Looks like HTC jumped a new member into the unlockable bootloader gang this morning: the EVO Design 4G. The Design now joins the ranks of the Sensation, EVO 3D, and Flyer in the realm of unlocked bootloader-dom, along with another recent newcomer to the scene, the Amaze 4G on T-Mobile.

2011-11-29 10h50_24

As always, the process will void your warranty, but if an unlocked bootloader is what you're after, then this is the place to get it done. The process is pretty simple and easy to follow, so, if you're feeling froggy, head over to HTCDev to get started. Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
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  • William D

    I just dont understand why having a LOCKED bootloader is important.

    1. OEM and Carriers are scared of tech support calls, but... ONLY people familiar with rooting/bootloaders/etc are doing anything with unlocked bootloaders and they know what they are doing anyway.

    2. Why not just pre-root all phones and call it a day.

    3. Average customer isnt going to go FIND "Wireless Tether" now that its not in the market and load it and use up data...

    • lazyboy0172

      pre-root would be a bad idea simply because of malware or other harmful apps that people could install. I'm not sure, but making it so easily rooted could also be problematic, as some devices can achieve root through exploits in programs on the market as is, so an easily rooted device could be rooted and exploited by harmful apps, without normal users being any the wiser. I do however fully support the way HTC goes about it with these recent sprint and international phones (still looking at you, rezound...) in that it is incredibly easy for those that want to, but very difficult for a simple malicious app to do harm without you having rooted it yourself through their method, which, as you've pointed out, if you have done that you should be smart enough to stay away from those malicious apps and know what you're getting into.

  • Bolski

    Too bad Motorola won't follow this path. I know Verizon is the main culprit, but does this mean HTC users on Verizon can unlock their phones?

  • jon

    I.tried to unlock my phone..didn't work..do I need to be on a home computer for this??