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Inspired by both the poll on ideal phone screen size and last week's poll on which orientation you use your tablet, I'm curious to see what your ideal tablet screen size is.  So far, it seems 10" is the standard for full-fledged tablets, 7" for e-readers and "tablet-lite" devices, and there's a gamut of sizes in between (and below) for all different purposes - but which is right for you? Sound off in the poll, then head to the comments to discuss.

What Is Your Ideal Tablet Screen Size?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • http://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk Ronnie

    Being a Galaxy Nexus owner, anything less than 9.5 would feel like a phone! ;)

    • Trollin

      Resound is way better you nerdggg

    • TareX

      I know what you're saying... but as a GN owner, I would like to get a 7.5-8.5-ish tablet... anything bigger is too close to my 14" laptop, and just as portable. I only need it as a reader though; so it's bigger than most books.

    • http://www.ewhomefurniture.co.uk/ Home Furniture

       agreed, 9.5+ is required

  • matt

    What about the people who have only used one sized tablet? I have a xoom, but I suspect id like a 7 inch tablet more. Xooms weight gets unwieldly after a while. No idea what is ideal for me. Maybe a poll on what current size as well? Or some other way to account for this?

    • Hal Motley

      I have used my friend's Galaxy Tab (original) and I think that it feels just like an oversized mobile phone, along with inclusion of GSM/CDMA abilities which actually make an oversized phone.

      I prefer a 10 inch tablet because of my experience with both the iPad and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

    • Spydie

      I tried the 7" Kindle Fire. I thought my ipad 2 was too big and heavy to hold up for reading in bed and too unwieldy to have with me all the time while a 7" would fit in my back pocket. I returned it after a week. 7" is too small for web browsing and magazine subscriptions. It's only good for reading books (but an e-ink is better/lighter) and playing games. Really limits the uses for it even if it's small enough to have with you. Waiting for my new Asus Transformer Prime now to replace the Ipad 2 I sold yesterday.

  • eTiMaGo

    I have a Xoom and a HTC Flyer (updated to Honeycomb), and I find the flyer more pleasant to use and carry around. Though for HD videos and stuff like remote desktop, gotta love the bigger screen!

  • Dragonithe

    I think for some movies, browsing and more powerfull tasks I would like a 12" tablet.

  • Sp4rkR4t

    Given the step up in screen pixel density we are about to see I want a 1920x1200 tablet in as small a form factor as possible.

  • Kelita

    I love my Evo View tablet. At 7", it's the perfect size to slip in my purse and take on the go. Anything bigger would be too much of a hassle.

  • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

    Weight is most important factor... So my Tab10.1 is awesome in that.. thinnest (existing) and lightest tablet :D

    and yh the 10.1" screen is awesome and just perfect for me..

  • bee

    Seriously, why aren't there any decent android tablets bigger than 10"?

  • Mohan

    I have a 10.1" tablet. I don't use this tablet that often. I don't have complaints on 10.1" but if I have 12" screen tablet, I will use more often.

  • Hugo

    Both 7" and 10".
    I use my 7" Galaxy Tab for smartphone purposes, and really would like to have a 10" tab for couch surfing etc.

  • TheMuffStuff

    I feel 10.1 is perfect, 7 is too small for a honeycomb tablet, I think 8 or 8.9 might be a little nicer, and more portable than a 10.1

  • http://ebookfriendly.com Piotr Kowalczyk

    To give a hint of how much 7-inch and 10-inch differ in size - here is a visual comparison: http://ebookfriendly.com/2011/11/08/kindle-fire-7-vs-8-9-vs-10-1-inch-screen-sizes-graphic-tip/

    I'd go for 8.9" Fire.

  • http://www.wulfoutdoorsports.com The Sandman

    I use my SGT 10.1 mainly for comics, so the screen size is PERFECT for me. I understand the 8.9 SGT has the same resolution, but my eyes need the larger pixels. Glad I paid the extra $100 for the SGT - outstanding device, especially customized (ROM, kernel) to the max.

  • Skillit

    I still don't buy into the table hype.

    It offers little more functionality than a smartphone with a decent sized screen but is a lot less portable and it is a little more portable than a notebook but offers a lot less functionality.

    • Freak4Dell

      I agree. I bought one for a specific purpose, but I definitely would not have bought one if I didn't have that purpose behind it. I'd rather carry my netbook over a tablet for general purpose uses, especially when considering the 10" tablets that you can't fit into a pocket (the 7" ones can be squeezed into larger pockets). For times when I don't need the full power of my netbook or even more power from my laptop (about 85% of the time), I have my phone that is plenty capable for the more basic on-the-go tasks.

    • GraveUypo

      there are uses for it... some very specific uses (like portable digital portifolio) are great, and for regular "check email, watch quick video, show photos" users its way more practical than a notebook, specially if you don't have a smart phone to begin with.

      i gave one to my mother and she loves it.

  • Ryan Conger

    Anything bigger than 10.1" is just not mobile anymore...may as well just stay with my giant bulky laptop at that point.

  • Ahmad Fayiz

    Asus transformer is perfectly sized screen for me, i don't have it :( but if i had it it's perfect

  • Vi

    I voted 7.51 - 8.5", but only if they start making thinner bezels.

    It's not the size of your screen that counts, it's what will easily fit in your pocket!

  • L boogie

    Danced with the first transformer now can't wait for the transformer prime which IM about to pre-order meanwhile IM currently playing with the g-tab lte and I'm loving though I need something like the flyer or the exynos-powered g-tab 7.7 to move around with.

  • Freak4Dell

    I'm not a huge fan of tablets in general, but I did buy one, and I think it's a good size. I bought the Flyer/View, so obviously, I'm a fan of the 7" size. However, if they could fit an 8.9" screen into the same chassis and just trim down the bezel, I wouldn't complain.

  • doseas

    I want something larger than a phone, but still small enough to fit in my pocket. If it doesn't fit in my pocket, then why not just get a laptop?

  • matt harwood

    Voted 6.1 to 7.5. Got a galixy tab 7 inch and i love it because it fits in my back jeans pocket inside jacket pocket among other places but yet gives me a bigger screen to look at vs my phone. I certainly like the bigger tablets but convenience wise im totally loving sompething thats big enough screen wise so im not squinting my eyes like i used to when looking at my phone and yet portable enough at the same time. Considering an upgrade soon and it will for sure be a 7 inch tablet when i make the move..

  • guyman

    I have a bigger concern for aspect ratio. The android tablets with their aspect ratio really bother me. They very hard to hold and type in wide screen orientation.. and there is too great a difference between horizontal and verticle orientation--such that, one always feels the need to change orientations to get the best/ideal view; but, with the iPad, the the gap between orientations is so small--that one doesnt feel the need to constantly change the orientation to get the best/ideal view.

  • http://www.theandroidsite.com Ben Marvin

    Just give me a Galaxy Note or something else in the 5-7 inch range that can make phone calls and I'll be happy. Yeah, I'm one of those weirdos.

  • Jeff

    lounging around the house: My 10 inch tablet

    Out and about: I'm getting a 5 inch Samsung Galaxy Player Wi-fi 5.0 (They also make a 4 inch for those interested)

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    Hmmmm, I own a 7inch galaxy tab... I'd like something with a bigger screen, but probably not anything physically larger...

    Maybe a 8.9 tab, with minimal bezel, and a dock like transformer would be my ideal tablet.

  • carnegie0107

    7.5-8.5", unless it has a super-slim bezel, then maybe as much as 9". I'm a nerd; for heavy-duty stuff I have my laptop, and for lighter work I have my phone. The only thing I want the extra real estate for is web browsing, the true glory of the tablet.

    I share an Acer Iconia Tab with my roommate, and while we both have laptops we use for real work, when it's time for Facebook or to Google something, we fight over the tablet.

  • Tyler Brainerd

    I had the first gen ipad, a nook color, and now a hp touchpad (android). I feel like the 9.7/10 inch is too big for what I use it for, making it hard to hold and heavy, but the nook color's 7 inch was a bit crowded.

  • JayMonster

    I suspect that preference in size will have a lot to do with the use case. Since I use my tablet more for productivity, the 10.1 inch suits me well. But those that use it more for entertainment may find a smaller size more elegant and easier for long term holding.

  • observer

    In between the seven and ten inch tabs lies product nirvana, imho. Currently have a SGT 10.1 which is ever too slightly big to commute with. Looking to buy the SGT 8.9 LTE when it is released.

    Do wish other manufacturers would adopt the 4:3 aspect ratio, though.

  • Nymaz

    I've got a 7" Tab. I'd say probably 50% of my use is as an e-reader, the other 50% is misc - browsing, gaming, updating docs. I think that's the perfect size for maximizing screen size but still keeping the weight down (I can hold it in my hand all day) and being able to fit into a belt pouch or pocket. If I wanted something larger that I'd have to carry in a backpack or shoulder bag and set it on a table, why not just have a laptop?

    • Major_Pita

      Couldn't have said it better...

  • spark

    Aren't 7 and 10 inch devices hard to hold for long periods? I have the Galaxy Player 5, it's great.

  • BK Phil

    You should also do a poll on aspect ratio...

    4x3 or nothing, I say - for books, magazines, surfing, can't be beat

    those who primarily watch movies will differ (vehemently, I predict)

  • http://www.bluhausfurniture.com Rak

    7.51 - 8.5" is just perfect size! For battery life rather than the 9.51 - 10.5".

  • mikeym0p

    8.5 definitely!

  • TareX

    I'd like to have a foldable, flexible 10" tablet with the portability of a 7" tablet. If not, I'll take a 7.7" tablet. That's my perfect size.

  • shade69

    I'd like a tablet 13-15.6 inches... with a pressure sensitive stylus. And before someone states this is too big, it is smaller than an open magazine.
    I have tried smaller tablets and frankly, 10.1 is barely tolerable... I'm using one right now.