Last Updated: December 6th, 2011

HyperDevBox, the publisher of Spectral Souls, which previously wowed us with both the price sticker ($15) and the size of its creation (1GB) topped its own record today with the release of a new game. Generation Of Chaos, which the company dubbed the first massive strategy RPG for Android, nearly doubles the space requirements - you will need over 1.8GB to complete the installation process. That "massive" part gained a whole second meaning there, didn't it?

Promising 100 hours of gameplay, the game invites you to build out and rule your own kingdom, fighting 30v30 real-time battles using over 150 characters in 10 different campaigns. Here, take a look:

image  image image

image  image image

Generation Of Chaos costs a familiar $15, so you're practically getting double the geebees for the same price - you won't find a deal like that in a bargain bin at Walmart (can I buy 5?).

If you're a fan of Spectral Souls or if you're up for grabbing something you won't be able to refund (the download will probably take at least half an hour), proceed to the widget below. Otherwise, collect your jaw from the floor and carry on.

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  • Abhisek

    Generation of massive shit.

    • goukisan

      have you played it? If not then you shouldnt comment. I own this on the PSP it is a great game.

  • F4ndroid

    Hardly jaw-dropping. Couldn't see anything through all those flashy animations and unnecessary special effects. Yes, the game is enormous. No, I am not impressed...yet. I definitely want to see more info on this. Maybe then my jaw will drop.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The jaw is on the floor due to app size, not quality, that's what I meant.

  • Michael Kennedy

    and price! thats more expensive than the adobe apps

  • Skillit

    It's pretty expensive, but it one of the most polished strategy RPG on any smartphone, it even beats the Square-Enix FF ports to iOS.

  • Yourissues

    Have any of you played Spectral Souls? It's an amazing game/port that they did.. Still one of my favorite games and I have been waiting eagerly for this to come. If they could port Xenogears.... The world would be at piece once again.

  • jason

    Spectral souls was the first game I bought and never regretted it either. I will check this out based on my experience with the developer. Thnx

  • musashiken

    Hardcore Japanese RPG players will definitely give this a thumbs up. That is if they haven't already played it on the PSP.

    And considering that the original PSP version still costs like twice of this, this is not expensive. Especially when you get to play this on a tablet that has a larger screen than the PSP.

  • William T.

    The trailer is kinda bad, but this is a direct port of the PSP game Generation of Chaos. Search YouTube of the PSP game for gameplay videos.
    Yes, the game is a bit on the expensive side. Is it worth the money? This is your standard TBS J-RPG (e.g. FF Tactics). I spent at least 200+ hours on Spectral Souls so I have no problem paying this price, but that depends on each individual.
    On a related note, Spectral Souls has 4.5 stars after 2,500 downloads at this same price. HyperDevbox is going after a niche market with this game with quality ports.

  • Artur

    Spectral Souls - boring, linear, pseudotactical pseudoRPG with immature story and awful controls. I've wasted a lot money for it and now it's uninstalled due to enormous size and lack of interest.
    Now they come with another hyperexpensive game expecting me to sacrifice 2GB of my device's storage.
    JRPG is one of the worst things ever invented. Adding jTactical or jStrategy makes it only worse. I wonder how many hours of gameplay would we get without silly combat animations and boring cutscenes.
    There's only one good Japanese RPG I've ever seen and it's called Trap Hunter.

    • musashiken

      If you don't understand the appeal of JRPGs, doesn't mean they are crap. I also think american rpgs like Skyrim are a huge waste of time and simply pointless. That doesn't mean they are crap too.

  • decanem

    loved the first one and i think these are worthy entries to the android game portfolio....but....

    playing a turn-based rpg on a huge touchscreen using overlay console button?

    it hurts to imagine how cool this game would be with full touchscreen drag-n-drop, hold and flick menus and control. too much work i guess...

  • rubejb

    Does anyone know if the devs added actual touchscreen controls instead of being lazy like they did with Spectral Souls and just slap on a virtual keypad and buttons?

    I'd love a great turn-based strategy game for my phone, but SS was terrible in my opinion because of the horrible ported controls.