In a reassuring blog post, Cyanogen recently told readers that "things are slowly starting to come together," regarding progress on the hotly anticipated Cyanogenmod 9, which is based on Android 4.0.

The entry goes on to explain that the devices most likely to see CM9 first are those based on OMAP4, MSM8660/7X30, and Exynos chips, as well as a few Tegra 2 tablets (including the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and ASUS Transformer).


That's the good news. The bad news is that owners of the OG Droid will be left in the cold, come CM9. The team is also facing challenges due to framework changes in Android 4.0 that "break compatibility with older proprietary camera and graphics drivers." Despite such setbacks, however, Cyanogen writes "I am confident that the team will be able to overcome these issues like we have in the past."

The progress update also promises shorter "spin-up time" when compiling Cyanogenmod from source, and a few other enhancements, including an overhauled music app, a brand new file manager, and a new launcher based on Ice Cream Sandwich. Cyanogen also promised to post more progress updates as CM9 continues to take shape. For more information, check out the original post at Cyanogenmod's blog here.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

    Just a preemptive post here; before a lot of "but will it _____", I have been answering questions on the CM blog for roughly an hour now, a lot of which I'd imagine commentators here will be wondering as well. Please take the time to read them over at the blog; as opposed to bugging hard working devs. Thanks

  • ecko

    what is so special about cyanogen roms? Sorry im a noob in terms of smartphone hacking. and what does it mean when it says "built from source"?

    • flamesbladeflcl

      they are stock android with lots of great tweaks. rather then the shitty sense/blur/touchwiz modded android.

    • Jake

      The most important part is it's like breathing new life into your old phones. Cyanogenmod supports tons of phones, over 70, so even if your carrier and manufacturer abandoned your device, it would still be upgraded to the latest version of Android.

      • wutname1

        over 70??? i only count around 50.

  • sakai4eva

    CyanogenMod is like putting a hybrid V12 engine into your BMW; it's a good and fast care to begin with, but now it's super-fast* and has better mileage**.

    *Results may vary

  • Daniel

    Is the OG Droid the only phone to lose support with CM9?

    • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

      CM's post didn't specify any other devices, but did say "Our goal is to provide continued support to all CM7 devices back to the QSD8250 series of devices such as the Nexus One."

      • Lucian Armasu

        That's great. Then even the ARMv6 phones like the HTC Legend or LG Optimus One should get it.

  • Gary Hicks

    I know the D3 already has a ICS build but I would love to see some CM9 love!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    .. officially obsolete :'(

  • Vi

    I hope they are talking about the ASUS Transformer, not the prime version.

    • Mark

      Original Asus Transformer uses Tegra 2.

      • Vi

        So is that a yes, can't tell from your reply?

        as well as a few Tegra 2 tablets (including the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and ASUS Transformer).

        • drksilenc

          prime uses a tegra 3 sooo

  • Andy

    If you check on droidforums.com they're building ICS for the D1 and there's a few curves with old specs but its making progress! I'm pretty sure its an official port instead of building from source.

  • arthur

    does anybody know how load epic blue cm7 cant figure out please heip

  • Steve

    Can't wait to get this running on the GTablet and see what that thing can really do with a properly ported tablet interface.

  • Mark

    First i had to look up what an OG Droid was. Never heard it referenced like that. Original Gangsta, heh.

    Secondly, "...and a new launcher based on Ice Cream Sandwich" so I guess they're not going to go with the stock launcher but a 3rd party/custom one, like how CM7 uses ADW. Interesting, I wonder why.

    • http://www.cyanogenmod.com ciwrl

      You guessed incorrectly on the 3rd party one. We will be using stock launcher + our custom patches (reasons provided in the blog comments). No adw/lp for CM9

  • Mark

    Ah, found this in the comments:

    Just to clarify, we are not altering the functionality or aesthetics of the stock ICS launcher. That said, there is room for improvement, if just subtle tweaks for performance or functionality. We are not switching to a third party launcher (a la ADW/LauncherPro). Instead, we will provide optional features (operative word ‘optional’) to allow for true customization of your device. #1 on the list? The Google search bar on every homescreen is just plain waste of space. Nebkat (of teamhacksung) is taking the charge on the launcher customizations. The entire CM team, as a whole, doesn’t want nor expect the feature packed chaos of ADW or LP (settings upon settings). Progress can be tracked on gerrit. http://r.cyanogenmod.com/#q,status:open+project:CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Launcher2,n,z

  • WarlockSyno

    I've been waiting for ICS to come onto the Droid. :(
    My favorite ROM has abandoned me.

    • Kree Terry

      i wouldn't use the word "abandoned" they no longer support it due to hardware im sure. they wouldn't just up and leave all the og'ers just bc they feel like lol

    • Emmanuel Reynoso

      I know this is late but ICS AND Jellybean have come to the OG Droid.. google ALTONUS ROMS or just use rom manager

  • BlackOmega

    I expected this... I having a hard time getting enough free ram memory to make my droid run as it used to... but nowdays, most apps eat more than 10 megs of ram, 256mb is not enough even for running gingerbread + swype + whatsapp properlly...

    It's time to let go.. I'm getting an SGS2 this month.

  • Simon Belmont

    I am guessing that the Sprint HTC Hero and its other network clones will be put out to pasture this time around too. Other ROM makers are still making great strides on ICS ROMs for the Sprint HTC Hero though. :D

    I am not counting out CM9 for that handset yet. I am just preparing myself for it, if it happens. :)