For those who spend a lot of time looking at a computer, and can't be bothered to look at their phone very often, Sand Studio has introduced AirDroid, an app that allows users to control their Android Phone from a computer via WiFi.

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The great thing about AirDroid is that it works - it's easy to start up, and functions flawlessly (in my experience). The interface is also very polished - mimicking a desktop launcher complete with moveable icons, a task bar, and controls that allow you to do just about anything.

One of the most impressive features is the ability to access SMS messages, manage them, and send messages right from a web browser. Users can also manage contacts, uninstall/backup apps (AirDroid will download your apps as apk files), browse files, access the Android Market, and manage music and ringtones, in addition to the ability to look at phone information from CPU status to battery level and beyond.

Best of all, AirDroid is completely free from the Android Market. With all the powerful features it offers, this app is certainly worth checking out.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Tarek El-Eter

    looks very good there was an app by some other developer that did the same thing and could access your camera if you had toot forgot the name of the app

    • heartbraden

      Remote Web Desktop does that.

  • heartbraden

    I'm getting a "Failed with Network Error" upon opening the Messages. Everything else has seemed to work, but the messages is what I was most excited for!

    • Aaron

      It works for me, but i just got that error while i was editing files while loading AP's page... now i cant open the file manager... so dont give up! It is AWESOME when it works!

      Reconnected and its working again :)

      • heartbraden

        Yeah, Messaging still won't pull up my messages, but if I receive a new text, I can click on the notification on the browser and it will correctly pull up that contact's conversation history. For some reason, though, the error still pops up and I have to clear it each time I send/receive a message. It still works fine, but the error message is getting annoying is all. If it continues, I'll submit a feedback report or something.

  • http://decodeumangkedia.blogspot.com Umang

    Remote Web Desktop has all the features... Even one can upload files on phone thru Wifi..

    • LoLdude

      So does AirDroid...

  • http://darshankaria.com Darshan Karia

    So elegant and intuitive user interface... easy to set up and use for anyone... far simpler and faster than kies air which comes installed on sgs2 for almost same purpose... way to go, really appreciate the work of dev here... :-)
    Edit: Thanks to AndroidPolice for posting so many cool android apps here... :-)

  • JuggalotusHeat

    App has a lot of potential but the network error is getting irritating haha...BUT this is beta and as I previously stated has a lot of potential. I'm sure this error will be addressed quite soon with an update (I hope). I tried the Web Remote Desktop app that was mentioned by umang and it is worth a try as well. No network errors and it is quite feature rich.

  • Level380

    working AOK here for me....

  • J

    Couple questions...

    1.) Does the phone have to be on the same wifi network as the computer?
    2.) Is there any reason (other than potentially bandwidth issues) that this couldn't work on cellular network as well?

    Just thinking... If you paired this with a DynDNS type app that'd automatically update the IP address of the phone whenever it changed (jumping on WiFi or 3/4G data from the other)... Then all you'd have to do is enter the linked address (myphone.dyns.com) instead of the IP address & you'd be able to access your phone from anywhere... So if you forgot your phone in your hotel room, you could just log in & download your presentation without leaving the office. Or if you're using Web Remote Desktop, you could apparently snap a few pics of whoever might be trying to use the phone if you realize you forgot & left it in a taxi somewhere....

    • ChaosKiller

      1. You should be able to use it if you port forward.
      2. The provider could block ports.

      • Noct

        they generally don't though. If you wanted to be smart about it you could just customize your ports to ones that are unlikely to be blocked.

  • http://smonkey.site.co.il Guy

    It looks great, but for some reason - it doesn't control my contacts list at all.

    If I want, for example, to assign a ringtone to a certain group of contacts, it doesn't work. I have to do it directly on my android SGSII.

    Besides that - it's awesome!

  • Duane

    Great potential and looks really good. Import file fails though.

    Edit: Doesn't work with Opera, Firefox works ok.

  • Sergiu

    Nice app, working like a charm on Moto Defy and Google Chrome.

  • Jason

    Next would be to control it over 3g/4g. Then, you could text in class :)

    • http://jasonhazel.com Jason Hazel

      You could enable wifi tethering on your phone, then connect via your laptop.

      The application appears to work when using USB tethering as well.

  • Martin

    Great app, all working as it should on DHD running Android Revolution 2.3.5

  • Thomas

    MyPhoneExplorer does all of this and has tons of more sync-features

    • http://nirdvana.com Tyler Style

      Unfortunately, MyPhoneExplorere is a Windows only app.

      It also installs the crapware "Babylon 9" even if you deselect it in the installation process!

    • http://nirdvana.com Tyler Style

      MyPhoneExplorer also sideloads it's client app without telling you the permissions it'll be using first! Very ugly and rife with the possibility for abuse. This is a very sketchy tool, IMO.

  • RF

    Which one is better?
    Remote Web Desktop

    Can someone test both apps?

    • ChaosKiller

      Oh and don't forget about LazyDroid

  • http://nirdvana.com Tyler Style

    Nice that it's free, but I think that the free version of SmartDog Studio's "Remote Web Desktop" offers the same features... what's the advantage to use AirDroid?

    • LoLdude

      Better UI so far. More features will come soon ;).

  • Mansoor

    Once set up, Can we place a call from the desktop browser without touching the phone.

  • tot_eu

    too bad is not working on ICS yet...

  • invalidpost

    Great UI... much potential.
    Wouldn't mind being able to make phone calls right from the contacts sub-menu or call log. That way all one would have to do is search for the desired contact.... select the number and push to call. No having to fumble with the phone while i'm on the computer using this phone interface.

  • Marcus

    That is incredibly slick. Been looking for an app like this that let's me leave my phone plugged in at one of the few locations I get service in my house, and send and receive texts from my PC.

  • Dean Barnett

    So I should want my reasonably hack-proof Android device accessible to the Nine Billion Names of Windows Hack gods? Thank you, no.

  • Jay

    I am essentially trying to merge PDA functions with my Android and still be able to input data (and have a backup) on my Desktop. The hitch here is that I don't have WiFi capacity on my CT and would prefer synching via a USB link (or over the Net via the cloud)

    Id there a program that will let me essentially have a local client functioning on my PC and be able to sybnch the data to my android. It is most critical for my contacts.


  • reggjoo

    Has anyone tried teamviewer? I like the fact it works over wi-fi, and cellular.