It's not much of a secret that the Samsung Exynos process is one of the fastest dual-core mobile chips on the planet. Sammy announced the blazing fast evolution of its flagship processor this morning, and it's said to be twice as fast as the current chip. It's still dual-core and clocks in at 2GHz, only a slight bump up from the current speed.


As you likely already know, though, sheer numbers mean nothing in terms of actually processor speed - it's all about architecture. The next-gen Exynos is the first SoC (System-on-Chip) to use ARM's new Cortex-A15 processor, which is where the real difference is made. It's faster and contains a substantially faster graphics performance over the existing A9 architecture, supporting resolutions up to 2,560 x 1,600.

The Exynos 5250 is set to being shipping in Q2 of next year. Who's ready to have their mind blown?

[Via The Verge]

Cameron Summerson
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  • TA

    How's a dual-core 2ghz compare to a quad-core 1.3ghz like the Tegra 3?

  • Blalbub

    its faster? Until not all the 4 cores are being supported, its way faster. But more cores are always better, if they are supported properly.

  • mastermind26

    Why does this feel oddly similar to the speed wars of the semiconductor industry (CPU's race to the GHz and beyond)?

    • sluflyer06

      because its no different.

    • owq

      Isn't this... the semiconductor industry?

  • Steve

    Well if it is Q2 2012, we will already have Tegra 3 by then. I agree - just like in PC's - unless they actually build the architecture to support 4 Cores your just going to be using 2 Cores (like the current models). Tegra 3 will have superior GFX support then current dual cores but it will only be utilizing 2 of 4, so is 1.3 better than current 1.5 or future 2.0?

    Honestly with neither one being out this is all guess work. Plus we don't know how ICS will handle Quad Core CPU's. Obviously it handles them, proof in the Transformer Prime Demos. But that is tablet, how will a phone handle it? And is it even going to be worth it in a phone if dual cores drain batteries - think of quad. There is going to have to be alot of code "lovin" going on to finesse the processors into Power Management.

  • L boogie

    It's going to be interesting how Samsung utilizes this SoC in the next wave of galaxy tablets and phones because if the SGS 2 is fast, galaxy s 3/4 as well as the upcoming tablets are going to be nuclear

  • kevin

    meh its a samsung

  • BlackOmega

    A15 core, probablly gonna leave tegra3 in the dust.

    • alexxx

      Tegra3 was released year and half ago. Way ahead of competition, year ahead. With Tegra4 due in few months with Kepler graphics, nVidia leaves all in the dust. That's what they do. nVidia= first dual and QuadCore.