Our elusive friend the Galaxy Nexus has made yet another appearance at the FCC, gaining approval for GSM 850/1900 and WCDMA II/IV bands, indicating an impending AT&T release.

Update: A tipster has informed us that the GT-I9250T's 'T' suffix may indicate that the phone is not actually headed for the US, but for either Telcel in Mexico, or Telus in Canada. This speculation seems conceivable, given that previous Galaxy models with a T suffix went to one of the two carriers listed above. Again, this is merely (informed) speculation – since neither AT&T nor Telus have said a word about the Galaxy Nexus, anything is possible.

Thanks, Antoine!


Of course, AT&T has been as yet totally silent about the device, so don't get too worked up yet. We'll be here, as always, to report on any new details that emerge.

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  • https://plus.google.com/101051967721153236106/posts?hl=en Tyler

    Does this mean it's still coming out on Verizon and also coming out on AT&T or is it just coming out on AT&T now?

  • Code538

    Oh Snap! Yep it's exclusively bigger and last to be on Verizon...LoL. Seems everybody and everbodies mama is getting the GNex before Verizon. Hope it comes soon or else I'm sticking to Verizon on my original moto droid and waiting for the next wave of Apple or maybe Android goodness.

  • SK

    So, it doesn't have the Tmobile USA bands like the international version did? Fuck! When the hell will TMO get the Galaxy Nexus! I'm tired of waiting for it and not getting the current set of top phones in TMO.

    • David

      The phone is penta band. It will work on all GSM networks.

    • J

      Band IV is T-Mobile AWS.

      • Joe

        Yup, I can verify that it works (mine does on T-Mo here in Philadelphia...not to rub it in or anything)

        • J

          You are not rubbing anything in.. I bought one a Negri. :)

  • http://pharaohtechblog.blogspot.com Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ)

    GT-i9250T includes WCDMA band II/V, not II/IV. If it had II/IV, it would work on T-Mobile. Hence, the problem. Incidentally, GT-i9250M was just approved by the FCC for Canada and it includes WCDMA band II/IV/V.

  • Francisco

    The verizon model that works on LTE...should work on AT&T's LET network? or do they work on different bands? (like TMO 3g and AT&T 3g)

  • Dlux

    Oh please oh please oh please.....

  • J

    I bought one from Negri at any rate. This phone is fantastic.

  • Kevin

    Man, oh man... I have been waiting for this phone ( on AT&T ) for a while now, and cannot wait to get rid of my iPhone 3g. Please let this be real, and real soon.

  • Steve

    Who wants to bet it's available on AT&T before we get it on Verizon?

    • Joe

      Forget that, what we all need to wish for is that Samsung and other hardware makers would stop getting in bed with the wireless carriers, this is ridiculous. I mean its like buying a new desktop computer but also having to sign a 2-year contract with the internet provider that the computer company is tied to. There need to be laws against this crap.

      • Ray

        Preach brother preach.

      • J

        I agree... Especially now, when they're not phones, but ultra-portable computers...

        I'd really like to see all phones come with a global, unlocked radio so they can be used on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile (or any other country's carrier(s)). Then, there'd be no need to have the same phone have multiple identities (a Verizon version & an AT&T version) etc... Which, I believe would help lower the cost to the manufacturers.

        The carriers could still offer a selection of "endorsed" or "supported" or whatever phones... Like now, go to their store/site & you can pick from a selection of phones, get a subsidy, and get tech support, if you chose one of those.

        Or, those of us more adventurous could go to the manufacturer's website and get any phone... Then take the phone to my local Verizon/AT&T/etc store & say "here, activate this for me"... Sure, I'd have to pay the full $7-800 & wouldn't get any tech support for it, but...

        Then AT&T, for example, could have focused less on the "Hey we're the only one with an iPhone" & focus more on making sure there were enough towers in SF & NYC for everyone to actually use their iPhones... Or face everyone switching to another carrier that could supply enough airwaves...

  • drew

    Joe nobody is tied to the wireless comp just pay th

  • drew

    Way to stop that is have to get on ur representitive and get the gov to pass it so all carriers have to use the same bands like they do everywhere else in the world . But if you want your phones to keep the cheaper upgrade prices still will have to deal with contracts

  • Aridon

    You are not tied to a carrier. If you choose to get a subsidy you have a contract but you can always pay full price. If a company elects to not carry a device that is their choice.

    People just think life is like burger king, their way right away. Its not, get used to it and waiting an extra couple of Weeks for a cell phone isn't going to kill anyone. We are a bunch if spoiled brats.

  • taylord

    The problem isn't that we have to wait, it's that inumerable release dates have passed without an official peep out of Verizon.

  • Calvin

    The only sad part is SPRINT! will not see the phone till about Feb 2012 when there LTE kicks in and the phone will be available in march.

    i'm kinda OK with that because my update is Feb 1 2012 but waiting an extra month is kinda lame to me a little lol.

    unless Samsung puts out the Galaxy Note/Galaxy s2 skyrocket on sprint before then witch i think will happen, i would be one happy camper....

    or should i just get the Epic touch 4g hmmmm......

    Wimax = Dead Tech
    LTE = Next wave Tech