HCI, a prominent provider of education and entertainment devices for the healthcare industry, has just revealed a new iteration of their RoomMate television line, powered by Android. These televisions can not only show you your favorite programs, but can also make use of specially developed apps to browse the web (using built-in WiFi), view photos, play games, and a lot more, making your hospital stay (or visit) a little more enjoyable.


The new generation of RoomMate TVs come in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios, and can be updated from a centralized location, meaning hospital IT staff have total control over which apps and software updates are installed.

Other notable features include various input methods (including a pillow speaker jack), optional 160GB internal storage, and HCI MediaCare integration.

Rick Pratt, CEO of HCI has dubbed the new line of televisions "truly the most advanced, most complete, hospital-grade television on the planet." There's no doubt – this does sound like an awesome device for patients, visitors, and staff alike. For more information, check out HCI's official specs release, or PR Newswire's post on the topic at the link below.

Via PR Newswire

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://androidtidbits.com AndroidTidBits

    This will be a great device to make hospital stay as pleasant as possible. The diversion, which the device offers, may help patients cope during stressful situations or even aid them in their recovery process.

  • PezLee

    If they would release it to the general population, it could make a great all-in-one entertainment center for workshops, craft rooms, and the like. If they include a webcam and mic, it could also be used to monitor patient activity and could then work as a remote baby monitor as well.
    A little tweaking of the form factor would be nice for those uses though.

  • rob

    Seems like the very best solution on the market for hospitals. Patient education, to reduce re-admissions and will help increase HCAP ratings!