I have yet to see an Isis checkout.

    Fuck you, Verizon, seriously.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

    I just posted a blog regarding this and a couple of other things (http://wp.me/p1G83g-H)

    This is really insulting. I honestly have trouble imagining Google allowing a Nexus phone to be slaughtered in all of the ways Verizon has.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      Slight correction...the blog post is about the carriers and all of the crap they've been caught pulling lately...And in particular why blocking Google Wallet is so bad

  • Gary

    I knew this phone should have gone with Sprint. Just one more reason to stick with my Nexus S.

  • http://www.twitter.com/standateeze Aash

    Too right Gary.

  • Shaneaus

    Wondering if we can side load Wallet onto the GN?

  • nerdshowandtell

    Time for google to buy sprint or just start their own carrier, and to start making TRUE google devices that set the bar much higher.

    • J

      Why buy Sprint? Just cause they're the only "truely unlimited" company? They could (& hopefully will) change that when they buy whomever/start their own. T-Mobile is already for sale (and apparently AT&T isn't gettin her)... And, unlike Sprint, it uses GSM, like the rest of the world. If they didn't have to worry about adding in CDMA support, it'd probably be easier for them...

      Though personally, if they did buy a carrier, I'd prefer Verizon... Only because they've got the best network coverage and from what I hear not only does their LTE network cover a larger percentage of the country, but they also have the fastest. Though they're CDMA & that'd blow my whole "Go GSM" argument out of the water, but...

      Either way... If they did start their own carrier service, with unlimited data at a reasonable price & with decent coverage... I'd so switch in a heart beat... (wow, I'm realizing, I've really became a Google fanboy since I got an Android phone)

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        I wish people would stop talking about Google buying a carrier.

        A) If they tried to buy anybody larger than US Cellular or MetroPCS it would draw to much government attention. They could successfully buy T-Mobile/Sprint, but they would spend at least two years and probably longer in regulatory hell...and that's all before the FTC gets involved.

        B) Google couldn't afford to buy any of these companies. In 2010 Google made almost $30 Billion in revenue, after taxes and expenses, they walked away with about $8.5 Billion. If we apply the AT&T merger evaluation of T-Mobile (the cheapest of the 4), that's $39 Billion. The only way Google could make that purchase is with a MASSIVE stock trade...ok, I'm sure t-mobile would love that, but Google and it's investors probably wouldn't.

        Google is worth a lot, but they are still young and there's a lot of expense in growing at the rate they have. The purchase of Motorola this year was really expensive and they can't afford to overextend themselves again for a while. If they bought a carrier, t-mo is barely within conceivable reach and it's far more likely they'd have to pick up somebody smaller, and then it won't really be interesting to most of is, will it?

    • http://verb0ze.net verboze

      Damm... Are you really ready to sell the rest your soul to the big G? XD. Seriously, I think it would be a VERY bad idea for Google to even entertain the idea of becoming a carrier, I don't know how they would sell android phones to other carriers. The Motorola purchase already put a frown in the face of a few partners in the ecosystem. Personally, I like the fact that I can switch from one Carrier to the next and get the same android experience (with root of course XD). If Google became a carrier, surely that would change

  • Elias

    I thought nexus devices were supposed to be unspoiled by carriers. #FAIL
    Major boycott, anyone?

  • Nigel

    that's just fucked...but IF and only IF they really allow the Verizon apps to be taken off the phone will it be a non factor. I read in another article that it won't be allowed...does that mean even with ICS wipe mode? I don't know but a real reason not to use Verizon.

  • red

    Seems like we're screwed by Verizon again. Google needs to stay away from them. Anytime they get together it seems Google takes a step backwards away from its plans to do good just to appease Verizon. Oh well guess I'll stick to phones with good device support and the specs I want.

  • Kaz

    this news totally sucks...

  • Leonid

    Sorry for the stupid question.
    Is Verizon's GN physically the same device as any other GN? Or is it a totally different device having different screen size, CPU make, etc, but by pure accident bearing the same name, like Galaxy SII?
    If it is the same, does it mean that anyone can just load the Google's official images on it and have Google Wallet and whatnot?

  • determinato

    Insignificant news. The device is going to be rooted by 99% of the people that own it, and Google Wallet has already been modded for the device.

  • long2know

    So, for $300, you get a crippled device... very nice!

    • determinato

      It's not crippled at all. The device works just fine in every aspect. None of the advertised functionality of the phone is diminished at all by this. It's one app, and there are ways around the restriction.

      People are going to have to eventually come to the realization that carriers are in the business to make money, and they don't really care who they screw to get it. Device owners need to take responsibility and do what's in their own interest as well.

      • http://verb0ze.net verboze

        LOL, couldn't have said it better myself. Screw the carriers, as that's what they are doing to you. If you left it to them alone, you would be paying a premium for nearly everything you do on your phone. Remember the days they charged you money to have different ringtones on your phone? Or to watch "TV" on your phone? Or to use your cellular service to connect your laptop or tablet to the net? And the list goes on...

  • maxkobi

    hey everyone, like you all are saying i agree with 100%. i shouldnt have to sideload wallet to get it. but lets be real here, anyone that buys this because its the Dev phone to have will root it and side load everything. and anyone who buys this because its a hot phone wont care that it doesnt have google wallet. really verizon is going out of there way to do this if they knew the customer base around the GN...

  • Daniel C

    Hang on just a minute. So if Verizon is blocking it, then why can't I get it on my international, unlocked version of the phone? Seems to me that (at least in part) Google is keeping it to a smaller user base for now with just the Nexus S while they iron things out and get more places where you can use the payment system.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

      What country are you in? As I recall, Google Wallet is limited to USA for now (maybe I'm way off). I thought I read that they didn't have any partners/sales outlets in other countries yet, or at least I assume it's pretty limited.

  • Dan

    This is really funny. There's not a chance in hell that I will ever allow Verizon or any other mobile carrier to be involved in any way with any purchase I make for anything other than a mobile phone or mobile phone service. It's absolutely not going to happen. Ever. If that meant that I could never use NFC, big freakin' deal. I don't use it now, and contrary to the hype, it's not actually going to have any significant impact on my life. Why should I care? Everybody wants to convince me that swiping my credit card is just too much work and takes way too long. Give me a freakin' break. Was it even three years ago when we were seeing all of the tv commercials showing the one guy who paid cash and slowed down the whole process of speedy credit card payments by everyone else? Suddenly the credit cards are too slow too?

    NFC is a huge benefit for retailers because it speeds up the checkout process by a few seconds. Multiply those seconds by hundreds or thousands of customers and it becomes a big deal. But I'm just one customer, so that means it's still just a few seconds for me. If I make 20 purchases in one day while also wearing gloves so it's hard to get my credit card out, then maybe I could save 5 minutes total in a day. I just can't make myself get excited about that.

    Would NFC be convenient? Yes.

    Would NFC be geeky-cool? YES!

    Would NFC be convenient or geeky-cool enough to let the scumbags who run mobile carriers be involved in my credit in any way? Bitch, please.

    • Steve

      Verizon has nothing to do with the purchases themselves, from what I understand, they're just preventing non-rooted users from installing or using Wallet. Wallet itself, I believe, goes off your Google account, so it uses the credit card information you already entered into it.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com Cody

        Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are collectively trying to create a competitor to Wallet called ISIS. If they are successful, then anybody using that system will be effectively doing their purchases through the carriers...so that's part of the reason people are concerned (and part of the reason it's more than a little suspicious...possibly even illegal).

    • Dan Henderson

      "If I make 20 purchases in one day while also wearing gloves so it's hard to get my credit card out..."
      By the way, if you are wearing gloves your phone's screen won't react to your touch. ;)

  • Freak4Dell

    Somebody needs to start a big press war against Google. As much as I love them, they need to realize that pure Google phones shouldn't be slaughtered by carriers or manufacturers.

    • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

      You might want to sit down for this: I agree with you.

      Google caved to Verizon on their flagship phone. What does this say about how Google will handle other phones? What does this say about Google's attitude towards Android on the whole?

      Amazon may not have a winner with the Kindle Fire (at least not with articles like this one.) But Amazon does have the right idea: the key to a hit Android tablet is to leave Google out of it. Granted, the Fire has its problems, but if Amazon (or Facebook) can learn from these mistakes and release their own phone, Google will become irrelevant in the Android market on either the tablet OR the phone.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott

    I swear people complaining about this, make Apple fanboys seem reasonable by comparison.

    • colin

      I don't understand why this many people are complaining about a relativity minor problem. So the new "pure" Google phone has been touched by Verizon's logos and apps. So what? I can speak for myself, one of the first things I am doing when I get the phone is unlocking the boot loader and gaining root access. I also know that I'm going to forget about the two preinstalled apps while I'm having fun with ICS... :P

  • ex-iPhone user

    I can't imagine why Google would do such a thing. At first you're showing ICS goodness related to NFC and then you're taking away the one major thing that could hold this NFC thing all together?

    Verizon might've asked them to do so for any reason, but Google has the big say in it. And if they can't backup their device or put their foot down, I really doubt the credibility of the company then. How can you create a iPhone competitor when the carriers have the choice to not only brand but change the features of your device as well.

    EPIC Fail Google... EPIC Fail!

  • Marty

    How many wanna to bet it comes with a locked bootloader also.

  • Napleszen

    So this isnt really an Nexus phone, why not just call it DROID something or other.

  • taylord

    Oh Taylor boy, the root, the root is calling...from rom to rom, and extra batt'ry time...the bloat is gone, and tethering is calling..oh non stock phones, ooohhh non stock phones, I love you soooo

  • usnmustanger

    So I'm a bit confused--does this mean that, at the hardware level, the GN will NEVER be able to use Google Wallet? I'm all about rooting, so if it *can* use it if rooted, then I'm not that concerned.