Whether you're looking for a new Verizon Wireless device or some accessories, you may find that this Black Friday deal from LivingSocial is just what the doctor ordered. For 25 bucks, you get a $50 voucher to spend on said items, valid November 29th through December 31st of 2011.


A word of warning - you can only use it in VZW retail stores or through telesales, but not online or at authorized dealers. The coupons cannot be used for business accounts and are likely not stackable, meaning you can only redeem one per purchase (the exact language in the terms doesn't specifically state so, but don't count on it).

If the above doesn't phase you and you haven't already jumped on the incredible Amazon Wireless deal, proceed to the LivingSocial deal page and join over 11,000 people who already committed to this Big Red promotion.

Verizon Wireless $50 to Spend on Any Device or Accessory

You've made your list and checked it twice -- now it's time to reward all who were nice. Deck their hands with boughs of technology and spend $25 to get $50 toward any merry-making Verizon Wireless device or accessory. Like Santa hailing his reindeer, a 4G LTE Droid Razr smartphone will wirelessly summon your sister's favorite holiday music, videos, and photos from her computer. Snuggle on the couch with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE tablet or an iPad for a screening of It's a Wonderful Life. Or, let Santa present your boyfriend with Dr. Dre's Monster iBeats headphones so he can hear the bass in Little Drummer Boy every day of the year. You'll give the gift of top-of-the-line devices and accessories, which keeps everybody -- even elves on their way to work -- jolly.

The Fine Print

Limit one voucher per purchaser • Valid starting Tuesday 11/29 • Entire value of each barcode may only be used once • Minimum purchase of $25 required • Valid for devices or accessories only • Subject to in-stock availability • Valid for Verizon Wireless retail locations or telesales purchases only; not valid for online purchases or use at Authorized Retailers • Not valid for Verizon employees, business accounts, or towards payment of bills • Visit www.verizonwireless.com/storelocator/ to locate the closest Verizon Wireless retail store • Other conditions apply • PAID VALUE DOES NOT EXPIRE • PROMOTIONAL VALUE EXPIRES ON December 31, 2011

Source: LivingSocial

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  • Mike

    G. Nexus (Prime?), here we come! For $25 off...ASSUMING IT COMES OUT by 31 Dec!

    • Mike

      Man...that website looks shady. Email says I won't get the coupon in my email till Nov 29, I'll let u'll know then.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        LivingSocial is a legitimate deals site. No doubt about that.

  • Greg

    Here's something to think about: So doing this will save $25 dollars on the Galaxy Nexus. But, will Amazon already sell it for more than $25 cheaper?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's very possible, though it may not be cheaper for upgrades or unavailable altogether. You can use it on accessories otherwise.

      • Mike

        Right, I'm not even in my 2yr upgrade range, but I'll talk them into giving me a two-yr upgrade price...I'm good like that.

  • Jonathan

    Where does it say it's not stackable? I can't find any verbiage in any of the terms that specifies that more than one can't be used on a single transaction. It says one per purchaser, but that doesn't mean another purchaser couldn't give me their voucher also.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You're right, it does say "one per purchaser" so technically it could work, but I'd be prepared to be turned around if I were you, otherwise it'd essentially mean half off any device at any time..

  • Melissa D

    I called and tried to use mine last night...Verizon put me on hold for a long time then told me I couldn't use it to purchase an iphone. They said I could use it on accessories.

  • VZWUser

    I was told the same thing over telesales. Go to a VZW store and they'll give you $50 credit on your bill if you purchase an iPhone.

    • SomeDude23

      I had the same problem. This is a bad deal. The VZW people at the store told me that they no idea when any iPhones would be in stock. This was a risky buy since it expires so quickly. It's impossible to predict when any device is in their store. They wouldn't let me apply the $50 to my bill and I could only get a discount on full price accessories that I didn't even want. Return this deal if you can! You'll get the runaround at VZW!

  • Laurie V.

    I called to use my voucher tonight for the iphone and verizon said the same thing that it had to be accessories, when I said that I didnt plan on buying accessories and that the voucher cleary states it is for devices as well they said that they arent going to honor the voucher at all! Im so angry right now!

  • Jonathan

    Has anyone tried to use this voucher on a phone that wasn't built by Apple? Sounds like there's a back-end policy in effect about no discounts on iPhones, living social coupons or otherwise.