If there's one thing we love here at Android Police more than anything, it's puppies. That usually doesn't come into play here, though, so we often deal with our very close second favorite thing: Amazingly playable, gorgeously rendered, ingeniously designed games. I just so happen to have one of those right here.

Inertia Escape Velocity is a game in which you play a futuristic scavenger collecting what I can only assume are generic, mass produced future-machine parts. Oh, yeah, you can also turn off gravity. I've been playing the game for 15 minutes now, so I'm pretty much a pro and feel like I owe it to you to show you some video of me playing the game. You can feel free to ignore that part where I die about 30 times in a row.

Apologies if the video seems choppy to you. I'm playing the HD version of the game and using Screencast simultaneously on a Nexus S. I probably should have recorded the standard definition version but, darn it, I make sacrifices for you guys!

Here are some pictures of the gameplay and menus as well to give you a better feel for the game:

screen_20111201_1405 screen_20111201_1406 screen_20111201_1406_1 screen_20111201_1406_2 screen_20111201_1407 screen_20111201_1407_1 screen_20111201_1408 screen_20111201_1410_2 screen_20111201_1410 screen_20111201_1411 screen_20111201_1409 screen_20111201_1408_1

As you can plainly see, the game is just gorgeous. It plays smoothly even with all the physics involved and the random crap that you can pull off. This game would be a blast even if it used 8-bit graphics but it doesn't; it uses stunning 3d graphics. The last time I was this impressed with a game in terms of graphics and playability was Muffin Knight and, until now, I thought that MK was untouchable. I think it's safe to say that Inertia Escape Velocity has has touched Muffin Knight with gusto.

Having said all of those awesome things, it should be noted that, if you want to download it, there are four different versions in the Android Market. There's Inertia Escape Velocity, Inertia Escape Velocity Lite, Inertia Escape Velocity HD, and Inertia Escape Velocity LiteHD. You can grab any one of them by clicking somewhere in this complex matrix of Market links:

Brad Ganley
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  • Aditya Gulia

    Hi, though it doesn't say in the descriptions, but are the "HD" versions for tablets only??

    • Alexis

      No, I installed the lite HD version on my Motorola Defy.

    • iambeast

      Not to be rude, but if you read through the article a bit, he says "I'm playing the HD version of the game and using Screencast simultaneously on a Nexus S."

      • Aditya Gulia

        Well, i may sound like i'm whining a little bit [:P], but, as i read on the app's description page:
        "HD. The special HD version features incredible high-resolution graphics that take full advantage of your tablet’s display."

        and he might have been playing it using an emulator or something...but whatever! It's NOT Tablet exclusive.


  • Raynold

    Then I suppose HD means hdpi phones.

  • Georges Geagea

    Excuse me and i am serious and not being rude! But i didn't know where's the fun in this game?! All you have to do is to click the right button at the right time!

    • Ben

      Isn't that what games are about? Maybe I've been playing them wrong then ;)

    • Charles

      That was just the tutorial levels to get you used to the controls, once in the full levels you are on your own to figure out how to get where you need to. I got this last night and have played around some with it, definitely a learning curve getting used to the control.