Last Updated: December 5th, 2011

Samsung, in partnership with China Telecom, has just announced the SCH-W999, successor to the W899. The W999 is a formidable (read: huge) flip phone, and comes with two of everything – two 3.5" S-AMOLED displays at 480x800, a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8660 processor, and 2 SIM slots.


Besides its powerful processor and dual displays, the W999 offers a 5MP rear shooter, dual-mode connectivity, and penta-band support.


If you can't tell from the photo above, the W999 is a hefty device, at least in terms of width and height. If you're already thinking about picking one up, you'll have to wait until some time in 2012. It's also worth mentioning that its predecessor's starting price was about $1400, so there's a good chance the W999 will be a rather expensive investment.

bigpic04 screen-shot-2011-12-04-at-12.38.54-am w99904

In closing, a word of advice from Reddit user goshdarnrootintootin: "You want to watch out for those two-faced phones. They'll flip on you for no reason."

Source: Samsung China Via Engadget

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  • Matthew Bowe

    Why two SIM slots?

    • http://TheAndroidSource.com Chris Gustafson

      In Europe people who travel from country to country a lot, sometimes have two carriers, (cheaper than roaming). So they have a SIM for each carrier and the phone can switch depending on where you are.

      I would assume it's the same situation here.

    • Solution Seekr

      Have seen this in Chinese phones before. Believe it's for travelers who get a sim card in visiting country for better rates and don't risk losing primary sim card.

    • Gaurav

      in many countries people use 2 sim slots for two different carriers,this helps them use the best features of the respective carriers.I even works out cheaper that way.

  • Gaurav

    Seriously!!! $1400 for that phone ....bit too steep for my liking!!

    • http://yobif.com Yobif

      Yeah.. Its toooooooooo Costly :(

  • Calvin

    That's the oddest phone i have ever seen who in there right mind would want that, out side of using it as a gag item at a party, its one of those thing that get filed under "WTF"

    And why does this thing have a dial pad????
    would it not just make sense to just add a slide up keypad like the one on the "Palm Pre" and Exna the other side all together?

    Well good Luck! to them on there sale of this phone to the 3 DA's (dumb a$$, not district attorney) that will buy it lolmfao at this one.

    • bedwa

      I myself have had the N1, Captivate, Inspire, Infuse and Thrill over the last year and a half. My wife on the other hand had had the HTC Dream and the Status. Why Status? She insists on a hardware keyboard. This would be perfect for her as i wouldn't have to get a crappy spec device just to get her that darn keypad. There are simply some finicky people out there. Not stupid ones.

      • Calvin

        Okay.. your point is made. Still a odd phone though :)

      • MicroNix

        A hard wired keyboard fine. Get a D4. But a dumb phone style keyboard with two displays? I hate to say it but I'm with Calvin on this one. If this thing sells more than qty 3, I'd be totally surprised.

  • Fat Fred

    To make it cooler, samsung should make it with 3 displays. The 3rd would be used as touchscreen number dialpad. How cool would that be.

  • http://yobif.com Yobif

    Android with 2 sims ??? Awesome :-)

  • mustafa m. sallak

    Alcatel got dual sim android

    Samsung already got previous exp. in dual sim card phones, and are really good. but 1400 is toooooo much

  • Freak4Dell

    Seems kind of stupid that they put a dialpad in instead of a QWERTY.

    • TuTu

      If you just want a phone to work, and do what it was initally meant to do, you still can't beat a phone-only device. The best "phones" are still just phones, with only a dial pad. Note: I'm not referring to "smart phones" that can do just about anything (whether they be Android, iOS, Windows 7, etc.). I've had all kinds of smart phones over the years, and it never mattered who the device maker was nor the operating system, but there were always glitches, bugs, resets & reboots. Don't get me wrong, I like my smart phone, but I also long for the day when EVERYTHING was guaranteed work, and immediately. No screen-delay lag when turning it on, wondering when I hit the send button if the call was initiated, terrible battery life, etc.

  • GraveUypo

    that's not even a cellphone anymore. it's a freaking blunt weapon. way. too. big.

    anyways, about multiple sim slots, besides for the above mentioned travelling reasons, in some countries such as mine, people often get cheap plans on multiple carriers so they can talk for "free" with friends & family that are on different carriers. also, since some carriers have better coverage of rural areas, so there are people get those and are unwilling to give up on their old carrier for one or another reason. or maybe they don't want to mix business with everthing else so they get a sim just for that.

    well as you can see, there's a number of reasons people get multiple sims.

    as for phones, there are some phones with up to 4 sim slots.

  • dragongunner

    I would do this in the 200-300 dollar range as I travel a lot and have multiple sim cards, but $1400 is absurd. I dont see this being a big seller with that price.

  • Rob

    Blech. Ugly. This reminds me of the Kyocera ECHO from Sprint. I'm sure two-screen formatted phones won't go away, but I don't think that technology is ready yet.

    • Erik Neu

      It looks big and ugly and am I missing something, or do the screens not match up side by side?? It seems crazy, but either you have an outside screen for normal touchscreen use, or an inside screen for use with physical keyboard. But never side-by-side--which is the ultimate use case that the Echo at least *tried* to fulfill.

      In the long-term, two-screeners make all kinds of sense to me. But I agree with Rob, they aren't ready yet. I don't think they will be until/unless a Nexus is released in that form factor, with built-in support in the Android OS.

  • Lorenzo in a Benzo

    This is the dumbest Android phone I have ever seen! Why would you need physical number keys??

    • jonathan3579

      It would make an ideal phone for those comfortable with "dumb phones" who also have a striking curiosity for touch screen smart phones. (The specs are even better than a whole slew of devices released this year too!)

      • MicroNix

        My wife who swore she'd never get rid of a dumb phone got a D3 and rarely if ever uses the keyboard. She dials from the touch screen and likes it.

  • Me

    Pentaband is a great thing, hopefully more manufacturers will start using it as a standard practice, I would think it would save them money in the long term, no need to make copies of the same phone with a different radio.

    • jonathan3579

      My sentiments exactly. (Not to mention my selfish T-Mobile ways, haha.)

  • jbonics

    I would buy one for 199 if it came with a free tablet. Not...

  • Matthew

    Surely making a slider instead of a flip phone would be far more sensible? Two screens when only one is usable at a time, is just plain stupidity.

  • mark

    remember that there is another front screen,im guessing that will have touch controls and virtual keyboard because it says it has touchwiz..what else would that be for

  • http://www.androidfamily.net/ androidfamily

    It would be nice if it had Android 4.0 and 16-32GB of space and a 1GB of ram.
    As it is I like it. I still have my old Samsung u740 from a few years back. I use it as an alarm clock now since I upgraded to a better phone but I have to say I liked that style a lot. This would be great if they would sell it in the US with the specs I put up above.

  • http://verb0ze.net verboze

    Reminds me of the Sony Palm Clie... Big and ugly... XD.

  • Nico the Filipino

    i would buy that if it was $300

  • http://twitter.com/hypersim Dmitry Provorov