Prospects of purchasing a Galaxy Tab 10.1 are looking a bit better for our Australian friends, after a court today overturned the injunction leveraged against Samsung's super-thin tablet by Apple. While this is great news, the Australian court stated that it would keep the injunction in place until Friday, and Apple has already indicated an impending appeal.


Leading to the injunction's overturning, the Australian court ruled that there was not enough evidence that Samsung had infringed Apple's touchscreen patent. Samsung has already released a statement on the subject, indicating that a release date for the 10.1 in Australia is forthcoming, further stating "We believe the ruling clearly affirms that Apple's legal claims lack merit." Right now, things are looking pretty good for Samsung in Australia, but we'll be sure to report any new developments as they happen.

Via The Guardian

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Liam Spradlin
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  • chris

    Glad somebody is using their heads!

    • Zomby2D

      Maybe the Dutch judge who ran the case in August could take some time to educate other judges. That way we'd see less stupid decisions in favor of the iTroll that just need to be reversed later on.

      • kissmyassapple

        time for another group "fuck you apple"

        • Jon Garrett


          but this is not "good news" for Samsung, the 10.1 is almost 6 months old which is pretty old by mobile standards. and with quad core 720p tablets coming soon, the 10.1 is no longer a premium tablet.

  • Glen

    Frankly I don't give a turd. It's a shame it wasn't able to be in AUS from the beginning, but now this device is old and in 2 weeks well have the Transformer PRIME here in AUS. Samsung, you shouldn't really bother now. Hold on till you have something next Gen. Gotta get out there and pick up my PRIME before those Apple A-holes take that away.

  • taylordd

    If Apple tries to meddle with my Nexus acquiring ability in the U.S. I'm going to flip out. They already have a herd of millions of sheep who are almost certainly going to buy whatever overpriced product they release next, so how monetarily focused are these lawsuits anyway?

  • Erik

    Go die apple ! I hate you for the rest of my life ! An apple will never beat Robot !

  • Darkseider

    Apple can just go screw itself. They have seen the writing on the wall. Android has obliterated their market share and dominance in the smartphone market and is continuing to grow. The same is starting to happen in tablet market. Apple is doing what they can to try and remain relevant as long as they can before Android usurps their dominance in the tablet space.

  • jonathan3579

    I've seriously become tired of Apple's bullshit childish antics. It's only a matter of time 'til the cases in the U.S. pick up and then it's really gonna be heated. I personally enjoy Samsung's plastic(y) products.

  • truthbetold

    Judge Annabelle Bennett's husband, David Bennett, happens to be the senior counsel for the firm representing Apple, 5 Wentworth.

    Moreover Annabelle Bennett is an alumni of 5 Wentworth herself.

    Now that the inept ruling by Annabelle Bennett is overturned, they
    should also look into the possible case of conflict of interest.

  • MichaelZarathustra

    Apple, STFU!!!!