On what could possibly qualify as the most boring day of the year as far as Android news is concerned, a gem has finally surfaced: the seemingly official specs of the illusive Droid 4. We first caught a glimpse of the D4 last month, along with some suggested specs. If this leaked internal Verizon document obtained by Droid Life is to be believed, then most of the specs have now been realized.



  • 4-inch qHD display
  • 1.2Ghz dual-core processor (most likely the same one that's in the Droid RAZR)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP rear shooter
  • 5 row slide-out QWERTY
  • Android 2.3.x (will most likely be upgraded to ICS)
  • 1785mAh battery
  • 4G LTE

There is something to be said about this device, and I'll go ahead and put it out there: this is what the Droid 3 should have been.

Anyone considering this when it comes out?

[via Droid Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Lewis

    Ohh, if there is a UMTS 850(or900)/2100 version AND it's bootloader unlocked so I can run CM(9) on it, i'll buy!

  • Ishinder

    This would more likely be a Mid range device. I think moto will be pitching the new razer line as the high end

    • george

      this is not a midrange phone

  • Tkun

    I'd prefer a quad-core phone that doesn't have its bootloader locked, and isn't Motorola.

    • rupert

      Why would you prefer a quadcore when it won't matter? Ics is optimized for dualcore and that's not even out yet....

      • MpO

        The whole point of a more powerful phone, like a quad-core, it what it can do for the future, and not just for today. Even a single core phone is plenty good enough for most standard phone features.
        Yet look at what has happened in just the last year, some incredible improvements in Android software and phone hardware.
        Most people keep their phones for 2+ years, and planning for a quad-core based phone for next year is just good good planning.
        Besides all the ICS and standard phone functions, the apps get more powerful all the time and so do the games and their graphics.

  • camondraconis

    So it's a Droid 3... with 4G and a slightly better proc?

    • nerdydesi

      Also twice the ram.

  • tarman

    This is a nice phone and like the article stated, this IS what the D3 should have been. I originally wanted the Razr, but if Moto makes this similar to that, then I may want this phone.

  • http://incidentflux.blogspot.com/ IncidentFlux

    Motorola Droid 4 or the Samsung Captivate Glide would be the current best physical QWERTY options.

    -Droid 4 better with its 5 row QWERTY.
    -Droid 4 better with its FM radio.
    -Droid 4 has a 1785 mAh battery.
    -Droid 4 has 16GB storage.

    -Captivate Glide is lighter.
    -Captivate Glide is Tegra 2 based, advantage Tegra Zone.
    -Captivate Glide has a 1650 mAh battery.
    -Captivate Glide has 8GB storage

    This is all on paper of course, lets hope they perform well in the real world.

  • http://androidforums.com/motorola-triumph/ soundping

    To bad Virgin Mobile couldn't get this.

  • Kevin

    960 x 540 wish it was a good 1280x720 display

  • BlackOmega

    Too bad it took motorola this long to release a smartphone with 1gb of ram... as much as I love my milestone, I'm going with SGS2 now..., I'll surelly miss my keyboard tho..

  • Sigh

    I'm so hoping for more qwerty-phones with the separate number row, so that I'd have more and better choices to switch to from my current Desire Z. Alas, seems the manufacturers haven't figured it out that a qwerty without the number row doesn't quite do it, give the full benefit of natural and always faster typing. The few exceptions are either otherwise crap or specific to some US carrier (which is also crap).
    This could have been one choice if it had been a "global" version.

  • mugsy

    hoping the listed radios are on one device rather than multiple versions... LTE (band 13) AND GSM radios? Been looking for that... means it must be a new radio for them to put all that functionality on one device, and if so would be a new generation LTE radio, which means improved battery life...

    Ah its all conjecture, but a guy can hope. I spend a lot of time overseas, but am addicted to LTE speed when I'm home... this would be perfect...

  • Mikeyy

    If this comes to Europe I'll buy for sure.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/MelanieMurry Melanie

    this might be the one for me. still a lil heavy though.... still lovin the d2g,cuz the third wasn't worth the upgrade. D2g has been great & is upgraded to gingerbread.
    the external keyboard is nice feature, but wishful thinking would be to make it under 6 ounces