Owner's of Verizon's LTE-enabled Motorola Xoom should be expecting an update soon, bringing system software to version HLK75F. The update is a tiny 7.8MB, and brings with it compatibility for Pay As You Go LTE service.


Verizon's informational document about the update is tacit on the subject, listing the following benefits:

  • Now offers month to month, pay as you go 4G LTE Mobile Broadband service.
  • Updated Google Setup Wizard to improve reliability of Pay As You Go detection on first device power up.

For those interested, Verizon also has a document outlining how to obtain the software update. There's no word on exactly when this update will begin rolling out, but Verizon has attached a reassuring "COMING SOON!" tags to the links leading to the update's documentation on the Xoom's system update page.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Mapex

    Pay as you go is a good twist on broadband-only tablet service. I hardly use the tablet as it is and usually rely on WiFi and tethering for internet, but during time periods where I can benefit from the dedicated and separate internet service this service could be useful.

    Examples would be attending conferences or traveling or any other situation where I cannot both enable tethering on my phone and charge it simultaneously so it doesn't die in 2 hours; in these cases having the tablet possess its own internet connection is more worthwhile.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Agreed, as long as it's priced in a sane way. $30 for a month and $15 for a day wouldn't be fair in my book, but $3 a day would be just right.

  • Ali Jawad

    I dig this a lot. I use the broadband connection quite a bit, but would definitely like the flexibility to disable the plan when I won't be traveling. Lets hope the pricing is reasonable...