The Motorola lapdock for the original Atrix 4G is being blown out of the AT&T store starting today for $250 off its $300 list price. Yup, just $50 after an instant discount gets you a laptop shell with a 36Wh battery inside.

Plug your Atrix into it, and the dead frame comes alive with a desktop-grade Webtop experience (it's really a custom, though severely cut down, Linux flavor), including desktop Firefox and virtual access to your phone's screen and data while docked.


Now that the Atrix 2 is out, AT&T is likely seeing a huge drop of demand for the now obsolete OG Atrix, and nobody likes being stuck with a large stock of unsold and highly overpriced accessories of questionable value.

After doing some research, I found the dock's price to be $194 at Amazon and, brace yourself for this one, $500 in the Motorola store, which is hilariously also powered by Amazon. $500 is how much the lapdock originally cost in the beginning of the year, and it looks like Motorola either can't be bothered to update its store prices due to lack of giving a crap or really is this greedy. Either way, I'm shaking my head here.

But back to the deal at hand. My last word of caution - be sure you're OK with this fine print before you pull the trigger: "Full Firefox browser use with AT&T Mobile Broadband requires DataPro 4GB plan." While there should be workarounds for this floating on xda, you normally won't be able to use Firefox without Wi-Fi unless your plan has DataPro 4GB. Capisce? Then carry on to the AT&T store and grab the lapdock for $50 while it's still in stock.


Thanks, Mike!

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  • KevinN

    Just got one thx!!

  • Mgamerz

    Snapped one up. Might double as a portable 720p screen since it takes hdmi (via ATRIX).

  • Khaled

    i think it doesn't make sense to dock you phone, what you will do if your phone ring while in a middle of PC session docked?

    everything soon be wireless even Phone/Tablet/Ultrabook to screens/TV

  • Christian

    At this price, I'd be foolish not to pick one up. I've already got a Note to replace my Atrix, so it can serve as a netbook from now on anyway.

  • djembeman

    Is this dock different than the one for the Droid Bionic? I might have to go to an AT&T store to try it.

  • djembeman

    Is this dock different than the one for the Droid Bionic? I might have to go to an AT&T store to try it. If they were originally priced at $100 I would have bought one.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com PixelSlave

    This is the kind of absurd logic that the ODM/carriers always makes. They could price it at $50 right from the beginning and generated a lot of "love" towards this "feature". Now, even if they sold it for less than $50, nobody would care. Yea, some people will buy it, but you are not likely to get the same buzz from the bargain hunters.

  • Eric

    So what does work if you don't switch to the 4GB plan? I'm grandfathered at unlimited data, so don't want to mess with that.

  • fake

    The issue with this has always been ATT would require a tethering plan to use it... that still the case?

  • Brian

    Can this lapdock be used with a droid razr on verizon network?

  • alice

    Does it only work with the AT&T network?

  • Hiram Lester

    The Firefox browser will be fully functional on WiFi regardless of tethering plan. Firefox on the webtop will not work on 3G/4G unless you have the tethering plan (although the Android version of Firefox will). Supposedly there are tricks to tether without the plan which may or may not enable the browser on 3G/4G, but AT&T is getting savvy to those, so it's probably not a good idea.

  • Dipock

    Well that sucks ! I ordered the dock as soon as I saw this article - the same day that you posted. Just got this in my email:

    Thank you for choosing AT&T.

    We regret to inform you that the accessory you've ordered is no longer available. As a result, we have canceled your order.

    You may visit att.com/wireless to find another accessory that will fit your needs.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to serving you.

    Thank you,


    • Brian

      I got the same message, what a drag. Back to the drawing board for a gadget for my wife.