In a recent "Competitive Comparison" graphic, Verizon has labeled Samsung's Galaxy Nexus as having "No OEM Customization," ostensibly as a selling point against the competition.


It's interesting that Verizon would go so far in labeling the Nexus' UI as such, but it may hint that VZW is at least vaguely aware that some consumers prefer a stock experience, and consider it a strong enough selling point that it should be included in a comparison chart. It's also likely that Verizon simply wanted to accurately describe each device's UI, but I find it odd that they included "Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich" twice in the same column, just to make clear that there are no custom overlays to be found on the Nexus.

It's also worth noting that the memory specs for the Nexus once again list 32GB internal storage, which is interesting considering the rumored $199 price point that's cropped up recently.

Droid Life's post on the subject reminds us that training is in full swing for Verizon employees, but reiterates that, unfortunately, we still don't have a solid date to go on regarding the Galaxy Nexus' long-awaited release.

via Droid Life

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://genesischess.com/ Micah

    I'm not sure if they have it as a selling point over just a matter of fact point.

    If you look it also shows "no removable memory." Hard to think of that as being a selling point, right?

  • Sleepin in CA

    Who cares. This rumor mill you guys are stirring just leads to pointless speculation, and a bunch of articles that amount to nothing. This article may have facts, but it's just another crap article regarding this phone.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      We report on new developments, and this qualifies as one. I hear you on the frustration about all the delays with the VZW version, but I disagree that it's crap and adds no value.

    • http://www.liamspradlin.com Liam Spradlin

      It's your prerogative to not care about posts containing speculation, or those that are "crap," but I think that posts such as this, that cover new developments and pepper in a bit of speculation, are a worthwhile way to pass time until such a hotly anticipated phone finally debuts.

    • taylord

      These articles are what keep me updated. I'm pretty sure no major tech release has occurred in the last 10 years without large amounts of rumors and speculation beforehand.

  • sgtguthrie

    1: I don't understand why no sd card!
    2: Why mark that as a selling point?
    3: I still want one :-)

    • Devin

      If it's in a product brief, it's a selling point. If not, why would it be there?

      • Matt

        Wrong. If they only included selling points in product briefs it would be an ad not a brief. Lower specs are never a selling point for the common customer. An average user is going to see less mp camera, smaller processor, and no expandable memory as a negative not a selling point..

  • A7MAN

    First of all, many kudos for using the word "ostensibly." So many tech blogs these days read like they're google-translated from Mandarin or Hindi.

    Second of all, sleeping in CA needs to go back to sleep or change his sn to "trolling from CA."

    3rd, I'm guessing there's no SD because Google wants to transition to no expandable storage as the new normal. Remember the old days when there were no apps2SD for various security/technical reasons? Idk why, but I remember!

    And, finally, in the words of the great Maynard Keenan, "can I get a hell-yeah!" for the shredded glimmer of hope that VZ is actually kind-of maybe somewhat moderately in-touch with the all-important opinions of us raging android-omnipotent uber-nerds! "Booty-Betty Thickalicious!" FTMFW!

  • kaoruAngel

    Why is $199 so surprising? It's something of a lackluster phone.
    Still considering buying it as it has 24% greater battery life over the Rezound (according to engadget) and infinitely greater LONG-TERM battery life over the Razr (without a replaceable battery what do you do after the first year passes and battery life spirals?).
    Can you tell I care about battery life?
    Also, how in the heck am I gonna modify, customize and virtually extend the life of a locked down Rezound or Razr?
    P.S.: While the questions asked above are mostly expected to be taken rhetorically, if answers exist to them, please tell!

    • Seth

      What in that description qualifies as lackluster to you? Because to me is looks like it blows all other phones out of the ballpark.

  • http://tantrajnaan.com Robert Dunn

    Dear AT&T,
    I want to give you my money. Please bring this to your network. PLEASE
    Your Slave

    • Henry

      Im sorry this is exclusive to vzw if you want this on att you have to get the unlocked version which is hspa

  • corwin1681

    No OEM customatization = GREAT selling point! The only customatization better then plane UI - is CyanogenMod. Everything else just cripples the experience. ESPECIALLY TouchWiz.

  • A7MAN

    I'm curious about the superscript "2" on the mobile hotspot feature. Tethering plan required or whiskey tango fox?

  • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

    Notice that it only says "OEM Customization" while there is no mention of "Carrier Customization" which is the one that scares me. If all holds true and we just get the three VZW apps, that is not THAT bad. The typical Verizon customer actually sees those as selling points and features, so they are not entirely wrong in at least including a few essentials. Just make sure they are uninstallable without having to hardware unlock the device to delete it.

    • Mike

      No OEM Customization = No Touchwiz...

      I think it is a safe bet all of your VZW favorites will come installed on this phone..Let's Golf, etc..lol

      But if the phone comes already rooted/easy to root, they'd also be easily removable.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

        The testers of the VZW device report that it only had 3 Vcast apps on it -- the vcast store, movies and the my Verizon app. As to whether or not that is what happens on the final hardware, we shall see. The argument of root on this device, while unnecessary, as the device can be unlocked without the need to "root," should not matter here. The issue was that the apps previously could not be uninstalled without root on a locked phone. It should not work that way.

  • A7MAN

    As long as there is no unremovable facesuck app, I'm good..

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psycho_maniac_ Jerry

    I think by "No OEM Customization" They mean the UI.

  • yarrellray

    Still waiting verizon..............

    • jim

      .......................................and waiting and waiting and waiting..............

  • jobo

    The author is reading too much in this description.

    Technically, if you put 'Sense' or 'TouchWiz' on the other columns, this one should say 'None'. But that could confuse buyers, who'd prefer a phone with UI over one without. (They probably wouldn't understand 'vanilla' either when the OS has Ice Cream in it.)
    If it just said 'ICS' that would not set it apart from ICS _with_ customization.

    This is just a less judgmental way to say 'Unpolluted ICS UI'.

  • orlanka

    With the way that Verizon has drug out the launch of this phone and now showing it lined up against the competition where the average Joe off the street will see the 5MP camera and the 1.3MP ff camera, it really appears as if Verizon is trying to kill this thing off before it could even get started

    • http://twitter.com/#!/brandonjnunn bjn714

      I am sorry that you find that 3 weeks after the announcement and it has still not been released unacceptable. I find that 3 weeks from the product announcement is not really dragging it out.

      And honestly, I think Verizon could care less whether or not the phone sells big, because the purpose of this device is not to beat every other phone in specifications and be the number one seller. It is designed for a purpose - to introduce developers (and whoever wants to try one) to the new platform. It does not need to have the top specs to compare, as the people that the Nexus is targeted toward are not the every day consumer. While there are many average consumers who may want this device, but don't think Verizon is trying to kill anything.

      Verizon launched this to appeal to the developer community. Verizon could not go another Nexus without getting in on it if they wanted to keep the developer support on their network.

      And this is a Nexus device. While carriers and manufacturers alike want to sell as many phones as possible, that is not the purpose of the Nexus. It is not designed to be the sales leader or ultimate everything phone. It is a test platform for what is to come, that anyone can get in on, and to that extent, it will do wonderfully.

  • Dan

    So, here's how it compares to the Galaxy SII and over here is how it compares to the Galaxy SII and then over in this column is how it compares to the Galaxy SII...

    I love marketing.