Update: We're hearing that the update is rolling out now - hit Settings > About phone to see if it's available on your device!

It looks like Gingerbread is finally getting ready to (officially) make its way to the Droid Charge, and, judging by the build number (EP4), it seems to be a slightly updated version of the build that was leaked earlier this month (EP4P).

2011-11-23 14h57_37

The update will finally catch the device up to its smartphone peers in terms of Android version, but it will also bring the usual round of bug fixes and enhancements, as well.

  • New Download Manager
  • Enhanced App and Power Management details
  • Improved word selection and copy functionality
  • New UI
  • Added security
  • Updated Calendar Option
  • "Pause," "Wait," and "Password" have been added into the Voicemail speed dial
  • Messaging signature added
  • Hotspot WLAN password is now encrypted
  • Display email attachments from Outlook email
  • Software Upgrade Assistant has been added
  • The volume of the Low Battery Notification has been reduced

A boatload of apps and device features have also been updated and improved.

There's no word as to when the update may start rolling out, but it generally doesn't take long once Big Red updates its support pages, so it should start within the coming days. We'll keep you posted!


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Sparky

    Wrong. The leaked version was EP4P. The Source released by Samsung earlier today is EP4D. Different builds.

  • Sparky

    No Worries. Glad to be of service.

  • Paul

    Interesting. Been running a leaked build on a Droid Charge and it's been decent but I wonder if this will be better. Anybody know if this is 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 or even 2.3.6? Wonder if it's worth changing from the leaked build to this one.

    • NWS

      Wondering the same thing, I'm on GummyCharge based on a 2.2 kernel, think should I get this update? If it's 2.3.4 that means front camera will start working for skype...

  • Joe

    I am running the leaked 2.3.6. What will happen when the OTA version is released. Do I need to return my phone to Verizon stock and re-root after the OTA is installed ?

  • Abrar

    Can all Android version of samsung smartphone be updated?

  • http://mattcasto.info Matt

    I still haven't received this update. I understand from the article that the exact date wasn't released, but is there any way to force the update or at least check whether its been released yet?

    Also, any idea whether this fixes the GPS connection issues?

  • Chris S

    has this update been actually release yet ? Has anyone received it ? If so how is it working?

  • Tekjock

    Still waiting ... WTF, I want to be able to use the front cam with skype.

  • Crystal

    YAY! Just went to check my phone after reading this, and it was already halfway through the install!!!

  • Ellen

    I was notified of the update this morning, ran it and now my phone isn't working! Arghh! taking forever to scroll between pages, open an app. Guess I'll be visiting verizon today.

  • amy

    will it wipe out all of my pictures that are not on my sd card? If so, how do I transfer pictures to the sd card.when I tap on the picture, the only choice is to share it and a couple others. None to move it to sd card. I can save pictures other sent me to a sd card.???
    Dont really know if I want to run the new update

    • Matt

      Amy it wont delete anything. Phone is running wayyyy better since the update, you definitely do want to run the update!

      • amy

        Thanks Matt. didnt lose any pictures. I was so nervous. Downloaded fine. Always appreciate help from those that know about this stuff!!

    • Tekjock

      I agree with Matt, I got my update this morning and it has been running a little bit better.

      • dbm3000

        My phone is running quite well with the update received this morning. I am pleased with the improvements. I just got this phone this week and never experienced Android before. However, I just found my Google account seems to be disabled. I assume it is because I tested PDANet earlier today. I told them I did not find the app useful and prefer the idea of a mobile hotspot, via Verizon, unless I root the phone. Since the update installed today, does the process of rooting the phone stay the same after the GB update? Will I lose anything, in terms of functionality or the benefits of the update?

      • amy

        Thanks guys. worked fine. have not been on my phone enough to notice any changes in the real problems I was having like speaker problems. but so far has not helped me pick up 4g any better!!

        • Tekjock

          Speaker problems, thats weird. The speaker on mine very loud. A buddy of mine who has the HTC EVO was amazed by how loud it is.

  • Matt

    Anyone notice a new app called books? When I opened it it downloaded 3 books to my phone....

    • amy

      Good, bad or worthless books.?? That is the question.

      • Matt

        Good books. Just don't like auto downloads of anything. Quadrant benchmark has in increased dramatically...60-80% higher

  • amy

    Hey everyone.... I downloaded GB yesterday. Just tried to use my camera for the first time. Camera flashes. Appears to take a picture. However, the picture is no where to be found on the phone. All of my old pictures are still there in the gallery and on the SD card.
    This happen to anyone else.

    • Tekjock

      Works fine for me.

  • Matt

    No problems here...yet

  • greg

    Amy have u had any screen problems with your charge. This is my 4th charge and whenever i turn it on from sleep mode i have white lines that go across mine

    • amy

      Not that i have noticed. suprised though. this is my third charge. mainly for problems like crashing and losing all photos, not.picking up any 4g.

  • rak44

    going to update my contract with new droid charge after much research on all latest phones on dec 30. will verizon download gb for me at purchase or will I have to do myself. Do you think i'll be happy with dc?

    • amy

      I wouldnt get one. this is my first droid, so i have no comparison x to friends and i would never get it again if i had to do again. since update, my speaker is fine but now my keyboard.is super slow and sometimes doesnt even show up as i text. This is my third charge,i thought fourth earlier but was mistaken. they have all been bad upon replacement. i have been into verizon for so many issues. it rarely picks up 4Gat my home and they have been in the area to check that and say our signals are fine..i beg to.differ. sometimes in middle of city signal goes out.
      just not my idea of a good phone.

  • rak44

    Thanks Amy, it seems to me that the updates are what is getting everyone in trouble. Was your phone working ok before the updates? What if I get one and don't update it. and just run on what it came with?

    • amy

      Phone was much worse prior to update!!! Sorry.. there has to be another phone out there. id hate to have u be stuck w this one

  • rak44

    looks like I'll be looking. I'll take your word for it. Sure did like that amoled screen though . wonder if there is another good screen with less problems. one thing is I live in a good 4g area. don't think I wanna spend the $300 for the new samsung. how bout droid2?

    • amy

      Screen.is great forgot to say that since update, i will be on phone and talking when suddenly other person cant hear. full signal and all. happens at least couple times per day. phone does not drop call. but call has to be reinitialted. gotta love it....auggghhhh. i wil be calling verizon later today as i have a long list of complaints. they pushed me to wait for update and i did. i am done waiting for this phone to work.

  • rak44

    just did alot of research on rezound htc with review. Although battery is not quite as good the reviews are very good. Target has them for $150 with 2 year. whatta you think?